There’s a common misconception about cats that’s been going around for quite some time now. The misconception goes a little something like this: “Cats are definitely aloof and/or independent. They basically want to be left alone!”  However, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth, because although cats don’t need to be walked on a daily basis like dogs, their owner’s presence matters a lot to them.

Like any other pet, cats still require the supervision and care of the owners. They still need to be bathed, fed, and taken to the vet if necessary. However, being with our cats all the time is pretty unrealistic because we do have work and other stuff to tend to. But, there are factors that we should take into consideration before we leave our cats alone, and we need to ask ourselves specifically, how long can we safely leave our feline fur balls alone?

Think about Your Cat’s Age

Age should be the first thing that people should think about when they plan on leaving their cats alone. As a general rule, kittens below 4 months old shouldn’t be left alone for up to 4 hours and more. If your cat is older than 4 months, then they should be able to handle 5 or 6 hours of being alone. Once your cat reaches 6 months old, they can go on without company for a full eight hours.

Consider the Weather

Before you leave your cat alone, whether you’re going to work or to the grocery store, considering the weather is a very important step to making sure they’ll be safe. During the summer and hotter climates, are more prone to overheating and being in danger. It’s best to leave the air conditioner turned on, so your feline companion could keep cool.

Leave them a Lot of Water

Now, older cats can handle eight hours of being left alone, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving them to fend and care for themselves. Although you’re going to have to leave them for work, you can always prepare what they need beforehand. Water is very important for any living being in this planet (you and your pets included), so make sure to leave them plenty of water to drink while you’re away.

Get Two Litter Boxes

You never know when you might have to leave your cats for more than eight hours. Instead of settling with only one litter, opt to get two or more (depending on how many cats you have). By doing this, the litter boxes won’t fill up faster and provide your furry friend another litter box that they might find more comfortable relieving themselves in. This will lessen the chances of you stumbling upon unauthorized deposits, if you get our drift.

Although cats are more silent and relaxed compared to dogs, they still need love and attention. Be sure to spend time with them, prepared what they need, and don’t leave them alone for too long. Always rush back home as soon as you can because they’ll be eagerly waiting for your return.

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