It is best for you and your cat that your personalities match. The similarity will ensure a happy and sustainable relationship for both parties.

If you are a person a playful person, cat breeds that can match your energy are the best fit for you.

These cats are no lap cats. So if you are up for lots of fun time, here the the top five most playful cats:


This cat will treat your house like the most majestic place to explore. Driven with its curious nature, this cat will jump, hop, leap, and run to examine every little corner of your house.

It also has a natural fondness of humans and likes to engage with active and athletic playtime. Further, Abyssinian cats learn tricks like a breeze and can especially be taught to walk on a leash.

This cat will surely bring a boost of energy and positivity in any home.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail will literally sing their way into your heart. They will communicate with you using sweet and soft meows and sounds. The will tug your heartstrings using their melodious “talking”.

The seem to be in love with people. If they are not doing cat cuddles, Japanese Bobtails will bring you cat toys to initiate playing fetch. They also like to play in shallow water. Japanese Bobtails feel their best when they have human and cat company as they are extremely social beings.

Devon Rex

Devons will never leave you lonely. Devon Rex Cats will happily accompany you in everything that you do. They will watch you cook, do your laundry, clean the house and many more. They won’t shy away from following you in any room around the house.

So if you want more than just cat cuddles, if you want heaps of cat play time, if you want a cat that will be very fond of you, a Devon Rex cat is the best cat for you.

As a final note, Devon cats will definitely want to do everything with you. That includes eating. So if you have a Devon cat in your house, it’s important to guard your favorite food because they will happily eat it for you.


Manx cats are highly curious creatures. They have an interest in anything that they see. This is probably the source of their intelligence.

Manx cats have a notorious reputation of opening cabinets and doors that catch their fancy.  They also have interest in learning tricks. Just be prepared be for practical jokes because this cat will play multiple jokes on you.

Between cat play time, cat puzzles, and mouse chasing, Manx cats will show you they love you with affectionate cat cuddles.

Maine Coon Cat

While Maine Coon Cats are very calm that they appear to have a regal disposition, they are also warm and affectionate pets. Their presence are always felt because they will want to snuggle with you and request to be petted while cuddling.

Maine cats are one on the few felines who adore water. So they make the perfect beach companion. Paired with their playful yet  calm nature, and sweet demeanor, Maine Maine Coons cats is the perfect companion at the beach or on the couch.

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