Celebrity Spotlight: Ricky Gervais and Ollie

Ricky Gervais cherishes his feline and doesn’t care who knows it. The British comic has become well known by not holding down with regards to his amusingness. Looking at his pages on social media, the same applies to his adored feline, Ollie. The striking Siamese came as a startling present to Gervais while on a British television show in 2003. While on the Jonathan Ross show, Ross gave him the cat. Without a second thought, Gervais welcomed the little cat into his home. This gave Ollie a way to fame.

The cat is named after Oliver Hardy and presently has more than 14,500 followers on Twitter. Between Gervais’ Vine, Twitter, Face book and Instagram accounts and Ollie Gervais’ own Face book and Twitter pages, the pair’s bond is underscored by lots of love and lively chat.

Proudly, Ricky Gervais shows his cat pretty much all over the place he goes, whether this be photographs on his blog, or photographs on his twitter account. Ricky Gervais is a cat aficionado. He totally loves his kitty feline. Ricky loves his kitty so much that he posts cutie pictures of both of them, simply hanging out.

Ricky Gervais describes Ollie as part Siamese, Burmese, Devon Rex and Cornish Rex. The outcome is obviously feline flawlessness. She’s somewhat flighty in her feelings however. She goes from cuddly and poor, to irately free. She’s entirely surly. He says he adore a feline recalling that it used to be a tiger.

Siamese are generally extremely loving and keen felines, eminent for their social nature. Numerous enjoy being with people and are now and again portrayed as “extroverts”. They bond firmly to a single person. Some Siamese are to a great degree vocal, with a noisy, low-pitched voice known as “Meezer”, from which they get one of their nicknames that has been contrasted with the cries of a human child, and tireless in demanding attention. These felines are normally active and perky, even as adults, and are frequently depicted as more like a dog in conduct than other cats.

Siamese felines, because of their craving to be near individuals or different felines, every so often experience the ill effects of discouragement if left alone for drawn out stretches of time, and it is consequently that Siamese felines are frequently purchased in pairs so as they can stay with one another.

The breed standard of the current Siamese requires an extended, tubular, and strong body and a triangular head, shaping an impeccable triangle from the tip of the nose to each tip of the ear. The eyes are almond-molded and light blue, while the ears are vast, wide-based, and situated more towards the side of the head. The breed has a long neck, a thin tail, and hide that is short, shiny, fine, and holds fast to the body with no undercoat. Its pointed color pattern and blue eyes recognize it from the firmly related Oriental Shorthair. The present day Siamese imparts the guided color design toward the Thai, or conventional Siamese, however they vary in head and body type.

Do you know another celebrity that loves their cat as much as Ricky and Ollie?

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