The Cats and Cucumbers Relationship


A lot of you may have already seen videos going viral about cats reacting to cucumbers. If you haven’t, you must.

In the video, owners were showing off their cats’ reaction to this green elongated fruit. Some cats were eating, sleeping or unaware when a cucumber is placed within their reach. After they catch a glimpse of the cucumber, they leap as if their life depended on it. The poor kitty, caught off guard, was startled by the presence of cucumber from out of nowhere. Oddly enough, cats jumping and reacting to the cucumber is empathizingly hilarious.

Why do kitties do this? What beef do they have with cucumbers?

There are two widely accepted temporary reasons as to why this is so.


Reflex action to predation

According some testimonies, the way cats react to cucumbers can be related to how animals would respond when a predator is sneaking behind a prey’s back. The cucumber is thought to be of close representation to the form of a snake. So, when kitties turn around and don’t get full sight on what that odd threatening shape is and where it came from, their instincts would automatically tell them to act now and evade.

However, there are a few sightings and proofs of the feline family going head-to-head with snakes. Cats are known to have predatory instincts. Logically, they should not be afraid of snakes. Although it may be true to many, it is not to all. There are kitties who aren’t that exposed to the rough world that find comfort by being lazy in the house. These may be the kitties who are prone to the surprise-cucumber effect.


Response from the unexpected

A few days after the videos have gone viral. Telegraph launched a scientific explanation as to why some kitties respond this way to cucumbers. Animal behaviour specialist, Dr. Roger Mugford, told Telegraph “I think it is due to the novelty and unexpectedness of finding an unusual object secretly placed whilst their heads were down in the food bowl.”

What Dr. Rogers said was merely a hypothesis that needed further research. A lot of people, especially cat lovers, wonder as to why some kitties that it may be from its citrus scent, the unfriendly mixture of green colour or the pattern.


And now, bananas

A related scenario can also be seen in another video going viral about cats and bananas. The same thing happened when owners try to put bananas in front or behind cats – they take the leap of fright. One kitty, after leaping, tried to fight and pound the banana peel.

Cats are known to have 200million scent receptors in their nasal cavity which is a lot more than what dogs have.

According to testimonies, it because of the banana’s strong scent that irritates these poor kitties.

Although kitties belong to the same feline family, they have different taste and preferences. It is best to observe your kitties’ reactions on different things; be a good parent. Playing the same prank on your kitties is not advisable. Pranks like the cucumber or banana only raise the possibility of your cat being injured, worse, you.