Fascinating Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

Fascinating Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

Just as there are benefits of owning dogs, having cats as pets provide you with different  scientifically proven benefits for your health too. Whether you own an aloof who prefers-to-be-alone cat or a sweet lap cat who loves snuggles and head-butting, having a feline companion around you can be very worthwhile and advantageous just as having any other animal.

We’ve collated different health benefits that are scientifically proven of how beneficial owning a cat is.

  • Helps boost your immunity – Exposure to cat’s fur in the areas of your house can increased resistance to allergens. Hence, this can help decrease risk for possible asthma or any form of allergy.
  • Lower risk of possible heart disease – As per studies, having cats as pets can lower your stress levels, which in turn can help fight off possible risk of heart disease,  including stroke by 40%.
  • Helps you find your perfect match – According to the British poll, a massive 90% percent of women acknowledged they are more fascinated to guys who are cat owners. For them, they are “nicer” compared to other men. So if you’re a guy and is still single, time to reevaluate yourself, get a cat.


Just remember, cats are not just for “finding a partner” purposes, they are for keeps.

  • Provide complete companionship – Having a cat as pet can lower your sense of solitude. Just like how affectionate dogs are as companion, it shows that cats are too. According to a study, having a cat is just equivalent to having a romantic partner. This may sound surprising but cats do remember kindness and affection shown to them and will eventually return the favor afterwards.
  • Lowers cholesterol level – High cholesterol level can put you at risk to possible heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Owning a cat can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and decline of these levels aid to a lesser risk of having such diseases.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels – Having cats around your house helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. Felines are said to be low-maintenance, so a simple petting or cuddling is good enough to make you and your cat feel better and cozy, thus reducing any stress or anxiety you feel.
  • You will surely sleep better – Studies shown in the UK that more women prefer to sleep with their cats than their partners. They even shared that they sleep better together with their feline companion. About 40% of people agreed to this and 19% said otherwise.
  • Cat’s purr helps soothe bones and muscles – Your cat’s purr is not only one of the most soothing sound in the world, it is also great to heal your tired muscles, tendons and bones. Purring is a sign that your cat is happy and relaxed, and the sound of it has also been long correlated with a therapeutic healing to your bones, muscles and tendons.


A cat’s purr creates vibrations at 20 – 140 HZ frequency, and as per studies, around 18 – 35 HZ range can aid muscle or joint mobility after an injury. So it is highly possible a cat’s purr has positive healing effects.

The Future of Comfort Is Here, in Cat Butt Form!

The Future of Comfort Is Here, in Cat Butt Form!

Technology presented us a lot of things, and it has indeed appealed for both the younger and older generation. It has a wide variety of uses that people have in their common households, and has indeed made life a bit easier. But for this specific article, it tackles comfort, warmth, and fuzziness – the new Qooboo robot.

Qooboo robot is modelled after a cat’s butt that excitedly wags their tail whenever you’re near or when you need some hugs. Qoobo basically provides the comfort of having a cat without the tedious care that comes along with it, although one cannot fully replace an adorable jelly bean pawed creature.

Qoobo is basically made to provide comfort and love from these fun wagging tails that seem to welcome you when you get home. It’s a beautiful invention that let people who can’t have pets experience the warm feeling of being welcomed by a wagging tail, or a few pats that would reward you with a good reaction. It’s a robotic cat butt for those sad and depressing days, or simply when you’re stressed out and you just need the comfort of an animal.

It’s also made for people who are suffering allergies whenever they’re around pets, but always fantasized about having adorable pets. This interactive pillow responds to gentle pats by wagging their tail slowly, or playful snuggles – it makes their tails wag faster. It’s actually a comforting sight to see wagging tails, thus the therapeutic experience of having one. Sometimes, you don’t need to pat just to get a reaction – they wag their tails at random just to let you know they like seeing you home.

Although some people find it ridiculous to have a cushion that looks like an animal butt, it actually helps improve the mood of owners who sadly can’t have pets due to health reasons or because of where they live. It’s a good alternative to getting snuggles and that fuzzy cuddles you want to have with a pet. Besides, they don’t need food or care, they just wait for you there and welcome you home.

It’s an awesome therapy you can have without risking your health, or furniture, that would energise you to do more things. Qooboo is made to look realistic – meaning the programming of their tails are almost similar to real animals, and it has provided people a warm welcome. You can now have your own ‘cat’ without moving to a different flat!

