9 Interesting Black Cat Facts You Didn’t Know

If you’re a cat person you know that black cats are just as beautiful as any other cats, unfortunately they have had a lot of bad press about being ‘unlucky’. A black cat is a typical domestic cat covered with black fur either of mixed or a specific breed. There are about 22 breeds of cats that come with solid black fur. The black cat is associated with both good and bad lucks by different people all over the world. Here are however 9 Interesting Black Cat Facts You Didn’t Know.


1) Back during the middles ages, the Europeans used to believe that black cats were associated with witchcraft. To an extent, solitary women who kept cats and fed them were called witches while the cats referred as their conspirators.

2) Black cats have also been associated with bad luck. This is evident in some parts of England and Ireland where if a black cat crosses your path, it is a symbol of bad luck coming your way (pretty hard to avoid a black cat crossing your path if you live with them).

3) In some parts of the world (like Russia and Japan) black cats are thought to be extremely lucky. There is a mixed reaction in Germany where you’ve to pay attention whenever it crosses your path from right to left it’s a symbol of good luck while left to right signifies bad luck (confusing, right?).

4) Black cats are likely to have a better immune system. The high content of melanin is believed to increase the immune system in black cats. It increases their resistance to pathogenic infections. The high levels of pigmentation also causes the irises to appear golden.

5) In Scotland, a black cat is a sign of prosperity. Everyone here is expectant to see a stray black cat getting to their home. A strange black cat might make you win the grand prize. In japan they are a source of good luck especially for single women. If a black cat is tamed, it could attract potential partners to their home. In Britain, if a black cat is given to the bride, it is a sign of good luck.

6) If you are a pirate, you probably have a mixed relationship with black cats. If the cat walks towards you it’s a sign of bad luck. However, if it walks away from you that’s good luck. If the cat gets in your ship then it backs off, then you should get off the ship because there are high chances that it will sink.

7) In ancient Egypt, black cats were viewed as sacred animals. They are symbols of the goddess of protection to many. Cats (of all colours) have never forgotten this and remind their human staff of their god-ness in many different ways.

8) Fishermen and their wives take black cats as treasures since they symbolize good luck. Many of these people keep them in their ships and home as pets.

9) Statistics tell us there are more male black cats than females. This can be attributed to the belief that male blacks have higher chances of good luck. Many people therefore prefer keeping the male species. The fur pigmentation is somewhat more dominant in male black cats than in female ones.

Over the ages black cats have a mixed reputation, so next time you want to adopt a cat don’t walk past the little black beauty at the animal shelter. Too often, they are left behind for their lighter coloured cousins.