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Kristian Taylor

Founder and Cat Lover of

My name is Kristian and I am a passionate cat lover and the founder of SoPurrfect. I originally came from the country and grew up on a farm and was able to spend a lot of time with animals. Spending everyday around animals gave me a deep respect, love and passion for all animals, but each time I’ve travelled I seem to be a magnet for cats and dogs with people telling me I have a unique connection with them. As time has moved on, now our small family of four includes my wife and I and two gorgeous cats who found us when being rescued from RSPCA.  We fell in love with them as cute little kittens and now are well into their middle age. I’d Love for you to meet Shadow and Frosty who are currently enjoying having international fame through their instagram account. Check them out and follow their escapades mostly sleeping on #ShadowAndFrosty.

This passion and my interest in technology with the love of looking at cat pics and videos (who doesn’t) and of course amongst other things has brought me here with my mission to create the best possible cat experience for you by building an online community around cats. You too can be part of this online cat community to talk and share our experiences but also it is a platform to connect you to the latest beneficial information and discussions for you and your beloved cat.

I look forward to chatting and sharing with you….

Meow for now… Kristian!


I am a naughty torty that my forever parents adopted me from a shelter. While I was living there it was fine, but at my new home I had plenty of space to run around (particularly at 2am) and I got so many cuddles and snuggles.

My favourite thing is to wait until my human has sat down on the couch and I go sit on their lap. It’s so nice and warm and soft, and I know they won’t move until I let them. I’m naughty because my parents have bought me so many cat towers and ledges to stop me from sitting on windowsills but I keep doing it. I know I shouldn’t but as long as I jump down from the windowsill when they walk into the room they will never know!

I like my life indoors, but sometimes the outside looks so interesting. A couple of times my parents left the window open a little too much and I got outside, I got confused and couldn’t figure out how to get back inside to my humans. When I was outside it was very scary and I didn’t like it at all. I hid, cried and just wanted them to come get me. When they found me I was so pleased and happy.

You can follow me on Instgram #ShadowAndFrosty



Hello I am also a naughty torty but so different to my sister Shadow. I like to jump and play so much more than she does and when our humans were picking looking at kittens they really liked how fluffy and energetic I was. It’s a good thing that I don’t really get on with other kittens and cats because it meant that they adopted both me and my sister and kept us together instead of splitting us up.

I do all the things that Shadow does but she seems to get away with it and I always seem to get caught. It’s just not fair! I’m always hearing ‘Get down’ and ‘Stop that’ when she was doing the exact same thing just a minute before!

My humans like to use a brush and it feels really nice when they comb my long fur. My favourite thing is a morning cuddle with dad. Mum wakes up first and lets us come into the bedroom. This is the best time of day because dad uses both hands to scratch and pet me and it feel so nice, I wish this part of the day would last forever.

Sometimes, there are days when both mum and dad are at home. On these days they make a pile of clothes offerings for me and Shadow. This is my favourite game because the clothes are usually really stinky and amazing. I love to rub around in them. I think it’s how they show us they love us and care for us, letting us mark their clothes with our scent. I also show them that I care about them by always giving them extra fur on their clothes, they must have gotten so cold in winter before I came along to give them extra help with fur.

You can follow me on Instgram #ShadowAndFrosty

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