DIY Tutorial: How To Make A No-Sew Bow Tie

Sometimes you just want you cat to look handsome and dapper. In those instances you may not have a lot of time and you just want an easy to do, fun to make No-Sew Bow Tie. It may be a special event or maybe you just want them to feel fancy sitting on the couch at home getting some extra special treats. Either way, bow ties are the easiest (at least if you use our instructions) way to use small pieces of fabric to make these amazing bow ties. DIY Tutorial: How To Make A No-Sew Bow Tie

You don’t need to spend a lot of money (or any money) and use up some scrap materials from other projects, or even your old clothes that you are about to throw out.

At SoPurrfect we love to Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle.

This no-sew bow tie came about after finding so many great bow-tie DIYs. Unfortunately, they were all for dogs (so much too big for a cat) and required a sewing machine (and who has time for that!). When you are making one for a cat (or kitten) they turn out much smaller and it is much harder and way more fiddly to sew.

This bow tie will take you 10 minutes and uses a hot glue gun. Easy peasy.

Step One

Cut out your fabric pieces.  DIY Tutorial: How To Make A No-Sew Bow Tie

For an adult cat you will need a large rectangle (22cm x 11.5cm) for the bow tie, a long strip (28cm, 3.5cm) for the collar. You will need ribbon or an additional piece of fabric (5cm x 6cm) for the centre of the bow tie.

For a kitten you will need a large rectangle (14.5cm x 11.5cm) for the bow tie, a long strip (23cm, 3cm) for the collar. You will need ribbon or an additional piece of fabric (6cm x 3.5cm) for the centre of the bow tie.

Fold this lengthwise into the middle and for ease of folding secure it with a drop of hot glue.

Step Two

Fold each end into the centre and again secure with a drop of hot glue. You don’t need much at this stage.

Step Three

Fold your (now) small rectangle into an ‘M’ shape and secure it with hot glue (front and back). This makes your bow tie shape.

Step Four

Cut out your long rectangle neck piece. Fold into thirds and iron. If you want you can also run a line of hot glue down the seam to prevent your cat from ripping into the collar of the bow tie.

Step Five

Hot glue the bow tie to the neck collar. Use another piece of fabric or ribbon to wrap around the bow tie (firmly) and glue it together.

Step Six

Glue some velcro onto the ends of your collar so that you can fasten it easily onto your cat.

Step Seven

Watch your cat enjoy this present.


It is such a simple process you will make dozens of these and your cat will always have a suitable bow tie for the holidays. When it comes time for Christmas – use special Christmas fabric. Birthday? No problems. We accept no responsibility if you go overboard and make so many that your cat has enough for every day of the year!

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And now I really want to hear from you the answer to this question… Does you cat like wearing bow ties?