Your beloved cat being pregnant is definitely huge news for you and your cat. There really is no better picture. Imagine, your adorable and lovely furball will give birth to even more adorable and lovely furballs. 

For the average person, identifying if your cat is pregnant can be a very confusing endeavor. That is why we have prepared a list to demystify cat pregnancies and get you closer to knowing if your cat is a pregnant feline queen. 

Here are the signs to look out for if you suspect that your cat is pregnant: 

Tummy Swell 

The most obvious sign to look for is your cat’s tummy getting bigger. If your cat just gained weight, she will get bigger on all parts of her body. If the change in size is isolated only to the belly, then most likely your cat is pregnant. A parasitic infection is also a possibility so it is best to consult your trusted veterinarian.

Better Appetite

Pregnant cats have a tendency to have higher appetite levels. This increased food consumption will also result in her gaining weight. Pay attention to changes in the eating habits for your feline friend. This might hold a clue to her maternal status. 

Swollen Nipples

In about fifteen to eighteen days after conception, your cat’s body will begin to change. The nipples would become swollen and pink. Sometimes nipples would turn red. Check your cat’s mammary gland if you think your cat might be pregnant because it is definitely a tell-tale sign. 


Cats are innately very neat creatures. This is why they almost never have “accidents”. They are impeccable groomers and take care of their bodily wastes neatly. This is why if you notice your cat having vomiting accidents, pay attention, your cat might be fostering lives inside of her or something like food might have made her sick. Yes, pregnant cats get morning sickness as well. 

Nesting Behaviours

You may notice your cat always lounging at a specific quiet, cool, enclosed parts of you house and gathering soft items like towels to form some sort of nest. Your cat is definitely making sure that her kittens will be born in a suitable place. This is a maternal instinct that very easy to spot from preggo cats. 

The fact that you are reading this blog means that you care about your cat. Your attention is definitely important and appreciated. It is very important to note, however, that when in the slightest doubt, consult your vet. When it comes to health, safety and precaution always come first so timeliness is imperative. Pregnant cats will have needs so have your vet on board to help you take care of your cat.

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