For many cat owners, collars are cute reminders that cats are part of their family. Aside from this aesthetic and symbolic benefit, there are also a number of perks from having this accessory. One of which would be cats with collars are not mistaken as stray cats so when they roam outside they will not be accidentally delivered to a cat shelter.

Important information may also be added to the collar like your address and your contact details so that a nice stranger would be able to help you get reunited with your cat in case of separation. With the advent of modern technology,  different features have already been installed like GPS tracking features.

Here are the kinds of colors you can get for your feline friend:

Collars with Bells

Collars with bells have of old-school charm to them. They make cats even more adorable than they already are. Another upside is, in cases of disappearance, the bell would make it a little easier to find your cat. And, this would make the sound of bells even sweeter for your ears.

Identification Tags In Collars

This collar contains your cat’s name and other important information such as your address and contact number. You may also put your email if you like.

Decorated Collars

You can choose any color for this collar.  You can even have it bejeweled! Faux leather or any other fancy designs that would best match your cat’s and your personality would also be good options. What is important to note is that the collar must not have parts that could possibly be a choking hazard or could possibly be ingested by our feline friends. So always check for durability. Furthermore, what is more important than the design and looks would be the practical features that ensure the comfort of your cat.

GPS Collars

Especially for tech-savvy cat owners, GPS collars gives another layer of security because it will give you the exact and real-time location of your cat.  You will feel at ease knowing that you will be able to locate your cat if any untoward incident of getting lost happens. This collar would make cats strolls at the park even more blissful.

Flea Collars

If your cat has a flea problem, flea collars could be a viable solution. It can be used in conjunction with other ways to fight flea infestation. It’s imperative to check the label and, continuously and meticulously check that your cat is not having allergic reactions to the collar. Always consult your veterinarian if any irritation occurs to make sure that there would be no problem.

Magnetic Collars

This is one of the more advanced kinds of collars. The magnets in it that allow your cats to open the cat door. This comes with a specialized cat door as well.  This gives you the peace of mind that only your pet gets inside your house and not other wildlife. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, and you want to give your cat easy access to your house, get your cat a magnetic collar.

Reflective Cat Collars

If your cat is fond of exploring the surroundings during the night time, a reflective collar would be an extra layer of safety precaution. Reflective collars do just what it sounds like they would do: reflect light. It will be easy to spot your cat at night thereby greatly lessening the chances of getting hit by a vehicle.

Fitbit Collar If you’re feeling creative and adventurous, this could be the option for you. There has been a blogger who documented the whereabouts of his cat using a fitbit to that has been duct taped to his collar. They were able to see the average steps the cat took per day and what times it was most active. If you are a data nut, this cat collar is something you’d surely be something you’d be interested in.

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