Cats are oftentimes deemed to be standoffish and apathetic, they prefer to be alone rather than with their humans snuggling with each other.

However, have you ever wonder what your little rascal thinks about you? Does he/she really loves you? Trust me, as a cat owner, we tend to have this question running at the back of our mind, wanting our love for them to be reciprocated. Though it is true we may not understand fully what they are trying to say, but somehow they make apparent gestures for us to know their emotion.

As per experts, cats have significant ways of telling their humans “i love you”. These different behaviors incredibly show how much our cat loves us! Though we are familiar to some of these already, however most of them will surely surprise you.

Check these amazing love gestures your cat expresses.

  1. Cat-tail Love

A cat’s’ tail is mainly used for its balance, however this can also be a great annotator for mood and emotion. Whether his feeling angry as tail movement goes in whipping motion to holding his tail upright with a bit of an arch shape at the top as a sign of wanting attention

  1. Kneading Any Parts of Your Body

This is a behavior innate to cats ever since they were kittens. Kittens knead their mother’s breast to release milk. Adult cats continue to adapt such behavior when they are feeling loved, relaxed, and comfortable. This often happens when they are on their human’s lap being petted. When your cat’s kneading your lap, know they are showing adoration towards you.

  1. Exposing Their Squishy Belly

Cats won’t just show off their belly as this is the most vulnerable part of their body. If your cat does, then lucky you! That simply goes to show your little rascal is comfortable and is feeling safe around you for them to just expose their fuzzy tummy like that.

  1. Bringing Bizarre Presents

For sure you have experienced this, your cat is gifting you with eccentric presents like dead mice, bird, lizard, or different kinds of toys or small stuff like socks or even undies! Behold as this is one of your cat’s ways of showing love and affection. We must admit, this is extremely weird yet undeniably cute.

  1. Purring

You have probably heard your cat purring before and you seem not to mind at all, well now it’s time that you do. When a cat purrs it suggests different emotions, from adoration to feeling concerned. If your furbaby purrs when you’re around, guaranteed he/she is showing his/her love for you.

  1. Meowing

Cats rarely meow to other cats, but when they do, it’s when they feel threatened or in heat. Oftentimes kittens meow to their momma cat, and as they turn into adults, this habit is still apparent. So when your cat uses this distinct vocalization to interact with you, remember that this is a gesture of affection.

  1. Head-Bunting

This action may seem a bit odd but if your cat does this, be thankful. Slow head-bunting is one of your cat’s ways of showing love to you. According to experts, cats have secret glands on different parts of their bodies. So when they are rubbing their head against you, they are marking you with their scent and declaring you as part of their family group.

See? Cats may seem aloof but they are capable of showing you some good love.

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