You might not be alone with your fitness goal this year, you can include your feline furbaby and kick-start your 2019 to be healthier and more fit!

Here are some helpful tips on how:

  1. Make your cat accustomed to using a scratching post.

If you don’t want your sofas or other furnitures to turn into a shredded and ripped valuables, then make your cat accustomed to using a scratching post. This tends to be the mistake of most cat owners since they often place it far away from the social action area of the house, resulting for cats to ignore it. If it’s your first time bringing a scratch post home, it is highly recommended by vets to sprinkle it with catnip. Once your cat gets the hang of using it, you can moderately move the post to a less crowded spot.

  1. Ensure you have enough litter boxes for your little rascal.

As per expert, the rule of thumb when having litter boxes for your kitty is 1:1 ratio or one litter box per cat, and add one more. So if you have 3 cats, you should have 3 litter boxes. Apart from this, you also need to consider where to put these litter boxes at home. Avoid placing them in dark corners of your house, cats may not like the idea of using them there.

  1. Remember to spay and/or neuter your cat.

Cats who aren’t castrated have higher risk of reproductive diseases, regardless of what gender. Spaying (female castration) prevents possible uterine infection and ovarian cancer, and neutering (male castration) prevents possible prostate and testicular cancer. Having your cats (both male and female) castrated also reduce the urge to roam especially when in heat and lesser chances of male cats to spray as a sign of territory marking.

  1. Select a cat-friendly vet clinic.

Go for veterinary clinics who specialize in feline care. Just like with dogs, cats also have their own vet requirement. That being said, veterinarians specializing in cat anatomy and health care is a highly important expert in keeping your cat in his or her best health condition. It pays to be meticulous when choosing a perfect vet for your cat, there are those who are only after monetary aspects without giving utmost TLC to their furry patient.

  1. Regularly check your cat’s teeth and make sure it’s clean.

Just like humans, a cat’s teeth can also develop tartar which then leads to tooth decay, gum diseases or worst, feline diseases if left untreated. However, unlike us, cats can’t brush their teeth, hence we will do it for them. If your cat doesn’t want you to perform such thing either, then schedule a teeth cleaning to your vet at least once per year.

  1. Have a regular vet visits.

To ensure your cat is in top shape, or to be aware of any feline diseases your cat might possibly have, schedule a regular vet visits. Your vet can also tell if your cat needs to lose weight or not.

Here’s to a healthier kitty this 2019!

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