How To Keep A Fun Picnic Day With Your Cat Fun

Going on a picnic with your feline friend is definitely a pleasurable activity. The sun, the wide patch of green grass, the trees— all complete a beautiful bonding day. Going on a picnic day with your cat definitely is a fun activity. We, as responsible cat owners, must just take note of a few things to keep it that way.

With the Australian Northern Territory’s Picnic Day holiday coming up, we made a list of things to remember to keep a fun picnic day fun: 

Leash Training

Make sure you give your pet leash training a few weeks in advance before your trip outdoors. Most cats are not comfortable with physical restraint and would try to wiggle out of it. Giving your cat able time to be accustomed to this garment will benefit your picnic adventure.

Always holding your cat by a leash will ensure safety at all times. Even when you feel that your cat does not need a leash, it is important because to err on the safe side as the outdoors is a new environment for your pet. As they say, it is better safe than sorry.

Sometimes, cats can also learn to stroll with a leash. That would be another fun bonding activity with your cat. 

First Aid Kit 

Go on a picnic responsibly by preparing a first aid kit. The same first aid kit for humans will also work for cats. What is important is after the preliminary care, professional medical care must be sought. 

In the case that your cat goes missing, physical pictures, cat collars with complete contact information or GPS tracking device will come in handy. 

Cat Reactions

Observe your cat’s attitude towards other people and animals. Sometimes inanimate objects like cars and lawnmowers elicit reactions to animals. Observe if your cat is afraid or agitated with dogs, cats, cars, and even children. If they display strong reactions to the following, it may not be the best time to bring your cat to a picnic. Picnic spaces can sometimes be crowded and this might overwhelm your pet. 

Slowly ease your cat to whatever she is afraid of or agitated with. For instance, If your cat is afraid of the sound and sight of moving vehicles, you may try to hold your cat close to you, with a lease of course, as you try to watch moving vehicles. You a slowly increase the length and proximity as your cat gets more comfortable with every visit. 

Cat Crates Or Cat Bags

Going on a picnic will entail travel. Training your cat in cat crates and cat bags will ensure safe and comfortable travel. Training can sometimes take time, so give ample time for your cat to learn prior to scheduling an outdoor trip. 


Cats, especially short haired ones can get sunburnt. Areas that are especially vulnerable are the ears and nose. Consult your veterinarian for the best sunscreen for your cat. 


Toys are great ways to entertain your cat. If you feel like the picnic is boring your pet, toys will come in nifty to entertain, distract or calm it. 

Poop scooper 

It is illegal to leave animal drippings so having a poop scooper ready. Newspaper pages would also work well in this situation and is actually the more environment-friendly and sustainable option. 


Hydration is important when going outdoors to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. The sun will be bright and shining and the day will be warm and beautiful so it is important to make sure your cat has adequate water to stay hydrated and cool. You may also bring camping coolers for a steady supply of cool water. 


It is not a picnic without treats for your cat. Treats that your cat does not usually get will make the picnic special for your feline friend. So go splurge a little on that yummy treat you’ve always wanted to buy for the little kitty. 

It is best to keep human food away from cats because not only are they not the best fit for your cat, they may also harm them. 

Letting your cat participate in activities that are not usually part of their usual routine definitely would contribute to them leading an enriched life. Bringing them along would also serve as a bonding avenue for you and your furry friend. So keep that picnic day fun by keeping it safe.

How to Choose the Right Kinds Of Cat Collar

For many cat owners, collars are cute reminders that cats are part of their family. Aside from this aesthetic and symbolic benefit, there are also a number of perks from having this accessory. One of which would be cats with collars are not mistaken as stray cats so when they roam outside they will not be accidentally delivered to a cat shelter.

Important information may also be added to the collar like your address and your contact details so that a nice stranger would be able to help you get reunited with your cat in case of separation. With the advent of modern technology,  different features have already been installed like GPS tracking features.

Here are the kinds of colors you can get for your feline friend:

Collars with Bells

Collars with bells have of old-school charm to them. They make cats even more adorable than they already are. Another upside is, in cases of disappearance, the bell would make it a little easier to find your cat. And, this would make the sound of bells even sweeter for your ears.

Identification Tags In Collars

This collar contains your cat’s name and other important information such as your address and contact number. You may also put your email if you like.

Decorated Collars

You can choose any color for this collar.  You can even have it bejeweled! Faux leather or any other fancy designs that would best match your cat’s and your personality would also be good options. What is important to note is that the collar must not have parts that could possibly be a choking hazard or could possibly be ingested by our feline friends. So always check for durability. Furthermore, what is more important than the design and looks would be the practical features that ensure the comfort of your cat.

