Choosing a cat dish seems to be a very simple and straight forward task. However, in this world today, we can never be too careful. With reports of manufacturers using questionable materials and adding in mysterious and possibly harmful chemicals, it is important for cat owners to do their due diligence is the things we offer our cats. Here are things to look out for in purchasing your cat’s dish:


For your convenience and for the environment, it is best to look for cat bowls that are durable. Stainless steel is practically unbreakable; hence it is a good option. Glassware and china, although breakable, stay aesthetically beautiful for a longer time. Investing in quality cat dish will save you time and money in the long run. 


Washing cat bowls is an everyday task to prevent bacteria build-up. This is why taking the time to find cat bowls that are dishwasher safe is the best, less tiring option. Having a microwave-safe cat dish also is very nifty when you need to reheat your cat’s food. 


Ensure the health and wellness of your pet by making sure that dangerous chemicals are away from your kitty. Always purchase wares that touch food from reputable companies. There are reports saying that cheap and questionable products contain harmful chemicals like radon and lead. It is always best to stay safe when it comes to the health of our cats. 


Glass, ceramic, stoneware, stainless steel and china are good options for cat bowls. Stay away from plastic dishes because they have the tendency to peel or be impressed with crevices that will be difficult to clean. These might be a breeding ground for bacteria. Plastic might also contain BPA which is harmful to living things. 

Size and Shape

Choose wide and shallow cat dishes. Cats have very sensitive whiskers. A narrow dish is going to disturb them. Acne or irritation might also be developed when the dish is too narrow and deep. 

For kittens, a dish too deep might prove to be a drowning hazard.

Narrow and shallow dishes will not be tall enough for cats to maintain proper posture while eating or drinking so it is a great idea to elevate the dish. If you can find a mat against skid and mess, that’ll be even better. 

Love really is in the details. As cat lovers, showing we care can be done through the meticulous choosing of the cat dish. Who knew that we could keep our cat safe, healthy and happy through their bowl?

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