Cats are quirky, charming and irresistibly charming in  real life. This finesse translates well in literature. We have compiled four stories with cats as the stars. If you are a fan of adorable and compelling narrative enhanced with beautiful illustrations, you definitely want to check out these stories: 

Aristotle from “The Nine Lives Of Aristotle”

This story is about a  charming and curious cat named Aristotle. He found out a secret mother cat has been hiding from him in the hopes to protect him: that he had nine lives. Aristotle is determined to live his life, err, lives. He sets out for an adventure of a lifetime. A kind and old witch named Bella Donna helps Aristotle find the amazing adventure he craves. With each brush with death, his lives lessen one by one and the stakes get higher. Find out how everything would pan out for our fearless hero. 

Ginger from “The Tale of Ginger and Pickles”

This story is brought to life by the beautiful illustrations of the iconic Beatrix Potter. Set in this beautiful art, Ginger is a tomcat shopowner. He has a partner, pickles, a terrier. As they run the shop, they have to control their salivating desires to eat their rabbit and mouse customers. But the problem really arises when they give unlimited credit to the customers. This eventually forces them to close their shop. The closure starts a string of problems and conflicts for the village. The book also features adorable cameos from the Peter Rabbit Universe of Ms. Potter. These tiny appearances of beloved characters like Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny really is an adorable and welcome surprise. 

Leonardo from “Me and My Cat?”

The story is about a boy and a cat who magically switches lives. Each must navigate life as they try to get back to their correct bodies. This classic fish-out-of-water story is sure to crack laughs because there’s something innately silly about a boy doing regular cat stuff. Satoshi Kitamura rendered angular, comic style and edgy art to bring the humor forward. Perhaps, the biggest saving grace of the picture book is the amazing duo, Nicholas the Boy and Leonardo the Cat. 

Kitty from “Bad Kitty”

Bad Kitty is a Newyork Times Best-selling series by Nick Bruel. It is about a mischievous yet cute and adorable cat named Kitty. This book is intended for children as it teaches the alphabet. As the name implies, Bad Kitty is about a cat who wreaks havoc at home every time she is upset. The series is so successful that it has many chapter books. There is one where Kitty gets a bath. There is one where she meets the baby and there’s even one where she runs for president. In the very first book, Kitty, usually a good cat, becomes Bad Kitty because her owners want to feed her vegetables. Kitty then throws a bad kitty tantrum. This book really is entertaining in a peculiar yet irresistible way. 

Which charming storybook cats did we miss? Tell us in the comments below. 

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