Cats have a lot of cute, yet peculiar behaviors. One example is their seemingly weird need to climb the highest places. You can often notice them running around, trying to reach the highest vantage point and then staring down on the whole environment.

But out of all those weird behaviors, it’s the one where they roll on the floor, exposing their bellies, as if inviting us wouldn’t leave us bites and scratches after. Let’s find out what our cats mean by this action, so we could understand them better!

A Relaxed Moment and Well-Being

Oftentimes, cats are usually pretty guarded and are easy to startle. Their predatory instincts makes them constantly on the lookout for prey and possible threats. You may have noticed that some cats sleep high on trees, lying down with their bellies, or ones that live in burrows, cave-like structures, or in any place they can safely squeeze themselves in.

There are only specific moments and situations that would make a feline adopt this kind of position. It happens the most during moments of relaxation and well-being. Felines only show their bellies in a safe environment, while being surrounded by the ones they share affection and trust with.

Showing Friendliness and Wanting to Interact with You

Ever noticed how your cat greets you whenever you get home? They often meow, rub themselves against your leg, or follow you around. But sometimes, they like to spice things up, and you get to see them roll on the floor and bare their bellies in front of you.

Now, when a cat does this, it is often a friendly invitation of wanting to spend time with you, or an adorable way of asking you for something. There’s a high chance that they’d want to socialize with you, but never is it an invitation for belly rubs. Their bellies are very sensitive parts of their bodies, and most cats would prefer if you stayed away from this region.

Caused by Health Issues

Curling up like a ball, stretching, and showing their bellies are just some of a cat’s natural response when they feel pleasure. They even get into this posture while sleeping, which help them sleep better and be more comfortable. However, that isn’t always the case, and sometimes, certain health issues can cause this kind of behavior.

If it reaches to the point wherein your cat has been continually doing it to scratch themselves, it’s important to be on alert. This could be an indicator that they’re experiencing allergies, external parasites, or disease. Don’t hesitate to take them to the vet if this type of behavior becomes compulsive for your cat.

Although showing their bellies is not an invitation for a belly rub, it is often a clear sign from them asking to be pampered. With their bellies being such a sensitive region, they might end up feeling vulnerable when you touch it, giving them a negative feelings. Play with them and pet them in areas they’re comfortable with, and you’ll be sure to give your cat a stress-free pampering time.

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