Things that You can do with Your Cat on Valentine’s Day

Things that You can do with Your Cat on Valentine’s Day

We are once again surrounded by floating hearts, people cradling bouquets of flowers, along with a box of chocolates tucked in their arm pits. It’s a pretty normal sight to see, since Valentine’s Day is simply (and quite literally) just around the corner now. We can expect a lot of exchange of “I love you,” and “I love you too,” coming from numerous individuals.

While it is indeed a beautiful thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones we love, it can also be a significant day to remember out pets, especially our cats! You don’t have to be single to celebrate it with them because love isn’t just limited to a person; it transcends beyond species. With that being said, we’ve prepared a couple of things that you can do with your purrfect date this Valentine’s!

Make a Cat Fort Out of Boxes!

What do cats go crazy for, aside from catnips? Boxes, of course! Our furry little friends just love to get into these empty boxes and just hide out there. If you search the Internet, you’re bound to see a ridiculous amount of cats going loco for boxes! What’s a better way to spend Valentine’s Day with them than to create a cat fort out of boxes, and spend time playing with them!

Spend Night Time Playing with them and their Favorite Toys!

Every cat owner is very familiar with the ecstatic feeling of watching these fluffy balls of joy playing with laser lights, feather toys, and/or mouse toys. We all know how gratifying it feels to just play with our cats after coming home from a long day of work and stress. We play with them to feel happier, to feel calmer, and to reenergize. But on Valentine’s Day, make it special for both you and your cats by setting a nighttime playtime. Be sure to play to your heart’s content and end it with a cozy cuddling with your purrfect date.

Prepare a Fancy Dinner for Two

Preparing a fancy dinner for our loved ones is a very special thing and we always put a high value on it. After all, it’s not all the time that dinners get to be a bit nicer than usual. Fancy dinners are pretty common during Valentine’s Day, and for a lot of people, this is either held at a restaurant, somewhere with a nice view, or simply outside their backyards with candle lights and a bottle of wine. For your cats, take out some of those treats and give them their favorite cat meal. Go and prep your favorite meal as well, and share the beautiful night of love with your beloved purring date with the moonlight and stars.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your cat the Valentine’s Day celebration they deserve, and for you to be able to spend more time with them. It’s not every day that you get to spread love to your cat during such an important and momentous event, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Stars in a Thai Commercial: Gangster Cats!

Stars in a Thai Commercial: Gangster Cats!

As you all know, Thais are actually well known for their moving commercials or even senseless funny ones that made through different parts of the world. Because of their creativity, people of different nationalities are sharing them with their friends in social medias. But this specific commercial stars the internet’s favourite babes – cats.

Cats have long captured the hearts of many people – their lovely fur and fuzzy tails, they definitely make people’s hearts melt. Not only do they like to beg for treats in the sweetest way possible, they also show their affection in a passive aggressive way – but it seems that it makes people love them more. It ends up to people spoiling them more and fattening them up with luxurious food and expensive toys – who doesn’t like it when cats make a fool of themselves while playing a toy?

As for this commercial, they decided to show mafia cats living in a house wherein they live like kings. But like every other cat there is, they have a distinct hatred for bath time, thus their plot to hide themselves from their owners. Apparently, they haven’t convinced their owner that they do a decent job in cleaning themselves, thus they’re in this predicament.

The hilarity starts when the main mafia boss – the fat cat – reminisce about the times he had to endure during the hated bath. It seems the cats really don’t enjoy it when they get baths, especially by a human. So then looking for hiding spots became their utmost priority, even if meant drawing out their claws and arching their backs.

If you want to see the commercial for yourself, this link will lead you right to it. You will see how effective this commercial is in redesigning your bathroom, especially if you have your own furry feline as well.

Cats are indeed hilarious and adorable, that’s why they are always used to market certain goods and assets to lure people in. Who can say no to those big adorable eyes and swishing fluffy tail whenever they see you arrive? It has then used by advertisers to get more sales and more attention, and really, it’s a good strategy.

