Handling an Agitated Cat

Handling an Agitated Cat

Is your cat always cranky? Agitated with a slight interaction with your other pets? Is there a time they scratched you when they weren’t in the mood and you wanted to cuddle? Cats are affectionate creatures, but not always! They can be moody sometimes and might actually hurt you if you persist in approaching them even with their continuous warning growls. They might even arch their backs and run away from you if you insist in getting those cuddles!

While cuddles from these furry angels are great, they need their own space when they’re not in the mood for games or affection. Like humans, they want to be left alone until their temper is gone and are willing to interact with you or your other pets.

How do you know if cats are angry?

  1. Growling. Yes, cats also growl if they are irritated with the constant attention they do not want. This is not always directed at you, it’s also directed at their other pet friends as well. This is also followed by claws scraping on the floor and slowly backing away. There are different levels of growling, and when it gets loud, it means they really mean it. They really want you to back off and not disturb them or there will be a finger to pay!
  2. Yowling. While yowling can also mean that they’re hungry or bored, it’s also a sign of annoyance. But watch out! Yowling can also mean they’re in pain, in heat, or even cat dementia – always make time to schedule a visit to the vet. It can also be a sign of behavioral issue if they yowl without reason – there could be a trigger for stress or anxiety that you didn’t notice.
  3. Hissing. Cats may hiss when they are stressed, but they do this often when they’re angry. You mostly notice this when you witness them fighting against a dog or another cat, and it always lead to fights. This could be compared to angry people spewing curse words at each other, hands balled into fists – and you do not want to be on the receiving end. They usually arch their back and tail pointed upwards with their claws drawn, and you know there will be violence.
  4. Body Language. Watch closely when they are playing on their good days. Their good days would be their ears pointed upwards as if alert and their eyes smiling content – they are happy little balls of fur in that mood. They will be in a mood for cuddling and scratches with anyone – they will have longer patience for babies and kids too. But when they flatten to the ground and with their ears flat on its skull, these are the signs for a bad day. Their pupils dilate and their tail twitch violently when the cat is really mad – they might pounce on you and scratch you if you ignore this!

Best course of action when dealing with an angry cat

Walk away and give them time – that’s all you can do. They will cool off if left alone and be ready for some interaction when the time comes. It’s safer if you even leave the room they are in so they won’t be too cautious of you and mistakenly jump on you if you move too quickly. When they are ready to mingle, they will surely approach you themselves.

How to Keep Hairballs from Creating Hairy Situations

How to Keep Hairballs from Creating Hairy Situations

Hairballs are definitely one of the less glamorous sides of owning a cat. There is also a bit of irony to it as well. Cats are naturally built to self-groom, therefore reducing the need to give them frequently baths. However, it is because they know how to lick themselves clean that the dead hair their tongues catch on is swallowed and leads to the creation of the nasty hairball in their digestive system.

Hairballs are definitely one of the less glamorous sides of owning a cat. There is also a bit of irony to it as well. Cats are naturally built to self-groom, therefore reducing the need to give them frequently baths. However, it is because they know how to lick themselves clean that the dead hair their tongues catch on is swallowed and leads to the creation of the nasty hairball in their digestive system.

What is even more vexing for some cat owners is that there it is really a natural part of owning a cat. It is not something that can be ‘cured’ (especially if you own, nay, adore fluffy breeds like Persians). The only thing you can do is accept it as part of your responsibility as a good owner and know the best ways to handle these little accidents.

1. Use hairball formula cat food.

If you want something easy to start with, you can’t go wrong with cat food specially made to help your cat’s digestive systems. These are common enough across all brands but a few noteworthy benefits that you might want to look for are those that have high fiber and can also improve the health of your cat’s fur (thereby minimizing the shedding or at least making the hair more digestible).

2. Make a habit to sweep.

There is no predicting when the next time your cat is going to cough out its last grooming session. You will more likely just stumble upon a nasty pile in the corners here and there. Hence, it is best to just have a regular cleaning regimen and become accustomed to sweeping up hairballs as part of the routine.

3. Groom your cat more frequently.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with also having a personal hand in your cat’s hygiene. Start bathing them more frequently and set aside some time every day to brush your cat. Remember, the worst hairballs tend to form because there is only so much hair that can pass through your cat’s digestive tract. Even a little bit of grooming can go a long way to reducing that amount!

4. Avoid panicking or when a cat starts to cough out.

Hearing a cat retch while on the couch is certainly a bit frightening (and catastrophic as far as the clean up goes). However, the last thing you should do is panic and give your cat even more undue stress. Remember, hairballs are still quite natural and it is important for cat owners to become a bit more used to the times when their cat spits one out. And if you don’t want any landing higher than the floor, then at least make sure to pick up your cat gently and carefully set them down until the hairball’s finally out.

On a final note, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian either if you think your cat’s hairball situation is a bit more serious. But in all cases, it’s best to accept that hairballs are just part of life with a cat and not tear your own hair out because of them!

Marvel’s Goose: The Rising Cat Icon

Marvel’s Goose: The Rising Cat Icon

As you may have witnessed, this adorable kitty is not only cute and fluffy, but definitely a badass! First picked up by Fury in the former base where Carol Danvers used to work as a fighter jet pilot, Goose the cat is definitely an unforgettable character in the movie. While this movie indeed portrays girl power, Goose the cat doesn’t fail to show off its powers in the movie as well!

Don’t be fooled by its adorableness, Goose is actually a powerful alien specie called a Flerken – an entity with a pocket dimension inside their own bodies. Flerkens are also capable of effortlessly knocking enemies over with the tentacles in their mouth as well as effortlessly swallow the Tesseract and perhaps even some of the enemies as well. Like most kitties, the Flerken can also retract their claws and seriously injure people!

