Having a pet is a joyful experience – you have someone to welcome you home, cuddle you when you feel lonely, and play with you when you’re happy. They’re soft and gentle creatures, and sympathize with you whenever you feel down and depressed. They are intelligent as well – they know when you need their attention and will run to your side when needed.

However, owning a pet is not always rainbows and butterflies, they sometimes come with physical defects and diseases. The most terrible thing of them all – cancer – can possibly be suffered by your cat. Although it’s not rampant, there are cats with cancer out there that needs proper care and whole-hearted love and affection. Don’t give up on them yet! There are a lot of effective treatments out there to help your cat survive the disease.

Cancer Treatments for Your Cat:

  • Tumor removal through surgery. It means that your cat will undergo a surgery to tediously remove the tumors in their body. They are put under anaesthesia and will require you to not feed your cat before the surgery. These tumors are collected as specimen for biopsy, eventually your cat will have to go for chemotherapy as per doctor’s suggestion. Since cats will be frail and lethargic after surgery, they are suggested to stay there overnight.
  • Chemotherapy. It usually lasts for a couple of weeks to months and are done through pills and injections. It will make your cat feel more lethargic and won’t have any appetite. It doesn’t give your cat hair loss as they only receive smaller doses compared to humans.
  • Radiotherapy. This kind of therapy requires radiation that targets tumors through x-ray. It will require longer periods and usually combined with chemotherapy.

These are the treatments available for your cancer-stricken cat, but there are other believed holistic alternative treatments that can make their condition better. But these three are usually the common treatments needed to make the cat handle the cancer. There’s also Cryotherapy and Immunotherapy for your cat that are considered safe and better for your cat’s health. Make sure that the medicine given will be strictly adhered to schedule.

How to Care for the Sick Cat:

  • Nutrition. This is usually advised by the vet since each cat is unique and will need an abundance of vitamins and minerals in their diet. They will be tougher to feed since they will associate it with nausea and medicine, and they will be tougher to convince to drink water. The way to handle this is to avoid combining pill time and meal time together and to stop forcing them to eat or drink when they have nausea.
  • Environment. Make sure you shower your cat with love and affection during this tough times. You can make a corner specifically for your cat and move all its necessities nearby as they usually lack the energy to walk to their litter box or their feeding bowls. You have to adjust to them and maybe even have to settle beside them when they can’t climb.
  • Hygiene. You will have to be extra careful when handling them and have to be more attentive for matted hair and trim their nails. You may have to wash them often than usual and make sure to be gentle in rubbing them dry and combing them.  For cleaning their litter boxes, you have to wear gloves to protect yourself and proceed to clean their items.

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