There are a lot of times wherein cats get a hold of power in the household, but for this specific feline, it was the entire town of Talkeetna, Alaska. This small town is well-known for its singularity as well as a small population that resides in it. They have weird activities as well that involves mooses and women. There is Moose Dropping festival wherein a helicopter flies and flings a moose dung – and guests will have to guess where it lands. Another thing would be the Wilderness Woman wherein they hold a competition for women’s strength in games of tossing firewood and hunting.

In this very town, Stubbs the cat was first found as a stray in a box full of his kitty siblings. It was in a parking lot of Nagley’s General Store by the manager, Lauri Stec, and has adopted the small and frail ginger cat with no tail. He then was called Stubbs by his new owner, because he lacked a tail, and has lived a happy life with his new family.

It was 1997 and it was during the time wherein most of the people opposed having human candidates and decided to write for Stubbs. His position was given to him and became the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska – with the Nagley’s Store as his office during his whole reign. Around 2014, his name appeared in the media to vote for him instead of human candidates for the incoming senate election. Sadly, he didn’t win.

He would host meetings with his family and citizens and would demand an occasional belly rubs. Sometimes, he would request for a nice cold water with spiked catnip for hot afternoons while looking at his town. He also attracted a lot of tourists in the town as well, just to meet the feline mayor of the town. According to most citizens, his mayoral reign was a good and peaceful one – no increase in tax and sales tax, he didn’t hinder any businesses from growing or opening, and he was absolutely honest – the ideal politician in this day and age.

But his ruling wasn’t as peaceful as one would think – he had a fight with a vicious collarless dog. It left him severely injured with a punctured lung, broken bones, and deep cuts. It has put a halt in his free strolling around the town. Aside from that dangerous encounter, he also had an accident with the store’s fryer – he fell in while the oil was cooled.

Then he also encountered teens who shot BB guns at him, but he survived everything that came his way. Stubbs died peacefully in his sleep last July 21, 2017 – aged 20. He has served as the mayor since July 18, 1997 until his death. While his passing was peaceful, hundreds of posts and even news about Stubbs came in – letting other people know how much of a good kitty and mayor he was. He may have been a very old cat, but even to his last breaths, he was happy and active.

While your cat may not be a mayor of any town, it’s definitely a mayor of your heart – they deserve all the love and attention you showered to them. All the kitty products and accessories you bought is worth it, since they return it with unconditional love and loyalty!

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