Easy Homemade Toys You Can Make for Cats and Kittens

Easy Homemade Toys You Can Make for Cats and Kittens

If you’re feeling crafty, and it so happens that you have kittens and cats under your care, you can make for them any of the following toys highlighted below so that you no longer need to spend so much on commercially available playthings.

Cardboard Cat Playhouse

Kitties, regardless of age and size, will love to wander around places they know they can explore. This is what makes the cardboard playhouse one of the best feline playthings.

You will need:

  • Window and door templates
  • Three sturdy cardboard boxes of the same size
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder
  • Ruler
  • Utility knife or razor blade
  • Self-healing mat
  • Glue gun

Here’s how you can make it:

  1. Print the window and door templates and cut them out. Position window and door templates on a box, using your ruler for placement. With a pencil, trace the templates to the box. Slide into the box a self-healing mat, making sure it is positioned behind the cardboard door; cut the top edge, the bottom edge, and the centre. Fold open along the straight parts. Repeat the tracing and cutting process on the second box, this time with the window template.
  2. Put together the bottom part of the first box: fold in flaps, making sure they are coated with glue, then fold the other flaps over the first flaps. Hold flaps together until such time that the glue has settled. One the open portion of the box, cut off the flap of every long side. Then cut half the flap from a short side off, then fold it in. Get hot glue and use it to secure flaps to box side. Hold in place the flaps until the glue has settled.
  3. Start creating the roof. At the top part of the second box, get a pencil and ruler and use it to create a line from top centre of a short-side flap to a bottom corner; draw another line from top centre to another bottom corner. Repeat at the opposite flap. Cut a long-side flap off; set aside. Proceed to remove a triangular shaped part from a short-side flap by cutting along a penciled line; cut along second line. Do the same with the other short-side flap–cut along a line and score the other.
  4. Cut the long-side flaps of the bottom portion of box number two. Cut a short-flap so once you have assembled and stacked this box to the one at the bottom, all holes are aligned. Secure flaps to side of box using an application of glue. Hold these flaps until such time that the glue has set. Coat top portion of bottom box with hot glue. Position bottom of second box over top portion of bottom box, and hold until the glue has dried. Use a short side flap you have reserved and apply glue to one side. Set this flap, coated side down, to top box floor to serve as reinforcement.
  5. Cut roof piece from box number three with crease down centre when it is folded from one short end to another. To attach the roof, you need to fold along scored lines on all short-side flaps located at the topmost section of the house. Glue the long flap to folded triangles from short sides. Coat pieces you have folded in with glue generously, and then set the roof on top of them. When doing this, make sure to hold pieces until the glue has settled. (Note: Do not glue shut the opposite side of the roof, as kitty will love to peek his head out from under there.)

Feather Cat Toy

Feather toys resemble birds, which kitties also love to hunt. Here’s how you can make your own wool felt feather toy.

  1. Using a template as your guide, cut one big feather and one smaller feather from differently-coloured wool felt.
  2. Use a hot iron and crease down the middle parts of every feather.
  3. Get a jump ring and add it to the jingle bell.
  4. Slip the end of a yard-long length of cord through the jump ring. At the bell, tie the feather stems to a cord, making sure that a square knot is used to secure the cord. Aside from securing the cord, knotting can also help prevent it from fraying.

Ring Ball

A ring ball is a ball made of cardboard rings. A treat can be placed inside this ball to serve as an incentive to the feline pet. You only need a cardboard toilet paper tube to create this toy.

  1. Cut four rings out of the entire cardboard tube, making sure that scissors are used to do so.
  2. Insert a ring to another ring. Insert the third ring, then the fourth ring, until a ball is formed.

As proven by the many toys that you can get from a pet shop, cats love to play with so many things. But there’s no need to spend so much on cat toys as long as you take time to learn to create your own kitty playthings from recycled materials.


Meow for now… Kristian

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DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

You know you love a good DIY project. Especially if it’s for your cat. We found this amazing ottoman (for really cheap) and we thought we would show you how we keep our home stylish, chick and still cat friendly.

