Just as there are benefits of owning dogs, having cats as pets provide you with different  scientifically proven benefits for your health too. Whether you own an aloof who prefers-to-be-alone cat or a sweet lap cat who loves snuggles and head-butting, having a feline companion around you can be very worthwhile and advantageous just as having any other animal.

We’ve collated different health benefits that are scientifically proven of how beneficial owning a cat is.

  • Helps boost your immunity – Exposure to cat’s fur in the areas of your house can increased resistance to allergens. Hence, this can help decrease risk for possible asthma or any form of allergy.
  • Lower risk of possible heart disease – As per studies, having cats as pets can lower your stress levels, which in turn can help fight off possible risk of heart disease,  including stroke by 40%.
  • Helps you find your perfect match – According to the British poll, a massive 90% percent of women acknowledged they are more fascinated to guys who are cat owners. For them, they are “nicer” compared to other men. So if you’re a guy and is still single, time to reevaluate yourself, get a cat.


Just remember, cats are not just for “finding a partner” purposes, they are for keeps.

  • Provide complete companionship – Having a cat as pet can lower your sense of solitude. Just like how affectionate dogs are as companion, it shows that cats are too. According to a study, having a cat is just equivalent to having a romantic partner. This may sound surprising but cats do remember kindness and affection shown to them and will eventually return the favor afterwards.
  • Lowers cholesterol level – High cholesterol level can put you at risk to possible heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Owning a cat can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and decline of these levels aid to a lesser risk of having such diseases.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels – Having cats around your house helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. Felines are said to be low-maintenance, so a simple petting or cuddling is good enough to make you and your cat feel better and cozy, thus reducing any stress or anxiety you feel.
  • You will surely sleep better – Studies shown in the UK that more women prefer to sleep with their cats than their partners. They even shared that they sleep better together with their feline companion. About 40% of people agreed to this and 19% said otherwise.
  • Cat’s purr helps soothe bones and muscles – Your cat’s purr is not only one of the most soothing sound in the world, it is also great to heal your tired muscles, tendons and bones. Purring is a sign that your cat is happy and relaxed, and the sound of it has also been long correlated with a therapeutic healing to your bones, muscles and tendons.


A cat’s purr creates vibrations at 20 – 140 HZ frequency, and as per studies, around 18 – 35 HZ range can aid muscle or joint mobility after an injury. So it is highly possible a cat’s purr has positive healing effects.

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