The saying that celebrities are just like us are often untrue. They live peculiar lives far from our own…far from the masses’. However, perhaps one of the few things where celebrities are just like us—normal people, is the fact that they can resist cat charms as well. 

Here are five hollywood stars that enjoy the companionship of more than one cat: 

Ian Somerhalder

How do you know for sure when someone is a cat lover? You know when they have three cats, consistently foster cats before they find a forever home, attend the Los Angeles Cat Convention, and make an organization that works to impact the planet and its creatures in a positive way. Does it sound too specific? Well, that’s because that’s is Ian Somerhalder, former Vampire Diaries star and crazy cat lover. 

James Franco

James franco as a kid, grew up in a cat-loving household. Now, he continues adoring cats with his two furry friends, Zelda and Sammy. The world is free to see his public display of cat affection in his facebook and instagram posts featuring adorable moments with his cats. 

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has more than one Grammy’s. Do you know what else the famous singer-songwriter owns many of? Cats. Ed Sheeran saved a kitten from being put down by adopting it. Today, the superstar and the cat, named, Graham live happily together. Graham also lives a double life as a very popular social media cat. As of 2017 to the present, Ed Sheeran now takes care of multiple cats with his girlfriend. He was quoted in an interview that he thinks his relationship with his girlfriend is kind of it because of the cats they take care at home. 

Russell Brand

The comedian has two feline friends to have hours of goofy fun with. Their names are Jericho and Morrissey. Morrissey is named after the lead singer of The Smiths and has a more dominating and cheerful personality as opposed to Jericho who has a more chill and calm personality. 

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. thinks that he might be a cat guy and I think he is definitely right. I mean, He rescued two cats in 2010 of which he will fondly show you pictures and videos of. In interviews, he doesn’t shy from professing his love for cats. He previously uttered that he would protect his cats with his life and that he couldn’t imagine his life without them. RDJ expressed, “To understand the way cats play and fight is to understand the secrets of the universe. It’s to understand Wing Chun, to understand the palace tradition, to understand yoga.”

Which crazy cat leading man did we miss? Sound off in the comments below. 

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