GPS Collars

Especially for tech-savvy cat owners, GPS collars gives another layer of security because it will give you the exact and real-time location of your cat.  You will feel at ease knowing that you will be able to locate your cat if any untoward incident of getting lost happens. This collar would make cats strolls at the park even more blissful.

Flea Collars

If your cat has a flea problem, flea collars could be a viable solution. It can be used in conjunction with other ways to fight flea infestation. It’s imperative to check the label and, continuously and meticulously check that your cat is not having allergic reactions to the collar. Always consult your veterinarian if any irritation occurs to make sure that there would be no problem.

Magnetic Collars

This is one of the more advanced kinds of collars. The magnets in it that allow your cats to open the cat door. This comes with a specialized cat door as well.  This gives you the peace of mind that only your pet gets inside your house and not other wildlife. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, and you want to give your cat easy access to your house, get your cat a magnetic collar.

Reflective Cat Collars

If your cat is fond of exploring the surroundings during the night time, a reflective collar would be an extra layer of safety precaution. Reflective collars do just what it sounds like they would do: reflect light. It will be easy to spot your cat at night thereby greatly lessening the chances of getting hit by a vehicle.

Fitbit Collar If you’re feeling creative and adventurous, this could be the option for you. There has been a blogger who documented the whereabouts of his cat using a fitbit to that has been duct taped to his collar. They were able to see the average steps the cat took per day and what times it was most active. If you are a data nut, this cat collar is something you’d surely be something you’d be interested in.

Top 5 Most Playful Cat Companions

It is best for you and your cat that your personalities match. The similarity will ensure a happy and sustainable relationship for both parties.

If you are a person a playful person, cat breeds that can match your energy are the best fit for you.

These cats are no lap cats. So if you are up for lots of fun time, here the the top five most playful cats:


This cat will treat your house like the most majestic place to explore. Driven with its curious nature, this cat will jump, hop, leap, and run to examine every little corner of your house.

It also has a natural fondness of humans and likes to engage with active and athletic playtime. Further, Abyssinian cats learn tricks like a breeze and can especially be taught to walk on a leash.

This cat will surely bring a boost of energy and positivity in any home.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail will literally sing their way into your heart. They will communicate with you using sweet and soft meows and sounds. The will tug your heartstrings using their melodious “talking”.

The seem to be in love with people. If they are not doing cat cuddles, Japanese Bobtails will bring you cat toys to initiate playing fetch. They also like to play in shallow water. Japanese Bobtails feel their best when they have human and cat company as they are extremely social beings.

Devon Rex

Devons will never leave you lonely. Devon Rex Cats will happily accompany you in everything that you do. They will watch you cook, do your laundry, clean the house and many more. They won’t shy away from following you in any room around the house.

So if you want more than just cat cuddles, if you want heaps of cat play time, if you want a cat that will be very fond of you, a Devon Rex cat is the best cat for you.

As a final note, Devon cats will definitely want to do everything with you. That includes eating. So if you have a Devon cat in your house, it’s important to guard your favorite food because they will happily eat it for you.


Manx cats are highly curious creatures. They have an interest in anything that they see. This is probably the source of their intelligence.

Manx cats have a notorious reputation of opening cabinets and doors that catch their fancy.  They also have interest in learning tricks. Just be prepared be for practical jokes because this cat will play multiple jokes on you.

Between cat play time, cat puzzles, and mouse chasing, Manx cats will show you they love you with affectionate cat cuddles.

Maine Coon Cat

While Maine Coon Cats are very calm that they appear to have a regal disposition, they are also warm and affectionate pets. Their presence are always felt because they will want to snuggle with you and request to be petted while cuddling.

Maine cats are one on the few felines who adore water. So they make the perfect beach companion. Paired with their playful yet  calm nature, and sweet demeanor, Maine Maine Coons cats is the perfect companion at the beach or on the couch.

Celebration Cake Recipe For Your Cat

Even in cat-hooman relationships, sometimes a cake is the best way to say something. Sometimes a cake is the best way to show that you care. Whether it is your cat’s birthday, or you just want to treat your lovely pet, this recipe is sure to set the celebratory mood. Check out the recipe below and bake your heart out.