But in the comics, there’s a different appearance for the Goose in the movie. Goose was originally called Chewie in the comics, the name Goose was actually from the iconic movie Top Gun. It served as an inspiration for the creators since this movie is about jet fighters and awesome fight scenes!

In the comics, Chewie was Carol’s house cat that she adopted – only to discover that it was special when Rocket the racoon open fire on it making them hate each other. Chewie later on saved her species by laying hundreds of eggs later on! While they might appear clueless, Flerkens are actually as smart as humans in most decisions. Fury suffered the consequence as he was clawed in the face by the movie’s Flerken!

In the set of Captain Marvel, they have to hire three different cats to do various things in the movie. One is a great actor that is versatile, the other is a sweet tabby that does all the cuddles and petting scenes, and one is fiesty that does all the attack scenes – including Nick’s unfortunate encounter with Goose. Thanks to the talents of these adorable felines, they don’t have to do much CGI to make some of the scenes!

While you don’t have your own Goose, you can adopt your own adorable feline. They are nice to cuddle with, cute, and awesome! They will be your partner in crime and your best friend through thick and thin. They might love to jump on high places and scratch your furniture, they know when you’re sad and will comfort you until you get better. Get yourself an earth Goose and watch the upcoming film with them!

The Collection Your Cat Will Thank You For!

The Collection Your Cat Will Thank You For!

Are you a huge fan of Pusheen? This internet star has its exclusive line with Petco that spans from the glorious pet bed to cat toys that they would enjoy playing with. Sticking to the gentle hues of pastel colours, these items are the stuff your cat will thank you for!

Pusheen, the adorable fat grey tabby,  made waves in Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and much more has now its own merchandise around the globe. From various keychains, donuts, shirts, and more, fans from around the globe enjoyed the merchandise and it became a part of their daily lives. Now, you can share the Pusheen fandom with your own cat and enjoy the nifty items they have ready for you.

Only sold in Petco outlets worldwide, fans can now decorate their cat’s nook with Pusheen goodies. Each are carefully made with fine materials to make sure that the cats are comfy and are safe whenever they play with the Pusheen items. They are made with Pusheen’s personality and interest in mind, so almost all the items are food-themed!

Cat toys that are shaped as pizza and burgers, metal or ceramic bowls painted with happy Pusheen and fast food favourites – these are the common themes for most items. However, the most popular item would be the Pusheen cuddling bed that is decorated with a happy Pusheen face on pastel pink bowl bed.

The adorable items added as well are the collars – they are still food themed! With a plastic tag that shows a happily eating Pusheen, it adds a cute factor for your cat as well. There are three different collars that you can buy so you can change it according to your – or your cat’s – mood.

Kitten always clawing your furniture? Maybe it’s high time they get their own scratcher. The Pusheen heart-shaped scratcher is an adorable addition to your home as it’s neutral coloured but fun for the felines. There’s also a selection of accessories for you as well! They sell a nice tote bag you can store kitty toys in and a cap that matches the Pusheen getup you have for your cat.

These adorable items are available online and will add a fun and loving atmosphere in your house, not to mention it adds the cuteness in every corner!

How to Keep Cats Still for Fur-tastic Photos!

How to Keep Cats Still for Fur-tastic Photos!

When you look at the dazzling world of celebrity internet cats, one does have to wonder how their owners actually manage to get theme in just the right pose. Is there a trick? Was the cat trained? Or maybe, just dumb luck?

The good news is that you neither need a lot of luck or a lot of stressful work to seize plenty of picture perfect moments with your kitty. It is all a matter of knowing what is most likely to get your cat’s attention and keeping them comfy and content as you snap away. Here are some ideas you can try.

1. Play around with treats and camera angles.

Sometimes, all it takes is to strap your cat’s favorite treat on top of the camera just to get their eyes on it. There are also other ways to do it though. It is all a matter of knowing how your cat looks at the things they desire the most at a particular time of day.

Asides from treats, you can also do the same thing with catnip or some of your cat’s favorite toys. It is also important to really give them time to enjoy those things first before taking pictures. That makes the little lures more effective when getting your cat to look in just the right direction!

2. Use catnip to spark interaction with objections.

When you see videos or pictures of cat’s poking their noses into something, there is a good chance that object actually has a hint of catnip on it. After all, cats can get really drawn to even its faintest scent and will always do all sorts of cute and quirky things with objects that have traces of it.

You don’t even need to open a whole bag. Try rubbing catnip on an object you want your cat to play around with and see all the adorable photo opportunities it can make!

3. Create chill backgrounds.

During lazy days when your cat just wants to lie around and sleep, you might think that these are just not the best time to disturb them by making them pose for picture.

But surprisingly, a lazing cat can make for one of the cutest photos to share with friends. The real trick is just making the background even more relaxed that it suits your cats. Try re-arranging pillows or stuffed toys around them.

It can also be a great opportunity to make your cat even more comfortable when they are resting. That’s two birds with one stone! (Just be sure to keep it quiet and avoid flashing photography.)

4. Take note of your cat’s habits.

Lastly, every cat has a set of unique habits and even entire routines. Paying real close attention to these is already a must for any cat owner. However, it is also a good way to identify good photo opportunities as well!

For example, does your cat always hop on the kitchen counter when you’re eating? Do they ask for your attention during a specific time of idea? What about the usual time when they start stretching on the cat post? If you’ve found an answer, then perhaps your own viral photo opportunity will show up just on schedule.

All in all, there is no need to worry about finding ways to hold your cat still or hope that Lady Luck will give you a chance to photograph it’s hilarious antics. You simply need to pay a bit more attention to their behaviour and understand the things your cat really likes. The photos are ultimately another reward for being an excellent cat owner!

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