Even presidents and pop stars have to work. That means that all of us will have to leave out adorable little cats alone for a few hours a day to tend to our responsibilities. The best thing we can do as cat  parents is to keep them entertained while we are away. Here are a few ways to keep your cat happy while you are working: 

Designate a play zone

Set boundaries by dedicating a space in you house where all the favorite toys of your cat can be found. This will help give the impression to your cat which places are for rougher play time and which places are off limits. The space doesn’t have to be humongous. Just allot space that is comfortable and sustainable for you. You can place your cat’s scratching post here. You can hang a few of the favorite toys. You can leave balls and fake furry mouse for hours of fun. The cat tree is perfect for this corner. 

Here are other items you can place in this area: 

Cat Tunnel

Cats love to squeeze into small enclosures. Cat tunnels are good to satisfy their very basic impulses. Cat tunnels are very popular cat toys so they are very easy to find and purchase. Just make sure to check the product for possible injuries. Make sure there are no sharp edges or choking or asphyxiation hazard. 

Cardboard boxes

As manifested by the millions of cat videos in card boxes online, cats are very fond of cardboard boxes. This is great for you because card boxes are low cost, environmentally friendly and very easy to dispose and replace. You can also use paper bags. Just make sure they are big enough, about twice the size of your cat to make sure there won’t be safety risks. 

Crumpled Paper

Cats cannot seem to resist the sound and bounce of crumpled paper. They love to pounce on them. They love to chase them. Crumblem colored papers provide hours of fun for cats. 

Snacks and puzzles

If there are two things that cats like, that would be snacks and a challenge. Get you cat an interactive toy puzzle that dispenses food when solved. This mentally stimulating game will provide hours of rewarding and yummy fun. Just make sure to account for calories when giving snacks to keep you cat at top tip health. 

Clothes with your scent. 

If cats could speak, when asked if they love you, they will probably deny it. But, action speaks louder than words. They love you. It is not a coincidence that they just happen to ALWAYS be in the same room as you. It is also not a coincidence that their favorite nap place are your thighs. It’s true they’re little cat heart loves you. So leave a piece of your clothes to help them be at ease. 

View of the Outside World

Cats are drawn to the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Nature and people catch their very pretty eyes. Other animals like birds and small squirrels also pique their fascination. Allow them access to this world by giving them a plank to sit by and hangout by the window. If you wish to be extra for your feline friend, you can DIY or have someone install cat porches by the window. They are great extensions and allow your cat to be “outside”. 

Fish Bowls and Tanks

Cats love to watch (and most probably eat) marine life. This is get them visually engaged. Just make sure that there is 100 percent no possibility for your cat to topple over the bowl or tank. That would be bad news for your fish! Also make sure that the fish bowls and tanks are properly seals so that there’s no way for your cat to swim and possibly drown in it. 

Another cat

Do you know the only thing better than a cat? Two cats. Do you know what is better than two cats? More cats! If your budget, space and schedule allows you to have more cats for companionship, another cat/ or cats, would be a good way to keep your cat entertained while you are away. 

TV for Cats

There are thousands of videos on youtube that’s especially for cats. They usually feature nature and animals. As the smart and observant animals that they are, cats are sure to enjoy videos for cats. It will be an enriching experience for them. You’d be surprised there are videos for cats that are eight hours long. Perfect for them while you work the nine to five away. 

Cat Music

In this modern world, scientists composed music especially for cats. You’d be amazed how music is also enjoyed by our little furry friends. 

There are a few ways to end the day better than playing, eating with and cuddling with you cat. After the busy work day you just had you need it. And after the fun day you cat just had, they’d be more than happy to enjoy some quality time with you. It is really the perfect arrangement for both parties. 

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