For cat owners, seeing your cat enjoy this life as wholistically and as diverse as possible brings us so much joy. This is why we love to let them try new kinds of cat food and treats. This is why we want them to go on walks to see and smell the different things this world has to offer: the flowers, the trees, the fruits, the soil, the sand and many more. We want our feline babies to experience this world as fully as they can.

Fortunately, in this modern world, we have broken even one more barrier. We now would be able to let our cats experience the wonders and joys of music.

Researchers have started to explore creating music specifically made for cats. Researchers have started to explore creating music to enrich the lives of felines. Time and resources are now dedicated to understanding cats in order to compose music that they will react to—music that will make them feel excited, relaxed, elated and even dare I say, happier?

Researchers, David Teieb, Megan Savagea, and Charles T. Snowdon have made a framework that creates music that appeals to a species by drawing inspiration from the usual frequency and tempo that the species uses in their communication. The resulting outputs are musical compositions that not entirely foreign—musical compositions that are familiar to the animal group.

In their study, they compared the responses of cats to music designed for humans and the music composed for cats. The Species-appropriate music got better responses and more interest from cat subjects.

David Teie, The founder of Music For Cats, was quoted, “I know it sounds silly, but what’s really silly is thinking that music could only be for one species.”

Teie’s cat music takes heavy inspiration from sounds and rhythm that are relevant to the feline experience like the sound of purrs, meows, bird chirps and the beat of milk suckling. David Teie even went as deep as examining the sonic waveforms of cat sounds. He discovered that the sound produced is composed of two sounds meddled together. He used this finding in his composition.

In human perception, the music that David Teie conposed feels relaxing. It is very similar to the music played in cafes and spas. The features that are customized for feline enjoyment are also very notable yet pleasant.

Most of the cats that participated in the study, almost three fourths, have reacted positively to the music specially made for them. They appear to have enjoyed the music and in fact, proceeded to rub their scent glands on the speakers.
To let your feline friend experience cat music, you can check out David Teie’s musical compositions on Youtube.

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