A cat would normally scratch walls, floors, boxes or any surface they would want to emit their odor into. This is a way for them to create a mark in order for other cats and humans will see. This can be annoying sometimes and nothing is safe from the attacks of our feline friends.

As an owner, you must understand that this behaviour is a common practice. There are ways to help both of your cats and protect your properties from all of these scratches.

When you are at home..

Use your tone of voice. If you notice that your cat is about to scratch again, give a sharp warning directed to them. This will help in reducing their interest from scratching things. However, this is not an assurance that they will not do it again in the future.

Sprinkle them a bit of water. Cats hate water. If you decided to spray or sprinkle them water then they will run away. For every time you would do this, they start to scratch the furniture then it will become a punishment to them. This is a safe way to shoo them off and there are other repellents you can actually use aside from water. Check pet shops to learn more.

Distraction is the key. You can redirect their attention through playing with them. Throw toys and other stuff that can easily catch a cat’s attention. They will go after it and possibly play with the toy or thing you’ve thrown at them. You can even pet them so they can behave from scratching.

When you are away..

Run for cover. Make sure you will cover the furniture or any valuables you do not want your cats to start scratching too. Try putting on sticky tapes since cats don’t like sticky stuff. There are even a specialize tapes for this occasion. Try to have the right covers for your property wherein it will not be in reach to the cats. There are materials as well that are made to deter cats from these areas and surfaces.

Close doors to rooms with objects. If you know that a room is filled with valuable objects then it is important that you keep the door close. This will prevent them from coming in and start with the usual havoc they create. This area should be free from damages so make sure you never forget to keep openings to be close. Remind other people to always keep the cats from coming into that place.

A sturdy scratch post . It is important that you will give them a designated scratch post area. Cats can easily find scratching posts outdoors but on the inside, take the time to plan on where to post and buy them. There are shops you can visit and check the products they are selling related to this matter. Make sure that it is not covered with y obstacle so they can easily visit it.

It is important, as an owner that you are keeping both of your properties and the cats are safe. We spend a lot to buy of our furniture so we should be mindful on how we can protect them from scratches. We need to secure the safety of our cats as well. Some may consider declawing wherein it is known to cut off the fingernail to the last and this can affect your cat entirely. We know that their sharp claws are important to them.

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