Easy Homemade Toys You Can Make for Cats and Kittens

Easy Homemade Toys You Can Make for Cats and Kittens

homemade toys

If you’re feeling crafty, and it so happens that you have kittens and cats under your care, you can make for them any of the following toys highlighted below so that you no longer need to spend so much on commercially available playthings.

Cardboard Cat Playhouse:
Kitties, regardless of age and size, will love to wander around places they know they can explore. This is what makes the cardboard playhouse one of the best feline playthings.

You will need:

  • Window and door templates
  • Three sturdy cardboard boxes of the same size
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder
  • Ruler
  • Utility knife or razor blade
  • Self-healing mat
  • Glue gun

1. Print the window and door templates and cut them out. Position window and door templates on a box, using your ruler for placement. With a pencil, trace the templates to the box. Slide into the box a self-healing mat, making sure it is positioned behind the cardboard door; cut the top edge, the bottom edge, and the centre. Fold open along the straight parts. Repeat the tracing and cutting process on the second box, this time with the window template.

2. Put together the bottom part of the first box: fold in flaps, making sure they are coated with glue, then fold the other flaps over the first flaps. Hold flaps together until such time that the glue has settled. One the open portion of the box, cut off the flap of every long side. Then cut half the flap from a short side off, then fold it in. Get hot glue and use it to secure flaps to box side. Hold in place the flaps until the glue has settled.

3. Start creating the roof. At the top part of the second box, get a pencil and ruler and use it to create a line from top centre of a short-side flap to a bottom corner; draw another line from top centre to another bottom corner. Repeat at the opposite flap. Cut a long-side flap off; set aside. Proceed to remove a triangular shaped part from a short-side flap by cutting along a penciled line; cut along second line. Do the same with the other short-side flap–cut along a line and score the other.

4. Cut the long-side flaps of the bottom portion of box number two. Cut a short-flap so once you have assembled and stacked this box to the one at the bottom, all holes are aligned. Secure flaps to side of box using an application of glue. Hold these flaps until such time that the glue has set. Coat top portion of bottom box with hot glue. Position bottom of second box over top portion of bottom box, and hold until the glue has dried. Use a short side flap you have reserved and apply glue to one side. Set this flap, coated side down, to top box floor to serve as reinforcement.

5. Cut roof piece from box number three with crease down centre when it is folded from one short end to another. To attach the roof, you need to fold along scored lines on all short-side flaps located at the topmost section of the house. Glue the long flap to folded triangles from short sides. Coat pieces you have folded in with glue generously, and then set the roof on top of them. When doing this, make sure to hold pieces until the glue has settled. (Note: Do not glue shut the opposite side of the roof, as kitty will love to peek his head out from under there.)

Feather Cat Toy:
Feather toys resemble birds, which kitties also love to hunt. Here’s how you can make your own wool felt feather toy.

1. Using a template as your guide, cut one big feather and one smaller feather from differently-coloured wool felt.

2. Use a hot iron and crease down the middle parts of every feather.

3. Get a jump ring and add it to the jingle bell.

4. Slip the end of a yard-long length of cord through the jump ring. At the bell, tie the feather stems to a cord, making sure that a square knot is used to secure the cord. Aside from securing the cord, knotting can also help prevent it from fraying.

Ring Ball
A ring ball is a ball made of cardboard rings. A treat can be placed inside this ball to serve as an incentive to the feline pet. You only need a cardboard toilet paper tube to create this toy.

1. Cut four rings out of the entire cardboard tube, making sure that scissors are used to do so.

2. Insert a ring to another ring. Insert the third ring, then the fourth ring, until a ball is formed.

As proven by the many toys that you can get from a pet shop, cats love to play with so many things. But there’s no need to spend so much on cat toys as long as you take time to learn to create your own kitty playthings from recycled materials.

RIP Keyboard Cat – Internet Cats Shall Continue Your Legacy

RIP Keyboard Cat – Internet Cats Shall Continue Your Legacy

Things have been quite sad in the internet of world cats as it mourns the recent death of one of its musical celebrities.

Bento, who is famously known as YouTube’s Keyboard Cat, passed away on March 9. His owner, Charlie Schmidt, said the cause of death was cancer. Across the web, celebrities are giving tributes in Bento’s memory, from Jimmy Kimmel to Grumpy Cat.

