Silly LED Laser Pointer Pen – Mouse Animation Shadow

Silly LED Laser Pointer Pen – Mouse Animation Shadow

We all know that cats go crazy for laser dots, right? They go all nuts, and chase the glowing red dot wherever it goes. But you know what’s better than a single red dot? A laser light in the shape of a mouse! For only $3.16, your cat will have fun chasing the proverbial mouse around your house!



The materials that this wonderful laser toy is made from are plastic and aluminum. It has an animation pattern of a mouse, which can be seen with great visibility. It’s length is at approximately 78mm in length and 13mm in diameter. The toy is powered by 3, LR927 button cell batteries.


  • FUN & HEALTHY – Your cat gets both Entertainment and Exercise
  • FELINE FRIENDLY – LED Light is Harmless to your Cat’s Eyes
  • LONG-LASTING – Batteries are Long-Lasting and can be Used for Hours
Amusing Triple Play Disc Cat Toy – Intelligence Game

Amusing Triple Play Disc Cat Toy – Intelligence Game

Are you looking for a way to help your cats have a good time? Then boy do we have just the toy you’re looking for. This amusing, triple play disc cat toy gives your cat a challenging, yet fun way to help pass the time. For only $2, your cat will have a new favorite toy, one which they’ll be playing with all day.



The three layer claw ball cat toy comes in two different colors, which are green and orange. Materials that were used to create this fun this plaything are 100% brand new, and top quality, plastics as well. It has three different sizes, namely 25*14*16cm, and weighs in around 0.27 grams.

The toy is highly challenging, which is perfect for your constantly curious cats. They’ll having a good time trying to figure out how to get balls out of the disc, as the balls spin around the discs.


  • TWO FUN SHADES – Comes in Green and Orange
  • HIGHLY CHALLENGING – Perfect for Stimulating Your Cat’s Intelligence and Curiosity
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Very Easy to Lift and Carry
How to Make Cats and Computers Compatible

How to Make Cats and Computers Compatible

Despite their growing connections with gamers, programmers and other tech-savvy introverts, there are those who think computer and cat ownership is a disaster waiting to happen.

black cat

Sadly, they are not entirely wrong. Without precaution, a cat can do a lot of serious damage regardless if you have a desktop PC or a laptop. Cats that sit on keyboards might leave hair between the keys. The worst-case scenario is when cats spill liquids (usually from mugs or even their own urine) that cause serious damage to computers.

On the bright side, this isn’t any different from the usual dangers of cats knocking over other things in general. Therefore, the solution to having a cat in the same house as a computer isn’t all that different.

Step 1. Keep your cat off the desk/laptop as much as you can.

Unless you are taking that one silly picture of your cat sitting in front of your screen, it should be kept as far from it as possible. This will ensure any hair from falling through the keys and decreases the chances of your cat knocking anything over.

Some cat owners accomplish this by having a locked computer time in a room where the cat can’t enter. Others train their cat to stay off or even set a special space nearby where a cat can just jump on instead.

Step 2. Train cats to stay away from wires.

If it is just too difficult to keep your cat away, then train them to keep off the wires. Things like these can be tempting for curious kitties, leading to situations where they will attempt to paw, bite and tangle the wires.

Alternatively, you can also organize the wires by bunching them up and putting them further out of your cat’s reach (or at least protect them from scratches).

Step 3. Balance computer time with play time.

Naturally, you don’t want your cat thinking that you have neglected it in favor of playing games or working on your desk. Take a break from the screen and play with it for a while! While cats generally don’t need as much physical affection as dogs, it is a good call all the same.

It also extends to your usual duties of feeding cats and cleaning out their litter box. Some cats might actually rebel if they make a connection between disrupting your computer time with getting your attention.

Step 4. Make a habit of completely turning the computer off.

Owners should not underestimate the warmth of a running computer from the perspective of a cat. In cool and air-conditioned rooms, the warmth of a running unit can be very tempting for cats to next to.

Always keep your units off as much as possible. This will discourage cats from developing the habit of keeping themselves warm by it.

You’d think people would share fewer cat pictures on the internet if our furry friends were such a hazard to computers. But with the right precautions and a little common sense, owning both is hardly a big dilemma.

