cats can smell your fear

Cats Can Smell Your Fear


Did it ever occur to you that your cat can read your mind? When you are lonely, sick, or feeling blue, have you noticed your favourite ball of fur being quite sympathetic and clinging to you more often? If an argument takes place around the house, does your cat run away from the trouble? Your pet may not be totally like puss in boots curling up with that adorable innocent gaze, but there’s a lot of keen thoughts and senses lurking within that feline body!

Fascinating Facts About Cats


Cats and dogs are popular as pets but cats, are less demanding, more independent, and generally connects with people and bonds socially in a different way. These furry animals are bestowed with significantly heightened senses versus their human companions. A domestic kitty cat may be the smallest of its kind, but is capable of doing many amazing things, such as reading your mind, reading your body language, hearing sounds you can’t, and smelling odours and scents that are non-existent for you. There are various things we can learn from cats. They are full of mystery and interesting facts, that even ailurophiles or cat lovers are thrilled to unravel and learn about!


Are you Thinking what I’m Thinking?

Few long-time cat owners are caught by surprise when their cat seems to know exactly what they are thinking! Cats are shrewd enough to recognize your mood, whether good or bad. While you’re often unaware, your feline companion is observing your every move in a constructive way. It helps them see through any situation and can allow them to predict what will happen next based on your conscious or unconscious movements, your habits and your daily routine. Your cat may already have an idea of what you’re about to do next before you’ve even thought about it.


The Human Body

We’re not tackling human anatomy here, but it’s no rocket science that cats have the ability to read your body language. You’re like an open book as far as they are concerned and they can tell by your posture, (head held high or low), and facial expressions whether you’re happy or sad. Cats have keen senses and can easily be affected by your emotional state and typically respond to your reactions. Their whiskers help them figure out if they will possibly fit within a narrow space, nook or cranny.


Music to the Ears


If you want to calm an excited kitten down, you’ve got to be calm as well. You have to be brave if you don’t want your pet to feel fear.  When you are calm and confident, you’ll find it a lot easier to handle your pet.

It’s fine to talk with your cat, since they appreciate and associate with the tone of your voice rather than the actual words you say. It’s like music to their ears! A cat’s ears are a lot more sensitive than our human hearing, and these unique mammals hear a huge range of frequencies that may be inaudible to you. They can hear your heart rate and can tell if you’re delighted, anxious, gloomy, fearful, frustrated, or angry. Subtle sounds like your anticipated arrival at home and the jingling of car keys are prominent to a cat.

No Two Noses are Alike

A cat’s nose is one of a kind, and the only one there is. Each nose print is holds a myriad of ridges, which distinguishes it from the rest, just like individual fingerprints are entirely different and no two snowflakes are exactly the same. Their tiny noses are about a million times more sensitive than a person’s nose. A cat’s sense of smell is remarkable and can sense changes in the same way that a person might notice a friend’s new hairdo or sexy figure after they’ve lost a significant amount of weight.


The Mysterious Sixth Sense

Black cats give off an enthralling image, which some regard as a symbol of bad luck.  At the same time, in some parts of the world they are seen in a different light as a source that brings good luck. For some people, cats be hard to read and unpredictable because of their aloofness, but to a cat, it’s the other way around. It’s people who are hard to read and reach. Cats, whatever their color, have an uncommon knack for being able to predict if something bad is bound to happen.

The famous Oscar, a nursing home cat from Rhode Island, reportedly had the bizarre ability to foretell if a resident was about to pass away. According to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Oscar would curl up on a patient’s bed before their death. The predictions were so accurate that when he would lay himself on one of the patients’ beds, the staff would rush off to call the family to immediately come in. This suggests cat’s senses, in terms of their smell, hearing, sight (observation), touch, and mind reading are extremely keen and makes us wonder about their sixth sense!


Can cats smell your fear? I believe so.