  • 1 teaspoon Butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 can (6 ounce) canned chicken in water (drained) or any choice of canned meat
  • 1 tablespoon liver spread
  • 1 teaspoon shredded cheese


  1. Butter the muffin tin.
  2. Preheat for 10 minutes. Set the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  3. In a bowl, mix your choice of meat, cheese and egg whites. Divide the mixture equally into 2 – 3 muffin cups.
  4. Bake the cake for 10-15 minutes. Check by poking a stick into the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, it is ready.
  5. Cool the cake completely then frost with the liver spread. You may top the cake with a little more cheese and/or your cat’s favorite treat.

This celebratory recipe is customizable. You can add toppings or ingredients that your cat loves. Indeed, showing your cat how much happiness she/he brings to you can be very delicious and pretty.

House Items Your Cat Will love Playing With

House Items Your Cat Will love Playing With

As a cat lover, there are only a few things better than watching your cat have a good time. Toys are a good way to keep you cat happy and active. However, There are times when commercial cat toys just can’t catch the fancy of our lovely fur babies.

Sometimes everyday objects seem to entice their playful side more. This can be a good thing as these items are not only readily available, but also budget and ecologically friendly.  

Here’s a list of ten house items your feline friend will love playing with.

Crumpled Paper

Cats are huge fans of things that they can chase and pounce on. The unusual texture and bounce of crumpled paper makes it a good plaything for cats. If one crumpled paper gets them so hyped up, imagine what multiple crumpled papers would do to them! If you want to go the extra mile, making origami like paper cranes would make very pretty cat toys.

Seeds or Beans

With its unique sound and composition, seeds and beans inside a tiny cloth bag, is sure to capture the curiosity of your cat.

Catnip Infused Yarn balls

Cats have a special fascination with catnips. Pair this mint herb with yarn and you have created a toy your cat is sure to be crazy about. All you have to do is infuse catnip into the yarn ball by immersing both items in water. Let dry and let your cat enjoy.

Plastic water Bottle

Thinking of a good way to recycle plastic bottles? Cats and their fascination with things that roll make this everyday item a perfect toy for your feline friend.

Paper tubes

Something that rolls as well, paper tubes are sure to bring your cat hours of fun. You may cut out holes in the tube for your cat to grab, claw on, and chase just to make it even more interesting.

Cartoon Boxes

Boxes with holes has long been an interest of cats. They love to hang out inside of the box. They love to go in and out of the cavity. They sometimes like to drag it too. The biggest edge cartoon boxes over commercial ones are they are very cheap and easy to replace.

Old handkerchief

Tie a knot at the middle of an old handkerchief to make a ball-like figure with loose parts. This combination will entertain your pet as they display their natural agility and speed.

With a little creativity, the object of amusement of your cat is just within your home. What do you think would your cat’s next toy be?

Marvel’s Goose: The Rising Cat Icon

Marvel’s Goose: The Rising Cat Icon

As you may have witnessed, this adorable kitty is not only cute and fluffy, but definitely a badass! First picked up by Fury in the former base where Carol Danvers used to work as a fighter jet pilot, Goose the cat is definitely an unforgettable character in the movie. While this movie indeed portrays girl power, Goose the cat doesn’t fail to show off its powers in the movie as well!

Don’t be fooled by its adorableness, Goose is actually a powerful alien specie called a Flerken – an entity with a pocket dimension inside their own bodies. Flerkens are also capable of effortlessly knocking enemies over with the tentacles in their mouth as well as effortlessly swallow the Tesseract and perhaps even some of the enemies as well. Like most kitties, the Flerken can also retract their claws and seriously injure people!

But in the comics, there’s a different appearance for the Goose in the movie. Goose was originally called Chewie in the comics, the name Goose was actually from the iconic movie Top Gun. It served as an inspiration for the creators since this movie is about jet fighters and awesome fight scenes!

In the comics, Chewie was Carol’s house cat that she adopted – only to discover that it was special when Rocket the racoon open fire on it making them hate each other. Chewie later on saved her species by laying hundreds of eggs later on! While they might appear clueless, Flerkens are actually as smart as humans in most decisions. Fury suffered the consequence as he was clawed in the face by the movie’s Flerken!

In the set of Captain Marvel, they have to hire three different cats to do various things in the movie. One is a great actor that is versatile, the other is a sweet tabby that does all the cuddles and petting scenes, and one is fiesty that does all the attack scenes – including Nick’s unfortunate encounter with Goose. Thanks to the talents of these adorable felines, they don’t have to do much CGI to make some of the scenes!

While you don’t have your own Goose, you can adopt your own adorable feline. They are nice to cuddle with, cute, and awesome! They will be your partner in crime and your best friend through thick and thin. They might love to jump on high places and scratch your furniture, they know when you’re sad and will comfort you until you get better. Get yourself an earth Goose and watch the upcoming film with them!

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