We here at SoPurrfect are also offering our condolences. It is thanks to the influence of Keyboard Cat and other internet feline sensations that we get to spread the love and joy of being a cat owner.

It should be known that Bento was actually the successor of Fatso, the legendary and original Keyboard Cat. The first viral video was from a very old clip that Schmidt had back in 1984 and only uploaded it during the earliest days of YouTube around 2009. Fatso had long died in 1987 and he adopted Bento because he resembled her so much.

Because of the original clip’s popularity, however, Bento quickly managed to carry Fatso’s torch and became an online music sensation in his own right. Even today, his videos garner thousands of views while remixes of the Keyboard Cat tune are used in meme videos and quirky electronic ensembles all over the internet.

He’s also gone on to star in a commercial, released a line of merchandise (including toys) and even had a comedic run for 2012 Presidential Elections. Lastly, Schmidt and Bento both served as strong adoption advocates and joined the voices of others calling to have more cats adopted from shelters.

As we commemorate the life of this YouTube icon, let us also take a moment to be amazed at how phenomenal cats have been for the internet. Bento and others like him have warmed our hearts and inspired many owners to create loads of entertaining content with their feline friends.

In fact, if you have a mind to give your cat his or her own shot at online fame, here’s a couple of very quick tips.


#1. Create a separate social media account for your cat.

If there is one thing that all of the web’s famous cats have in common is that they have their own social media accounts separate from their owners. Not only does this establish a sort of personal brand for your cat, it is also a good way to keep people from assuming your cat hasn’t taken over your own online identity!


#2. Network with other cat owners online.

Don’t hesitate to join other cat lovers in online groups. Not only are they a great resource for tips and tricks, you can share ideas on what type engaging content you can create. They are also a good place to find fellow content collaborators. Bento’s owner has done similar things and networked with other owners via cat conventions.

Without a doubt, Bento will be sorely missed but his memory will live on as cats continue to dominate the internet with their cuteness and their charms. Let us all keep doing our best to give them the love and praise they deserve as our companions and nurture the next generation of furry, viral sensations.

The 7 Wonders of the Outdoor with Your Cat

The 7 Wonders of the Outdoor with Your Cat

You and your cat enjoy a lot of fun activities in the house. Maybe it’s time to take your fun-relationship to another level – the great outdoors.

Outdoor with your Cat

There are many places within the neighborhood that you and your kitty can explore. And these are some of the few places that you can bring your pal.


  1. A long drive to nowhere

The car is a place that is found outside of the house in which kitty may enjoy. And while you two are in it, step on the gas and turn on that “500 Miles” mixtape from the Proclaimers because you, my friend, are going to nowhere, a place filled with excitement about the unknown. Unless, of course, the weekend actually ends, because it’s back to work.


  1. Shopping

While you and your kitty are on the road, you’ll need supplies. It’s time to take your kitty to hall of goods. Aside from the supermarket, you might want to consider something your partner would also like, a store like PetSmart. Stab in the dark, kitty will love the smell and view of all the products around the store.


  1. The pet-friendly hotel

Just this once, since you guys are already far away from your home off to some adventure, why not spend a night at the pet hotel. There are a lot of hotels that welcome pets. Some even offer accommodations and amenities for pets. Curious? Well, start googling for hotels now!


  1. A convention

Pets in a pet convention are treated like Hollywood superstars.

Since you’ve charged up from that luxurious experience you had at that hotel, it’s time for kitty to be treated like a star. Let you pet meet new friends while you also get to mingle with owners and exchange tips and tricks.


  1. A cruise

“All Aboard,” says the crew from the ship that welcomes cats. Yes, there actually are. This may be a good time to put a hold on that driving and just lay down on a chaise with your glasses on and kitty lying on your belly. The cruise is a perfect way to really get away from the arduous work and just breathe sea breeze with a glass of appletini in your hand.


  1. To the vet

Well, this might be something that’s not fun for all, but the fact that it’s good for the health and is outside your house makes it one of the must go places.

Think of it this way: cat’s need to maintain their health to have more fun and explore more in the future. Don’t think twice about considering the vet.