Why You Should Watch Cat Videos During Breaks

Why You Should Watch Cat Videos During Breaks

Cats since then has captured the hearts of many, and because of their adorable stances and meows, they have become a popular search item in the internet. From photos of memes to videos, there’s over thousands or even million cat videos online that you might even have saved in your phone. It has even influenced a lot of people to adopt cats themselves and learn to love them in each passing day.

It’s enough for people to spoil their cats and give them whatever they want – ranging from premium kitty snacks to toys, they simply influence their humans. In return, cats make sure they entertain humans and give them lots of love when they’re down. But when they’re away, humans simply take their phone and watch their videos and get a giggle or two from their antics.

But are cat videos really helpful? Science backs this up. The reason why most people search up cat videos on the internet is to cheer up or simply to de-stress – no need to feel guilty when you get caught if you do it too! Watching cat videos actually gives you elation and decreases you stress – meaning you are mentally prepared for more tasks and you can get it done with ease.

Who wants to see a pile of paperwork on their desk? Thinking about constantly working without breaks – what most people imagine their working day would be – will leave them lethargic and down. A few breaks of cat videos is a form of yoga for the emotions – it stretches them and releases the negativity and brings in positive and happy thoughts.

Watching cat videos is as effective as looking at photographs on your desk – something that will remind you that there are happy days beyond working. Cat videos let you forget the worries you have at the moment and be overwhelmed with cuteness and their adorable shenanigans as well.

Boosting your energy and become more enthusiastic with working are often side effects of watching cat videos. It also gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling as well when you hear them meow from your phone. You can also feel lesser anxiety about the workload and even looking forward to get it done and finish the day! It almost has the same effect of having a pet therapy, only cheaper.

So if someone tells you to stop watching cat videos during break times or maybe when you’re stumped for ideas, show them the magical doors leading to pure happiness that you get from watching innocent cats making a cute fool of themselves.

A Tale of a Chubby Cat: Pusheen’s Rise to Fame

If you use a lot of social media like Facebook, you might know about this lovable fat cat with the greyish fur and the tail rings named Pusheen. Pusheen has then appeared in numerous things like stuffed toys, keychains, pillows, and more! It’s not really hard to see as to why Pusheen soared to popularity within a short while, it’s adorable and some would even go as far as saying it’s relatable.

If you don’t know about it already, Pusheen started as a character on 2010 in its own mini series made by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. She had a unique and fun personality – an undying love for baked goods, partying, and being lazy. Belton decided to do more for her character and then started her very own Tumblr page wherein its popularity rose to over 10,000 followers – within mere weeks!

Pusheen’s popularity never stopped growing, she garnered lots of fans and even went as far as making Pusheen themed goodies that they would eventually show off to Belton. Then the fans doubled when Facebook contacted Belton on 2013 about making Pusheen into digital stickers – admit it, you like using Pusheen to express your emotions online – wherein people used Pusheen over 10 million times a day!

Popularity never stopped for Pusheen, every gimmick they do made her gain more fans and eventually adding millions to the people who already like her! The offers never stopped – a renowned 118 year-old toy manufacturer named Gund eventually noticed the rising popularity of the chubby and bubbly cat.

Gund then released adorable plushies of Pusheen and has become a staple for every Pusheen fan all over the world. They started with the adorable plushies, slowly going for fluffy keychains with loads of different designs. What’s more, they have an entire series of Pusheen holding food – no wonder she is relatable to most people!

Barnes & Noble along with H&M created their own Pusheen trend as well – making the original Pusheen fans happier. It seems even the people who doesn’t know about Pusheen seem to grow to like the animated cat. From stickers to loads of fan arts, it’s hard to say that Pusheen’s old age causes the decline of its popularity – it still has loads of collaborations that pleases the fans and cute enthusiasts around the globe.

Aside from the technicality of Pusheen’s fame, it’s sure as day as to why this chubby cat is famous. The creators made her relatable to most of the things people and young ones do as well as created her to be adorable and cute as well. Overall, it might even follow the footsteps of the most iconic cat symbol – Hello Kitty – and eventually become a timeless mascot.

The Tale of the Japanese Lucky Cat

The Maneki-Neko or “The Beckoning Cat” is an iconic symbol found in most Asian stores and business establishments. If you have been to an Asian shop or restaurant, you may find these ceramic or plastic figurines on cash registers, shop windows, and display shelves with its paw in the air as it continuously beckons you to come closer.

