Prepping Your Cat for the Great Mouse Hunt!

For some cat owners, the best thing about having a feline friend is that caring for it beats mouse-proofing an entire house! And yes, it is definitely proven that the mere presence of a cat can strike fear into the heart of the most ambitious vermin. It is has been...

Train Your Kitty to High Five

It's nice to see our pets perform a couple of tricks we've taught them. Although training them would take a ton of patience and a ton of time, the end results are without a doubt worth it. Training your cat some tricks would also allow you to bond with each other. You...

Top 5 Largest Cats You’d Want to Take Home

Have you ever fancied the big and wild cats that you see from Lion King or Jungle Book? It turns out that wild tigers, jaguars and lions aren’t that friendly to the humans which is why huge predators aren’t suggested to be taken in as pets. However, I come bearing an...

6 Reasons Why Cat’s Lash Out on Their Owners

“Every rose has its thorn.” And it’s important for us kitty owners to deal with these torn our cute and furry roses have. A lot of owners turn to websites googling all these cat attacks. Before antagonizing these cute little creatures, it is important to know why they...

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