  1. Camping in the great outdoors

Since you and your kitty are already in the car, you might stumble upon a beach, a hill or a river. Set up camp! Enjoy nature at it’s finest with your kitty. Cat’s are born predators so the wild is of no total stranger to them. Just make sure that the area isn’t notorious for a wild animal attack.


There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors with your kitty and some may even require less travel or cost.


What about you? Where do you usually take your kitty outdoor?

Mythological Cats Around the Globe

Mythological Cats Around the Globe

Egypt isn’t the only civilisation that features cats in their mythology. Bastet was the famous Egyptian cat goddess of warfare was worshiped in the Second Dynasty an around 2890 BCE.

Mythological Cats

However, the greatness of cats wasn’t only portrayed or venerated by the Egyptians. The world has its fair share of affection towards cat’s enough to include them in their myths. And here are a few.


  1. Freya’s Cats

Instead of horses, Freya’s chariot was run by 2 blue cats. If you think that’s by choice, think again. According to myth, they were given by Thor, son of Odin. They names were Bygul and Trjegul.

Speculations were formed that the association of cats with Freya is because cats in ancient Egypt were associated with femininity and fertility.


  1. The Polish protector

Dogs are famous for guarding herds and flocks in the ancient times but Polish myth begged to differ. Oviniik, in a form a black cat, was adored and worshipped by many farmers and their families.

According to the myth, Oviniik would watch over domestic animals and will chase away evil ghosts and fairies. How you ask? It’s by barking like a dog. But whenever the locals fail to offer something to Oviniik, it turns against humans, eats their livestock and burns down the entire farm.

Polish are known for their mythological creatures that cause trickery and mischief to human unless worshipped just like the Leprechaun.


  1. Ceridwen’s Cats

Ceridwen is the goddess of knowledge and inspiration, transformation and the lunar cycle.

According to myth, she has a lot of white cats that roam the Earth tending to her endeavors. Good question though, why cats? Why not human followers?


  1. Hectate’s as a cat

Hectate is the goddess of death, darkness, and witches of the Greeks. She is believed to always take form of a cat.

In some parts of Rome, cats were considered bad luck and are always associated to be familiars of witches. The Greek and Rome “relationship” could have inspired the story about Hectate transforming into cats because she is after all the goddess of witches.

Food for thought!


  1. A Peruvian cat god

Sach’a-sach’apuma if the Peruvian goddess of productive land and the earth that also took another form as a cat. She is believed to be the designer of the foundations of their great city which was designed in a shape of a wild cat. And not just that, her assistant who aided her in the great construction of a city were cats.

A cat god who designed a cat city was helped by her minion cats. Whoever wrote or told this myth back in the old days must really have a thing for cats.


  1. Li Shou the guardian

Li Shou is famous in the Chinese literature and worshipped by many because he protected crops by eating rats and mice. Ironically, all cats have those instincts and will definitely do what Li-shou just did.

If we hypothesize the creation of this myth, we can say that cat eating mice may be a rare phenomenon by the farmers in China.

These are just a few of the kitties who made their way through ancient literature. May it be as a god, a pet of a god, or just being a house pet, the olden days really have a nick for stories.

5 Famous Cats in History

5 Famous Cats in History

Cats have their own quirks and qualities all of which make them equally worthy of the title of Man’s Best Friend. Cats may be quieter and harder to read than canines but they nonetheless leave their mark in the world and in our lives. Take a look at this list of remarkable felines in history and you’ll see why our cats certainly deserve a spot in the wall of fame and in our hearts.

Famous Cats



The White House has had a host of resident pets who warmed the hearts of the first family and captivated the public. One of the most popular presidential pet was Socks, a black and white cat who belonged to President Bill Clinton. A year before Bill Clinton was elected president, Socks was a stray who jumped into the arms of his daughter, Chelsea. The adorable Socks became an endearing figure in the news and was even memorialized by several media organizations.


Room 8

Elysian Heights Elementary School in Echo Park, California, was home to Room 8, a big gray tabby who won the hearts of schoolchildren and eventually became the school mascot. The cat was named after the classroom where he first entered in 1952. During the school year, Room 8 would roam and live inside the campus and would leave when classes ended. He would then return on the first day of class every year.