Gamers and Cats – Why are they so attached?

Much like cats and the internet, another feline phenomenon of the 21st century is the budding connection between gamers and cats.


It’s hard to say whether this was due to the internet cat craze but the fact remains: A lot of gamers seem to also have cats. Cats are often the most prevalent pets being discussed in gaming boards and forums. Memes of cats playing with controllers or swiping screens during play are abundant. (There is even a dedicated webcomic to a literal gamer cat!)

Why is this? Is there a deep psychological reason? A type of metaphysical connection between cats and gamer identify? Or maybe, it’s something a lot simpler and practical.

In this post, we’ll cover a little bit of each and how the unique and lovable nature of cats endears itself to the video game subculture.

#1. Cats are low maintenance.

Let’s start with something practical: cats are arguably more low-maintenance than dogs. A well-trained and well-treated cat doesn’t need walks outside. They use their litter box to near perfection. Their natural tendency towards self-grooming means bathtime is more of a unique occasion than a regular routine.

For a gamer, pets like that are a massive boon. It means more time to play and less time cleaning up. All the while, they still have something cute and fluffy to cuddle during their salty moments.

#2. A cat’s independent streak is something gamers relate to.

The idea that cats have a sass and independent personality of their own is something a lot of gamers can relate to. Sure it might lead to some frustrating moments of getting cats off the keyboard or playing with wires. But maybe to solve this dilemma, perhaps give them a fun cat toy they can occupy themselves with.

But ultimately, it reflects the kind of personality that characterizes gamers themselves. They don’t always fit in. They tend to be introverts (much like cats). Plus, while they can get along with others, they still maintain some degree of freedom outside other people’s influence.

#3. Cats help to further de-stress.

As hinted in #1, having a cat around helps manage stress, which is something that players can have a lot of even while they are playing. Sometimes a match can get too competitive or a puzzle gets too vexing.

With a cat around, gamers essentially get an additional dose of de-stressing that compliments the hobby they enjoy. They are also a big help for players who need some form of lighter, interpersonal interaction. Unlike foul-tempered opponents or teammates, cats don’t talk back or argue if you simply handle them right.

The seemingly unlikely connection between gaming and cat-ownership is starting to grow evident. It has reached a point that even game developers and programmers are part of the deal. There are also more than a handful of independent game studios who have cats as their office mascots.

Then again, why shouldn’t this be the case? Both cats and gamer culture share very strong common points of interest. Their low maintenance needs, independent streak and soothing presence are all wondrous compliments to the lifestyle of many players.

Shopping for a Scratch Post? Consult Your Cat!

A scratch post is not just a piece of furniture to say ‘Hey, I own a cat.’ In fact, this type of misconception is even more dangerous if you are buying one in the hopes it’ll keep your cat from scratching your antique sofa.

cat's scratch post

Do you want our advice? Consult your cat before an interior designer.

Even in the weird happenstance that said interior designer is also a solid cat expert, they would still tell you that your cat’s view on a good scratching spot outweighs any hooman’s aesthetic tastes.

There are ways to figure this out by just simply observing your cat’s current habits around the house. For instance, we previously showed that the primary reason why cats scratch areas is that it is their way of marking their territory while simultaneously maintaining their claws.

That’s just one thing to consider.  Here’s a quick list of more things you cat can be telling you on its idea of the best scratching post:

  1. Its stretching habits and preferences.

When you catch your cat about to scratch the couch or the curtains, what is its form? Is it stretched all the way up or does it hunch it shoulders? Taking a small note of this can mean big implications on your cat’s personal routine.

Remember, cats are more conservative about their energy and prefer accomplishing several things with one activity. In the olden days, wild cats had tall trees to serve both as a scratch post and also a great way to reach up and stretch their backs when they do.

Likewise, some cats even prefer to climb while scratching! Others prefer just stretching horizontally on the floor. Your choice of scratching aid must reflect these habits.

  1. The strength and size of your cat.

The only thing that should concern you about your scratch post’s materials isn’t color or fabric. It’s how long those materials can endure your cat’s size and strength.

For example, if your cat is heavy but your tall scratch post doesn’t have a strong base, then there’s a dangerous chance your cat will fall if it tries to climb it! Alternatively, if its fabric isn’t as pleasing to shred as your curtains, then buying it would be an even bigger waste of money.

