As you all know, Thais are actually well known for their moving commercials or even senseless funny ones that made through different parts of the world. Because of their creativity, people of different nationalities are sharing them with their friends in social medias. But this specific commercial stars the internet’s favourite babes – cats.

Cats have long captured the hearts of many people – their lovely fur and fuzzy tails, they definitely make people’s hearts melt. Not only do they like to beg for treats in the sweetest way possible, they also show their affection in a passive aggressive way – but it seems that it makes people love them more. It ends up to people spoiling them more and fattening them up with luxurious food and expensive toys – who doesn’t like it when cats make a fool of themselves while playing a toy?

As for this commercial, they decided to show mafia cats living in a house wherein they live like kings. But like every other cat there is, they have a distinct hatred for bath time, thus their plot to hide themselves from their owners. Apparently, they haven’t convinced their owner that they do a decent job in cleaning themselves, thus they’re in this predicament.

The hilarity starts when the main mafia boss – the fat cat – reminisce about the times he had to endure during the hated bath. It seems the cats really don’t enjoy it when they get baths, especially by a human. So then looking for hiding spots became their utmost priority, even if meant drawing out their claws and arching their backs.

If you want to see the commercial for yourself, this link will lead you right to it. You will see how effective this commercial is in redesigning your bathroom, especially if you have your own furry feline as well.

Cats are indeed hilarious and adorable, that’s why they are always used to market certain goods and assets to lure people in. Who can say no to those big adorable eyes and swishing fluffy tail whenever they see you arrive? It has then used by advertisers to get more sales and more attention, and really, it’s a good strategy.

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