Because we foster so many kittens we end up with so many cat toys that we need to rotate through so that the kittens don’t get bored. As such, this ottoman is PURR-fect for storing any excess toys or toys we don’t want them to play with.

So, we thought how can we make this ottoman into something versatile that will just blend in with our home? Make it a make-shift scratching post!

It’s really easy and will only take you an hour and a few simple tools.

What do you need?

  • an ottoman
  • sisal rope
  • Hot glue gun or nail gun
  • regular craft glue
  • scissors, ruler & a marker

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

What are you going to do?

Get all your items together and organised. Make sure the kittens aren’t playing with your sisal rope. Trust me, they will want to.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Measure out 1-2 inches from the top & bottom of your ottoman.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Mark this out with your marker.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Use your scissors (or sharp knife) to cut the fabric and foam.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Strip it back to expose your beautiful (mostly) naked ottoman.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Use the hot glue gun (or nail gun) to glue down the fabric on the top & bottom to prevent fraying and moving.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

It should look like this…

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Use the hot glue gun to start laying down your sisal rope. Overlay this with the fabric so you don’t have any gaps. If you are using a nail gun use it to nail down the first 1-3 rows. Using hot glue or a nail gun will mean that it is really securely in place and won’t tear away when your cats are having a vigorous scratch.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

After the first 3 layers use the craft glue and a paintbrush to glue down the rest of the sisal rope. As you can see I ended up turning my ottoman upside down as it was easier (for me) to work from the bottom up instead of the top down.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Make sure you use the hot glue (or nail gun) every 5-6 rows to make sure it is securely glued in place.

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Before you know it, you’ll be reaching the end!

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Enjoy the new addition to your home. Your cats and kittens will!

DIY Your Own Ottoman Scratching Post

Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out our other DIY projects like the 5 minute cat tent!


Meow for now… Kristian


How to DIY Halloween Fairy Lights

How to DIY Halloween Fairy Lights

How to DIY Halloween Fairy Lights


Today is a special crafty appearance by my very talented sister who makes these customised fairy lights/night lights.

You can do them for any occasion and in any colour/theme you want.

This time, we have done them for Halloween but it would be just as easy to do them for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays or even just for fun.


What you’ll need:

  • acrylic paint
  • clean, dry glass jar & lid
  • spray paint
  • paper towel
  • pictures/shapes
  • glue
  • LED ‘candle’

How to do it:

  1. Make sure your glass jar has been cleaned and dried
  2. Squeeze out the colour paint you want and use a paper towel (or sponge will work) to dab an even coat of paint inside the jar. In the video we use tongs to hold the paper towel because the jar was too small to fit a hand inside.
  3. Put in the oven at low temperature to really dry out the paint. 30 mins will do.
  4. Cut out the shapes you would like to use. Silhouettes work really well. Don’t worry about being 100% precise as you can use a black marker to fill in any white gaps.
  5. Use the spray paint to paint the lid of your jar (do this outside in a well ventilated space!!)
  6.  Spread a thin layer of glue on the picture you want to attach (make sure you do this on the black side) and use tweezers/tongs to place the image. Don’t move it around too much as you don’t want the paint to move.
  7. Put your LED ‘candle’ inside and watch the magic happen.


We love seeing you make these projects.. so share your stories and photos on our Facebook Page


Meow for now… Kristian


How To Do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

How To Do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Sopurrfect Cat Eye Makeup

How To Do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Today we welcome our very talented friend Elisma Rose who is going to talk to us about make up and how to create this fun look effortlessly. Check her out on Instagram for more tutorials and pictures of flowers, make-up and fun. @ElismaRoseMakeup


Everyone loves to experiment with makeup. If you don’t love it, then you hate it. If you make a mistake then all that time and effort and you still need to fix it otherwise you look scary. Sometimes, when I use liquid eyeliner then small children run screaming as they are not sure what is happening and why this monster woman is coming towards them. However, it was time to face my fear for an Egyptian themed party we were invited to.