Mayor Stubbs, the Cat Who Almost Ran for Senate

Mayor Stubbs, the Cat Who Almost Ran for Senate

There are a lot of times wherein cats get a hold of power in the household, but for this specific feline, it was the entire town of Talkeetna, Alaska. This small town is well-known for its singularity as well as a small population that resides in it. They have weird activities as well that involves mooses and women. There is Moose Dropping festival wherein a helicopter flies and flings a moose dung – and guests will have to guess where it lands. Another thing would be the Wilderness Woman wherein they hold a competition for women’s strength in games of tossing firewood and hunting.

In this very town, Stubbs the cat was first found as a stray in a box full of his kitty siblings. It was in a parking lot of Nagley’s General Store by the manager, Lauri Stec, and has adopted the small and frail ginger cat with no tail. He then was called Stubbs by his new owner, because he lacked a tail, and has lived a happy life with his new family.

It was 1997 and it was during the time wherein most of the people opposed having human candidates and decided to write for Stubbs. His position was given to him and became the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska – with the Nagley’s Store as his office during his whole reign. Around 2014, his name appeared in the media to vote for him instead of human candidates for the incoming senate election. Sadly, he didn’t win.

He would host meetings with his family and citizens and would demand an occasional belly rubs. Sometimes, he would request for a nice cold water with spiked catnip for hot afternoons while looking at his town. He also attracted a lot of tourists in the town as well, just to meet the feline mayor of the town. According to most citizens, his mayoral reign was a good and peaceful one – no increase in tax and sales tax, he didn’t hinder any businesses from growing or opening, and he was absolutely honest – the ideal politician in this day and age.

But his ruling wasn’t as peaceful as one would think – he had a fight with a vicious collarless dog. It left him severely injured with a punctured lung, broken bones, and deep cuts. It has put a halt in his free strolling around the town. Aside from that dangerous encounter, he also had an accident with the store’s fryer – he fell in while the oil was cooled.

Then he also encountered teens who shot BB guns at him, but he survived everything that came his way. Stubbs died peacefully in his sleep last July 21, 2017 – aged 20. He has served as the mayor since July 18, 1997 until his death. While his passing was peaceful, hundreds of posts and even news about Stubbs came in – letting other people know how much of a good kitty and mayor he was. He may have been a very old cat, but even to his last breaths, he was happy and active.

While your cat may not be a mayor of any town, it’s definitely a mayor of your heart – they deserve all the love and attention you showered to them. All the kitty products and accessories you bought is worth it, since they return it with unconditional love and loyalty!

Salem from Sabrina Is Full of Cattitude!

Salem from Sabrina Is Full of Cattitude!

Ask your mum or maybe your grandmother if they know about the infamous Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina, and it might make them smile a bit or laugh. As you may or may not know, Salem is a black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch show that was on air first on 1970’s as an animated cartoon to the most recent and darkest one in Netflix. They have made various renditions and edits, but the most iconic Salem would be from the 1990’s one – with the one liner and sarcastic replies.

Salem has become a traditional meme, if you recall a cat GIF wherein he sassily cleans his nails, that’s him. His reign of one liner has made it even to this year – making waves in chatrooms and even back to the media! One of his iconic blurts would be: Curse my sarcastic nature!

Aside from his fame in social medias and gag sites, Salem has become an influence to most artworks, jokes, as well as in life! His self respect is pretty high – something that should be applied in most things – and the hidden love and respect he has for his housemates is actually genuine. While Salem might be the epitome of sarcasm and cattitude, he is actually a decent being that you can learn from.

He might have started as a criminal – yes he was a guerilla leader who wanted to take over the world, but it has transformed him into something more understanding with Sabrina. He has become more understanding with her and helped her with something she’s curious of something or wants to ask for advice. He might be sarcastic most of the time, but he is a caring cat.