The reason many Asian shops have this cute figurine is mainly because it is said to bring fortune to your home or business. Many of these statues usually depict a calico Japanese bobtail cat holding its paw up to bring luck and happiness inside the area. However, depending on the colour and which paw it is raising, the maneki neko is said to bring either fortune, happiness, love, and good health.

What many may not be aware of is that this lucky charm is subject to several folktales from the land of the rising sun. The most popular version of which tells the legend of the Gotokuji Temple in Edo now known as Tokyo:

Legend has it that the Gotokuji Temple was once cared for by a local priest, who despite his relative poverty would often share his food with his cat.

One day, a wandering samurai who was on his way home happened to pass by the temple during a heavy downpour. The samurai, not wanting to get wet, took shelter under the temple’s nearby trees where he noticed a cat strolling around the temple grounds. The cat, raising its paw in the air beckoned the samurai to come closer to the temple. The samurai, curious at this gesture followed suit and decided to heed its direction, where a few moments after, a bolt of lightning struck the tree where the man stood only moments ago. The man then realized that if it had not been for the cat’s gesture, he too would have meet his untimely death.

Grateful for the cat, the samurai, who was also a very wealthy man, rewarded the priest and the temple with a generous amount of funding. Years later when the cat passed away, a special burial was made in honour of the “lucky cat”.

Today, the Gotokuji Temple is known as the birthplace of the lucky cat charm. Visitors who wish to visit the spectacular temple in the Setagaya Ward in Tokyo can see a small area filled with tiny maneki neko statues.

If you are curious to visit the temple where the lucky cat originated from, you’re in luck since the temple is easily accessible from central Tokyo! First, go to Shinjuku station where you will take the Odakyu line in the direction of the Hon-Atsugi. This will lead you to Gotokuji station which takes around 30 minutes. The shrine is located five to ten minutes away from the station where it is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Gotokuji Temple opens everyday from 6am to 6pm where entrance is free.


Cats and Halloween: The Uncanny and Unfortunate Connection

Halloween is a spooky time that’s celebrated by almost everyone around the world. It’s a time when people get to dress up as their favorite monsters, when kids go door-to-door to ask for some candies, and when everyone sits in a circle telling each other scary stories.

However, it isn’t always just fun and games during this pumpkin-filled holiday. For some, Halloween is a time when they’re viewed with negative connotations to their names. This is especially true for cats, which are often portrayed as familiars, bringers of bad omen, and more. But how exactly did cats get associated with Halloween in this manner? What exactly is the uncanny and unfortunate connection that binds Halloween and cats together?

Ancient Egyptians and Cats

Now, there are a lot of theories out there as to why cats are constantly being linked to Halloween. This one doesn’t really tie both of them together, but some say that it serves as a catalyst. Ancient Egyptians used to worship a goddess named Bastet, also called as Bast, who had a cat’s head. Bast was believed to have a nightly battle with the Serpent of Darkness (the sun’s arch-nemesis). It’s theorised that the ancient Egyptian’s association with cats may have been carried over to our current notions about Halloween and our feline friends.

Tales of Superstition

Another reason why cats are somewhat synonymous with Halloween is thanks to the stories passed down from generation to generation. Superstitions about cats (especially the black ones) have circulated for thousands of years. Going back to ancient Egypt, they were once revered and thought of as Gods, but in medieval Europe, they were labeled as diabolical, and that they brought bad luck.

Witches and Familiars

Even weirder are the stories that tie witches and cats together. Witches (Wiccans) celebrate Halloween to honor the time of the year where “the Earth goes back to sleep,” which they call Samhain. It’s the time where they commemorate those who have passed away, kind of like making it the pagan counterpart of All Soul’s Day. In Wiccan calendar, October 31st is also the midway point between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice (a time that signals the end of harvest and the beginning of winter), wherein practitioners dress up, eat Autumn-pertinent food with family and friends.

Things like dolls, needles, strange-looking cauldrons with green boiling liquids, and spell books aren’t really a thing. Black cats who happen to be familiars for witches, or in some versions wherein the witch morphs into a black cat, and casting out curses to everyone is also very much absent.

All this talk about cats and Halloween could’ve been easily chalked off as a fun, or even a cool way, to look at the holiday. Unfortunately, reports of animal abuse, reports of people avoiding cats in fear of getting bad luck, and a bunch of other things that misrepresent our feline companions have come up. Cats deserve to have a Halloween full of attention, love, and fun, not abuse and neglect. Let’s do our best to let them in on the festivity, and to make them feel happy.

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