Are you a huge fan of Pusheen? This internet star has its exclusive line with Petco that spans from the glorious pet bed to cat toys that they would enjoy playing with. Sticking to the gentle hues of pastel colours, these items are the stuff your cat will thank you for!

Pusheen, the adorable fat grey tabby,  made waves in Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and much more has now its own merchandise around the globe. From various keychains, donuts, shirts, and more, fans from around the globe enjoyed the merchandise and it became a part of their daily lives. Now, you can share the Pusheen fandom with your own cat and enjoy the nifty items they have ready for you.

Only sold in Petco outlets worldwide, fans can now decorate their cat’s nook with Pusheen goodies. Each are carefully made with fine materials to make sure that the cats are comfy and are safe whenever they play with the Pusheen items. They are made with Pusheen’s personality and interest in mind, so almost all the items are food-themed!

Cat toys that are shaped as pizza and burgers, metal or ceramic bowls painted with happy Pusheen and fast food favourites – these are the common themes for most items. However, the most popular item would be the Pusheen cuddling bed that is decorated with a happy Pusheen face on pastel pink bowl bed.

The adorable items added as well are the collars – they are still food themed! With a plastic tag that shows a happily eating Pusheen, it adds a cute factor for your cat as well. There are three different collars that you can buy so you can change it according to your – or your cat’s – mood.

Kitten always clawing your furniture? Maybe it’s high time they get their own scratcher. The Pusheen heart-shaped scratcher is an adorable addition to your home as it’s neutral coloured but fun for the felines. There’s also a selection of accessories for you as well! They sell a nice tote bag you can store kitty toys in and a cap that matches the Pusheen getup you have for your cat.

These adorable items are available online and will add a fun and loving atmosphere in your house, not to mention it adds the cuteness in every corner!

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