There are instances when we need to introduce a new diet for our cats usually because of medical or nutritional reasons. Veterinarians sometimes prescribe certain brands or kinds of cat food to best suit the cat’s needs. An example of this situation is when the cat has high risk of kidney disease. A cat would then need a specific diet to save its life.

While cats naturally hate change especially when it comes to their food, there are some cats who are especially picky. It is, then, up to cats owners to find a way to make these picky cats enjoy their new food.

Here are a few things you can do to get your picky cat to eat anything.

Try to simply feed them the new food.

Simply serve the new food to the cat to see if it would eat it. If it does, all your feeding problems have just been solved. If it doesn’t, do not worry. There are still other things you can do. Try this way first to avoid unnecessary difficulty.

Incorporate the new food with what the cat is used to.

Mix in the new food in 10 percent increments per day. For example, on day one, you feed the cat a mixture of 90 percent of the cat food it is used to and 10 percent the new one. On the second day, you raise the new food percentage to 20 percent. You do this ten percent increments until you reach a hundred percent and the cat is just eating the new cat food. If at certain points the picky cat refuses to eat, for instance, during the 50 percent mark, dial back 10 percent and try again.

Mask the new food with tuna water.

Use the water from canned tuna to mask the smell of the new cat food. The familiar scent of tuna makes the cat more likely to devour the food you are serving. This is essentially masking the new with the familiar.

Explore other brands.

If all else fails, consult your veterinarian to explore other brand and/or options that would still cater to your pet’s medical  and nutritional needs. It is important to seek medical expertise to rule out other medical problems.
There are times when cats can’t help but be picky. This is when cat lovers need to translate their love into patience. At the end of the day, we really can’t make cats to eat anything. We can only try and encourage these independent creatures to eat something that’ll be good for them. Sometimes, we’ll fail, but what is important is we never stop trying.

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