Room 8 was beloved not just by teachers and students but the entire Los Angeles area as well. He became the subject of a documentary and children’s book and was featured in a magazine. When he passed away, the students at the school raised money for his gravestone.



Cats have awesome survival skills which make them excellent globetrotters. Emily the cat is a testament to that. Emily disappeared from her home in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 2005. She first got onboard a container which was carried by truck to Chicago and then transported on a ship to Belgium. In the end, she then ended up in Nancy, France, and was identified through her identification tags. The people who discovered her flew her back home to her owners. The story of Emily only shows us how resilient cats are but also the importance of letting our pets wear tags!



Black cats are usually associated with evil and bad luck which is just sad. The stigma surrounding black cats should end and Tiddles is proof of that. Born and raised as a ship cat, Tiddles was a black cat and the official Captain’s Cat in the HMS Victorious during the 1940s. As a ship cat, Tiddles had an important role catching mice and other vermin that threatened hygiene and caused critical damage on the boat’s wiring and woodwork. Tiddles was also notable for having traveled more than 30,000 miles during his naval service.


Crimean Tom

Cats have also played an important role in military history. Crimean Tom became an accidental hero in 1854 when he led a troop of famished French and British soldiers to caches of food hidden underneath some rubble. The soldiers were so grateful that they made Crimean Tom their mascot and even brought him back to England with them when they returned.

7 Ways to Win Your Kitty’s Heart this Valentine’s

7 Ways to Win Your Kitty’s Heart this Valentine’s

Valentines is probably the most awaited day of all the couples out there who are ready set up the candlelight dinner, camping under the stars or marriage… Well, it’s not for all.

However, you might be reading this now because you’ve just decided to spend Valentine’s day alone at home with your cat. That’s not a totally bad idea at all. It’s actually sweet.

Kitty's Heart

There are many activities you can do that you already know your kitty might want. But who said you couldn’t treat little (or huge) kitty like how other couples do their Valentines? Let me help you sort that out.


  1. Baked goods

Human or cat, don’t we all love the treats? Here’s an idea. Why not bake it together like sweet couples do?

There are a lot of sources on the internet to scour for the right recipe. Just be careful not to pick those recipes that contain ingredients that may be harmful to your kitty. Because you don’t have a date with another human, you wouldn’t want to end your Valentine’s day with your cat being mad at you.


  1. Jewelry!

Like Ms. Monroe would like to say, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

This is not to encourage you to propose or marry your kitty, but in the light of trying to spend your Valentine’s with your feline companion, buy something jewelry-like for a change.

It can be a new collar with a dangling design or these Twinkle Tush, a jewelry designed to hang in your cat’s tushy.

A twinkle tush is said to “add bling to your cat’s bum”. Bizarrely enough, you can get one online for less than 10 dollars.

And there you thought Kim Kardashian’s jogging pants paired with 4-inches heels is weird…


  1. Flowers

Get traditional and buy your kitty flowers. Since it’s for her and not for you, don’t give your kitty roses. Every rose has thorns. You don’t want to hurt your feline date. Instead, consider replacing roses with a bouquet of catnip. It falls under the category of flowers and its personal brand of heroine.

With your kitty on catnip, Valentine’s is bound to be fun.


  1. The “I Love You” Blink

If you’re a cat lover, you probably know how this is done.

The “I love you” Blink is a simple slow blink using both your eyes. It’s done very slowly three times as every blink corresponds to one word.

Cats use this to communicate. And by doing this to your kitty, it sends them the massage that you trust and respect. And, they return the message to you.

Just remember that it’s a blink, not a stare. Stares trigger their predatory instincts and you don’t want that. All you want is love.


  1. Meowting

Couples take Valentine’s day a chance to wander and go outing. Like a real couple, why don’t you take a stroll at the park or visit the zoo. Some visit the local shelter or cat cafes. The best suggestion you’d be hearing would have to be the beach. Just the both of you lying on the warm sand underneath thousands of stars to wish upon. It’s fairly peaceful, intimate and very romantic.

Our kitties have been there for us through the happiest of times and the heart-shattering moments. They’re the ones who truly love us. They also deserve to be treated specially this coming Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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