From motivating one liners to being lazy, you might even go as far as saying that he’s a relatable feline. He always tease someone when they’ve discovered something interesting from them (take for instance when he read Sabrina’s diary at some point) or being continually hungry throughout the day. His favourite word is no and most of the time he is lazy – something that most people want to do on their downtime. Salem-ing should be a thing!

Aside from the sarcastic nature and the melodramatic reactions, Salem has always been viewed upon as a cute and cuddly cat. It has turned into a symbol of Halloween and horror, and at the same time, became an icon for goths and sometimes for harajuku fashion items. Salem is one of the probable reasons why some girls find charm with a black cat despite the accursed rumours about cats and their bad luck.

While you don’t have a real life Salem beside you making iconic one liners and sarcastic replies, you can expect the same thing from your cats – they might be usually aloof and cold when you need them, but they are actually caring creatures. So maybe your investment for cat trees and cat outfits are not in vain after all!

Cat Product Listing #9

Delightful “Treat Ball” Cat Food Dispenser – Interactive


Are you looking to reward your cat with treats, while they’re having fun at the same time? Sounds like an odd combination, doesn’t it? But it’s actually very doable, with our “Treat Ball.” For only $1.56, your cats will be shaking to the beat of treats dropping at their feet.

The “Treat Ball,” is mainly made from plastic materials. The top cover is can be detached, so you’d be able to put the treats inside. You can then attach it again to keep them inside, and only go out through the opening. The food dispenser’s diameter is 6cm, height is 8.6cm, with the hole being 1.5cm wide. It can help reduce anxious moods, and exercises your cat’s IQ.


  • INTERACTIVE – The Bell in the Top Cover Encourages Your Cat to Shake the Treat Ball
  • LOTS OF FUN – It’s a Good Way for Your Cat to Play
  • DIET CONTROL – A Splendid Technique to Control Your Cat’s Diet


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Why Cats Find Boxes Mystical and Alluring

From internet videos and memes to your usual household cats, it seems they have one thing in common – their love for anything that resembles a box. Place a comfy pet bed on the floor next to the box and eventually, they will love the box more than the fluffy and obviously softer bed. It makes you think as to why would your cat choose the box over some expensive seating or bed you bought for them, and you can’t seem to fathom why.


Although it’s fun to watch your cat turn completely liquid and fit in almost impossible spaces, it still quite a mystery why cats would go through all that trouble. But contrary to popular belief, cats actually has a reason why they would try to fit themselves in a tiny box. They will actually test out the “I fit, I sit” logic and will try their hardest to fit in almost any container.

The real reason is because of the instinctual behaviour in cats that never goes away even after a long time of domestication. They are always ready to pounce and attack whenever they are threatened, and it’s mostly out of their instinct. Never be offended if your cat arches its back on you after stepping on their tail – it’s their reflex and they are basically miniature hunters in your house.

The cardboard box that they usually stay in is actually a defense mechanism for them – a perfect cover and place to run into whenever they need to hide from enemies. Through the box, they feel snug and safe from possible ambush from predators that lurks around the house. Especially when you’ve just adopted a kitty, it will take a while for your furbaby to get used to the surroundings and with you. For a cat, everything is dangerous and needs their utmost attention – everything must be within their radius and their field of vision. They will be extra defensive, but they will loosen up when they get used to you.

This is the same thing with cats hiding under beds and couches – they are scared with the new environment and get nervous when they are there. They will probably attack anything that passes through them as they view this as a threat – a common thing for new felines. They are basically ninjas – they want to see everything while being in the shadows, and pounce once they think they’re discovered.

Don’t take it to heart when your kitty cat choose the box over your impressive pet bed and tree you got for them – it’s mainly because of instinct. It may seem ridiculous and hilarious for you, but it’s something they are used to and are comfortable with. Just take your time and they will eventually get used of the bed, but don’t be too surprised if they choose the box again!

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