How do you an Egyptian theme that stands out when you don’t have anything suitable in the closet? Well, we all know the Eqyptian’s worshiped cats. Cats certainly haven’t forgotten this either. This funny picture describes it purrfectly (and if you like it, check out there website here).

SoPurrfect Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Even though this looks difficult, it is surprisingly easy to do this make up. The best bit is, if you make a bit of a mistake it is easy to cover up! So, get ready, pull out your liquid eyeliner and give this  go!

Step 1

First prime eyelid with any base foundation and set with powder. You want to do this to prepare you eyelid so that the makeup doesn’t run and it stay there all night. Though, since you are doing a cat lying down.. it’s not likely to move once it’s gotten comfortable (i’m funny… right?)

SoPurrfect Cat Eye Make up

 SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Step 2

Get a nice buffing brush and a nice bright colour from your favourite coloured pallet. Buff colour in outer area of your eye.
This helps create a base and some colour on the edges of the cat. This means that the contrast isn’t so stark and doesn’t look odd. It also helps with keeping everything in place where it needs to be for the whole night!
You don’t want your cat to run down your face after some energetic dancing…do you?
Sopurrfect Cat Eye Makeup
 SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Step 3

Then get a good angled liner brush a a pot of black liner and trace out and colour in you kitty. Check with both eyes open and closed to make sure you have drawn him fat enough. The aim is to see his body even with the eye open.
 SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Step 4

You are almost there! Take a look in the mirror and admire your work so far. Then get a fine point liner for whiskers and draw them on. I also used a white eyeliner pot to draw two little eyes with a fine point brush. I decided to dab a little yellow shadow over mine while the White was still wet! Then draw down a thin black line to complete the eye. This bit requires a fairly steady hand.
Sopurrfect Cat Eye Makeup

Step 5

And if you wish to add some final fun effects add on some fun string and a pretty shiny ball for the kitty to play with! Now to do this you will need eyelash glue to keep the string attached to your face without any pain and so that it will also be easy to remove when you are ready.
As you can see I have been generous with my glue and you can see it a little bit on the end of the string. This doesn’t matter because normally people don’t stare at your face so closely and they will only notice it if you tell them.
SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup
Have fun and get creative. Happy purrrfect time with your newly found make up skills.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and want to leave you with this question… what do your cats do to make you think they are royalty?
Thanks for joining us and…

Elisma Rose 

Pokemon Go Inspired Cookies

Pokemon Go Inspired Cookies

Pokemon Go cookies coffee

Pokémon Go Inspired Cookies


It seems that everyone is obsessed with the new Pokémon Go game. Who would have thought that a simple game could change the world… but it has.

Each day you see more and more people wandering around looking at their phones, but now, instead of being isolating there is a sense of camaraderie and companionship in this solo activity.

It’s not just good for the humans who are getting out, exploring their towns and cities but good for our furry friends. Dogs seem to be the big winners in this with many going for long walks in parks and new areas searching for the rare Pokémon… with their humans trying to ‘catch ’em all’. Even in the real world animal shelters are benefiting from this craze, like this one shelter where Pokémon masters are paying to walk the shelter dogs.

Pokemon Go Cookie Plate

Luckily, though, cat’s don’t have to miss out. If you have a cat that is leash trained your four legged feline can join you on Pokémon walks. If this is something that is interesting to you, subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye out for our article on how to leash train your cat next week! By the end, you really will be a Pokémon Master with your very own Meowth…

In the meantime, if your cat isn’t leash trained then you can do the second best thing and bake ’em all (see what I did there?)

These Pokémon cookies were so much harder to make than I thought. Normally, my wife helps me out with these posts and does the decorating and even though she walked me through her process and recipe, the results speak for themselves.
Pokemon Go Cookies

Take a look and let me know what you think. They still tasted amazing, so even if you can’t catch them all you can bake and craft ’em all.

