As you may have witnessed, this adorable kitty is not only cute and fluffy, but definitely a badass! First picked up by Fury in the former base where Carol Danvers used to work as a fighter jet pilot, Goose the cat is definitely an unforgettable character in the movie. While this movie indeed portrays girl power, Goose the cat doesn’t fail to show off its powers in the movie as well!

Don’t be fooled by its adorableness, Goose is actually a powerful alien specie called a Flerken – an entity with a pocket dimension inside their own bodies. Flerkens are also capable of effortlessly knocking enemies over with the tentacles in their mouth as well as effortlessly swallow the Tesseract and perhaps even some of the enemies as well. Like most kitties, the Flerken can also retract their claws and seriously injure people!

But in the comics, there’s a different appearance for the Goose in the movie. Goose was originally called Chewie in the comics, the name Goose was actually from the iconic movie Top Gun. It served as an inspiration for the creators since this movie is about jet fighters and awesome fight scenes!

In the comics, Chewie was Carol’s house cat that she adopted – only to discover that it was special when Rocket the racoon open fire on it making them hate each other. Chewie later on saved her species by laying hundreds of eggs later on! While they might appear clueless, Flerkens are actually as smart as humans in most decisions. Fury suffered the consequence as he was clawed in the face by the movie’s Flerken!

In the set of Captain Marvel, they have to hire three different cats to do various things in the movie. One is a great actor that is versatile, the other is a sweet tabby that does all the cuddles and petting scenes, and one is fiesty that does all the attack scenes – including Nick’s unfortunate encounter with Goose. Thanks to the talents of these adorable felines, they don’t have to do much CGI to make some of the scenes!

While you don’t have your own Goose, you can adopt your own adorable feline. They are nice to cuddle with, cute, and awesome! They will be your partner in crime and your best friend through thick and thin. They might love to jump on high places and scratch your furniture, they know when you’re sad and will comfort you until you get better. Get yourself an earth Goose and watch the upcoming film with them!

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