When you notice that your cat is using biting to communicate what it wants, you have to take urgent action. If they bite you to get try to get what they want, like to get out of a room or stop a petting session, you have to take steps to discourage this behavior for the best.

Usually, cats are very protective of their stomachs. It is because their belly is the most vulnerable part of their body. If your cat displays dislike of you going close to that area by clawing or biting, avoid touching his belly. 

Kittens usually bite or claw when they get playful but for adult cats, biting or clawing means that they want something to stop. 

Here are tips on how to stop biting in cats: 

Hands are not toys.

Presenting your hands as something to chase and pounce on is never a good idea. This will send the message to your cat that your hands are toys. It is difficult for cats to unlearn this so it is best that your hands are not associated with the idea of playthings. 

Use Verbal Communication.

Use a firm and commanding voice to assert your dislike of the action. Yell but do not scream. Cats can respond to the tone and volume of your voice. Be consistent. Every time your cat bites you, even playfully, raise your voice. Your cat will soon get the idea. 


MImic what a mother cat does when a kitten gets rowdy. Hold the scruff behind the neck and hold the cat to the ground as you yell “no”. After about 5 seconds, release the cat. Your pet will be able to grasp the idea because this form of training is innate to it. It has been ingrained to its instinct from an early age. 

Distract your cat. 

Make sure that your cat has enough opportunities to exert their energy. A good fifteen to twenty minutes of play time would go a long way. Play with your cat regularly because not only will it entertain and tire your cat, it will also great bonding. Using toys for playtime also establishes that these items are for playing— not your hands. 

Here are great toys that’ll keep their teeth and claws off you: 

Fishing toy- You will get to manipulate the item as your cat chases it. It is a real win-win. 

Stuff toys- they can wrestle with these cute little toys. Cats have this affinity for rabbits and mice, so if you can get stuff toys of these kinds, that would work best. 

Balls– they roll freely which makes them great from chasing and pouncing on

Consistency is king. You may find it sometimes that your cat’s nibbling and clawing is cute. However, if you allow biting sometimes, your cat will not be able to distinguish acceptable biting from the unacceptable. It is best to discourage all forms of biting. 

Get your cat fixed. 

Asise from the many health benefits of neutering or spaying your cat, the procedure will also make your cat calmer and less aggressive. Further, research show that fixed cats live longer and healthier lives. 

Training your cat to not bite and claw you and other people is crucial to harmonious and pleasant living with your cat. Invest time to train your cat. It will save you from stress and bite marks.

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