Have you done any Pokémon crafts as part of this crazy phenomenon that is Pokémon Go?

Or better yet, share your Pokémon Go tips and let us know what your best Pokémon is.


Meow for now… Kristian

How To Make Neko Atsume Cookies With Pictures

How To Make Neko Atsume Cookies With Pictures

SoPurrfect How To Make Neko Atsume Cookies With Pictures

 How To Make Neko Atsume Cookies With Pictures

I have been absolutely addicted to the cutest cat game Neko Atsume for months now. Every day, I wake up and feed my cats. I save up my gold fish to be able to buy them the special treats that they deserve and finally, after months of game play I have collected all the cats! I have them all… Lady Meow Meow? Check. Ms Fortune? Check. Joe DeMeowGio? Check!

I have seen some posts about making Neko Atsume cookies out there on the internet, but honestly, considering the amount of followers this game has I am surprised that there were not more Neko Atsume baked goods out there.

Luckily, I have a trusty cookie and royal icing recipe that I use for everything. The best thing to do is to use a sugar cookie recipe that you like and you know. A no-spread recipe is best because you want nice clean edges. If you are lucky enough to be planning ahead (unlike me) you will want to invest in a cat face cookie cutter. I did not and cut everything out by hand using a paper template. This is important because the Neko Atusme cats have a more oval face (rather than round) and the ears sit off the side rather than the top of the head. I have seen some Neko Atsume cookies on the internet and the faces were just the wrong shape which I didn’t like.




1 cup softened butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tsp salt
3 cups plain flour


  1. Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  2. Add egg, salt and extracts. Mix well.
  3. Add flour 1 cup at a time. Mix until it has all been incorporated. Dough shouldn’t be greasy to the touch.
  4. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness (in between to pieces of greaseproof paper) and chill in the fridge for at least an hour.
  5. Cut out your shapes and bake at 190°C for 7 minutes.
  6. Cool completely before icing.

Royal Icing

There are many royal icing recipes out there and not all recipes are created equal. I have previously posted about my favourite recipe which is the one from Sweetopia. This time, I didn’t have all the ingredients and was feeling lazy. I made a very simple recipe using egg whites, icing sugar and some water.

1 egg white, 250g icing sugar and 1-2 tsp water.

Mix the icing sugar and the egg white. Add a tsp of water and mix thoroughly.

You will need to portion out the icing to colour for the Neko Atsume cookies. I had the following colours:

  • white (flooding consistency)
  • black (thicker consistency)
  • light grey
  • light brown
  • dark orange/brown


Decorating Your Cookies

You want to have your templates near you so that you can see how you are decorating your cookies. Choose which cats you want to copy. I did Snowball, Spots, Sunny, Pumpkin, Marshmallow, Misty and, of course Tubbs.


Snowball seems to be one of the easier cats to decorate. She is plain white.

  • Outline the cookie with black icing.


  • Flood with white icing, make sure there are no bubbles. Shake gently to evenly spread the icing.
  • Once it has set, use a toothpick or tool to do dots for the eyes and the nose. This sits quite high up on the face. If you visually divide the cookie into thirds, the eyes are in the top third and the nose sits close to the middle.



Marshmallow uses a light grey and white icing.

  • Start by outlining the cookie in black icing (thicker than flood consistency).
  • Use the light grey to do Marshmallows markings. The grey nose is circular and only sits on the bottom third. Fill the ears with the grey as well.


  • Use the white icing to flood the remaining cookie. Shake gently to fill any gaps and make sure there are no bubbles.


  • Use the same dimensions for the eyes as you did for Snowball.



Tubbs has a unique shape, I printed out his picture from online and used that as a template for cutting out my Tubbs shaped cookie.


For Tubbs, I flooded his body with white icing first and then, once that had set outlined it with the black icing. I think this worked better because it allowed me to outline some of the details such as the hands and creases on his body.






If you like these cookies, check out some of our other DIY and Baking projects. Or, just sign up and get them delivered to your email weekly!


Meow for now… Yulia

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