W.H. Auden once declared that thousands have lived without love but not one without water. This is true because, without blue, there can be no green.

Water is especially important for cats because they are made up of about 67 percent water. So, a good way to keep your cat healthy and happy is to keep them hydrated. 

But how much water do cats need? Well, for every 2.2 kilograms of weight, 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of agua is needed. For instance, if your cat is about 4.5 kilograms, it should be drinking around 7-9 ounces or about half a regular water bottle. 

If you feel like your cat is not drinking enough agua, here are a few tips on how to get your cat to drink water:

Feed your cat wet food.

Try feeding your cat wet food like canned cat food. You may also just add water to your cats dry food. If your cat rejects the watered-down dry food, try to add the water in single tablespoon increments daily until you reach a wet but not soupy consistency. If at some point, the cat refuses to eat the cat food, observe the water-to-cat food ratio that your cat tolerates and follow that. 

Feed your cat many small meals throughout the day.

In the same way, eating triggers thirst in humans, your cat also gets thirsty after they enjoy a meal. You can serve your cat many small meals throughout the day to trigger the sensation of thirst more often. 

Spike the water with tuna juice. 

Your cat might be more inclined to drink water if it smells like their favorite food. Try to add a few tablespoons of canned tuna juice or meat broth to your cat’s water. 

Train your cat to drink water. 

Just like how you can train a cat to perform tricks using a clicker, some treats and a lot of patience, you can also use the same technique to encourage your cat to drink water. 

Increase the number of water bowls throughout the house. 

Remember the saying, “Away from sight, away from mind.”? Well, you can apply the exact opposite concept to getting your cat to get more hydrated. By increasing the visibility of water bowls, your cat gets more reminders to drink water. 

Be conscious of the water bowl placement in the house. 

Cats are very neat and tidy creatures. The reason they are not drinking water might be because the water bowls are near toilets or their litter boxes. Their instinct could be dictating them to associate certain, smells and locations with water unfit for drinking. 

Offer fresh water. 

In the eyes of animals, stagnant water might be a health hazard. It could be just a primal survival instinct. Always wash your pet’s bowl with soap and water. Also, ensure freshwater at least once a day. 

Run the faucet. 

Your cat might get fascinated with moving water and might even drink from it. Try to see if this catches your kitty’s fancy. 

Consider buying a cat fountain. 

Your cat might have an attraction for moving water. A cat fountain then could be a good way to entertain them while keeping them hydrated. 

Experiment with different temperatures. 

Explore the option of giving your cat agua of different temperatures. Adding in a few ice cubes or heating up the water tepid might just be the way to keep your cat happy and hydrated. Be careful to not offer water that might burn your cat’s mouth or give it a brain freeze. 

If everything is unsuccessful, call your veterinarian. It is good to try to encourage your cat yourself. However, if you sense that something is off, visit a professional. Your cat’s refusal to drink water might be a sign of an underlying health problem. Consult your veterinarian once you notice your cat is drinking too little water.

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