Go for a scratch post that can withstand all the punishment your cat gives. Again, look back to the trees that its wilder cousins used to claw on. A scratch post should be just as strong and just as satisfying to scratch. One general rule of thumb is to grab one with a very heavy base and materials that make a lot noise (e.g. sisal fabric, cardboard etc).

  1. The jungle of your household environment.

To extend the comparison with trees, look to how your cat goes about your house every day. A sofa could be like a cliff. A table could be treated like a canopy. Your stairs might be akin to a mountainside.

See how what kind of scratch post fits in this environment and how it could fulfill certain needs of your kitty that are currently not being met.

Do you generally have little room for it to move about? Consider having a strong post with a perch and make use of unused vertical space. Are they a purely horizontal scratcher? Make several scratch boards out of recycled cardboard and put them in strategic places around your flat.

A scratch post might reflect one of your needs as a cat owner (being you want to keep furniture unsullied). But for a cat, a scratch post reflects several. Always pay attention to what these needs are because they are more than just interior decor.

Cats and Tropes – Fabulously Feline Traits Celebrated in Fiction

Cats and Tropes – Fabulously Feline Traits Celebrated in Fiction

We all know that cats have more than one dedicated corner in the many realms of pop culture. Whether it is famous cartoon cats, internet cats or famous cats throughout history, they have a superstar brand that’s among the biggest in the animal kingdom.

In this post, however, we dig a little deeper and show you more interesting ways cats have inspired ideas in fiction. From trusty animal sidekicks to cat-eared races in fantasy, you’re going to see just how many of these popular tropes are distinctively feline!

  1. The resident snarky housemate.

snarky housemate

Whether it’s Garfield, Grumpy Cat or Salem Saberhagen, wit and sarcasm seem to be a thing for a lot of famous cats. It’s not just the fact that they happen to be snarky either. Many people love them because this type of personality trait just goes pretty damn well with being a cat!

A very plausible reason for this is that real-life cats do have all the traits that complement a smart and witty personality. Cats are reserved, aloof and have a silent, independent streak. If they could talk, it won’t be surprising that half of them will have the occasional biting (yet insightful) remark about our life choices.

  1. Cats as magical companions.

magical companions

Speaking of Salem, however, another popular cat trope is their affinity for being magical companions and knack for spellcraft in general. Other examples include Luna from Sailor Moon, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and Crookshanks from the Harry Potter series.

Cats are also a popular choice of pet in many fantasy role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft.

The connection between cats and magic is also not surprising because it has been an association that has existed long before medieval times. Whether it was their association with goddesses, witchcraft or luck, cats are an ideal companion when you have a thing for mysticism.

  1. Cats as super villain sidekicks.

super villain sidekick

Mwahahahahaha! And of course, we can’t forget another famous trope that we mentioned in one of our previous blogs! There is just something truly empowering when you hold a cat like the classic villain of superhero and spy stories.

Because much like wit and sarcasm, the traits of a supervillain are just the right match for cats. Like Blofeld, Corleone and Dr. Evil, cats have an air of superiority and the cunning to go with it. They like being pampered and are not afraid to deceive wannabe do-gooders by hiding their deadliest weapons within their paws.

  1. The rise of the cat people.

cat people

Last, but certainly not the least, you have the increasingly popular cat people. This is most often prevalent in anime and manga but characters sporting kitty ears and tails is an idea that can be found in other works of fiction as well.

Examples include the animated cult classic Rock & Rule as well as the adoption of this trope in games like Shadowrun and Final Fantasy XIV. It’s also not necessarily an anthro thing (as some might think). However, it’s certainly a fun idea to play around if you have an artistic or literary gift. Imagine what it’d be like to actually have the ears of the cat, the sharpness of its eyes and all the stealthy grace that comes with it. And naturally, it’s a cool way to imagine yourself when you also have some decidedly feline personality traits.

When you look at these tropes, is it really so surprising that cats are as celebrated as they are? They are such abundant bundles of creative ideas, both in terms of their cuteness and their coolness. What about you? What fun ideas do you have that were inspired by your feline friend?

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