Going on a picnic with your feline friend is definitely a pleasurable activity. The sun, the wide patch of green grass, the trees— all complete a beautiful bonding day. Going on a picnic day with your cat definitely is a fun activity. We, as responsible cat owners, must just take note of a few things to keep it that way. 

With the Australian Northern Territory’s Picnic Day holiday coming up, we made a list of things to remember to keep a fun picnic day fun: 

Leash Training

Make sure you give your pet leash training a few weeks in advance before your trip outdoors. Most cats are not comfortable with physical restraint and would try to wiggle out of it. Giving your cat able time to be accustomed to this garment will benefit your picnic adventure.

Always holding your cat by a leash will ensure safety at all times. Even when you feel that your cat does not need a leash, it is important because to err on the safe side as the outdoors is a new environment for your pet. As they say, it is better safe than sorry.

Sometimes, cats can also learn to stroll with a leash. That would be another fun bonding activity with your cat.

First Aid Kit 

Go on a picnic responsibly by preparing a first aid kit. The same first aid kit for humans will also work for cats. What is important is after the preliminary care, professional medical care must be sought. 

In the case that your cat goes missing, physical pictures, cat collars with complete contact information or GPS tracking device will come in handy.

Cat Reactions

Observe your cat’s attitude towards other people and animals. Sometimes inanimate objects like cars and lawnmowers elicit reactions to animals. Observe if your cat is afraid or agitated with dogs, cats, cars, and even children. If they display strong reactions to the following, it may not be the best time to bring your cat to a picnic. Picnic spaces can sometimes be crowded and this might overwhelm your pet. 

Slowly ease your cat to whatever she is afraid of or agitated with. For instance, If your cat is afraid of the sound and sight of moving vehicles, you may try to hold your cat close to you, with a lease of course, as you try to watch moving vehicles. You a slowly increase the length and proximity as your cat gets more comfortable with every visit.

Cat Crates Or Cat Bags

Going on a picnic will entail travel. Training your cat in cat crates and cat bags will ensure safe and comfortable travel. Training can sometimes take time, so give ample time for your cat to learn prior to scheduling an outdoor trip.


Cats, especially short haired ones can get sunburnt. Areas that are especially vulnerable are the ears and nose. Consult your veterinarian for the best sunscreen for your cat.


Toys are great ways to entertain your cat. If you feel like the picnic is boring your pet, toys will come in nifty to entertain, distract or calm it.

Poop scooper 

It is illegal to leave animal drippings so having a poop scooper ready. Newspaper pages would also work well in this situation and is actually the more environment-friendly and sustainable option.


Hydration is important when going outdoors to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. The sun will be bright and shining and the day will be warm and beautiful so it is important to make sure your cat has adequate water to stay hydrated and cool. You may also bring camping coolers for a steady supply of cool water.


It is not a picnic without treats for your cat. Treats that your cat does not usually get will make the picnic special for your feline friend. So go splurge a little on that yummy treat you’ve always wanted to buy for the little kitty. 

It is best to keep human food away from cats because not only are they not the best fit for your cat, they may also harm them. 

Letting your cat participate in activities that are not usually part of their usual routine definitely would contribute to them leading an enriched life. Bringing them along would also serve as a bonding avenue for you and your furry friend. So keep that picnic day fun by keeping it safe.

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