Previously, we gave you guys 5 tips on how to get cats to be friendly with you and adore you. But, we did promise that we’ll be giving you a total of 10 tips, so here’s part 2! Get your pen and paper ready because these tips will certainly help you build a better and stronger connection with your cats, including other cats too.

Keep them Indoors

A lot of people say that it’s best for cats to freely roam the outside world, and to not be kept inside the confines of a house alone, staring at the tree where squirrels run up and down through the window pane. But according to ScienceDirect, a study in Italy garnered results that were quite unexpected.

It showed that the felines that were kept in the house more often were more “in tune” with their owners, compared to the ones that spent a lot of time outside. Their sleeping cycles also changed, as they were seen to be more active in the day and less at night.

Observe the Cat’s Behavior Attentively

Keep a keen eye about their behaviors and take note of their reactions: slow blinking means that the cat trusts you and is comfortable with you, while having their ears pulled back is a sign of being defensive, ready to strike. Be very mindful about how they react to you because their body language can tell you a lot about what they are feeling, what they want, etc.

Spend a Significant Amount of Time Playing with Them

Playing is one of the best methods to make a cat easily like you. A study done by Kristyn R. Vitale, Lindsay R. Mehrkam, and Monique A.R. Udell, cat experts from different fields, yielded results that show cats are most attracted to human interaction—especially the ones that had play time in them. Playing with them daily will not only ensure that they’re fit, but it also makes for a good bonding.

Help Kittens Socialize

There are lots of studies that show how important positive handling is when it comes to making cats (especially kittens) trust humans. A 2008 study done by Rachel Alison Casey and William Stephen Bradshaw, both from the Anthrozoology Institute in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol, showed that kittens in an environment where positive handling is practiced, were more affectionate towards their owners and less fearful of other kittens. If you’re wondering what the ideal age to socialize kittens is, it’s around 2 and 9 weeks old.

Give them Space When Needed

We’ve all been there. Someone did something bad to us and we just don’t want to speak to, or even look at them. If you do something bad or something that it didn’t like, chances are your cat will treat you negatively. The reactions can range from pulling back their ears to the more intense hissing and biting. If the cat is giving you negative feedback, it’s best to just back off and give them some space. Maybe they’ll come around and maybe they won’t, but what’s important is that you made an effort not to agitate the situation.

Well, that’s about it! Those are the 10 tips backed by science that’ll make cats be friendly with you and adore you! Here’s a bonus tip: Love your cat the same way you love your kids and wife. Treat it like family and it will treat you like a family too!

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