What You Need To Know To Care For A Blind Cat

Visual impairment is a condition which may be with a cat from birth, or may be the result of an accident or ailment. Cats are amazingly adaptable and can carry on an impeccably glad and content existence without vision. As your cat’s caretaker, there are things you can do to make your cat’s life as simple as could be allowed. They can do practically as much as a cat with vision can do, however you will need to roll out a few improvements so as to accommodate a visually impaired cat. If you are new to being the caretaker of a visually impaired cat, don’t stress for your cat. If the visual impairment has come on all of a sudden, it might take your cat a short time to adjust however it will do given time and tolerance. Below are things to do in caring for a blind cat.


A blind cat is easily bewildered and ought not be permitted to wander; indoors only or outdoors with access to a fenced pen or garden is best. It might enjoy regulated forays in the garden utilizing a bridle and lead. Ensure it is wearing a neckline stating its impairment and address in case it escapes. If it is permitted to meander openly and is chased by another animal it might get to be lost or ran into the way of traffic. Since it depends so much on sound and scent, a lost visually impaired cat will most likely be not able discover its direction home once it is past its ordinary region. You should obstruct off access to windows and overhangs which have a long drop to the ground.

Keep Things Familiar

It is vital for your cat to have consistency in his life. This implies keeping his surroundings as natural as could be expected under the circumstances. A few tips include:

– Don’t move around furniture, litter plate, nourishment bowls etc.
– Always feed your cat in the same place and same place.
– If you do move something, move it back instantly.
– Keep the house mess free
– Avoid startling your cat with sudden clamors. If there is a sudden clamor, for example, a pot being dropped, delicately assure your cat.

Other Senses Simulation

Your cat’s different senses will be heightened and it is encouraged to urge your cat to utilize them. Give toys which make a commotion or catnip toys which your cat can smell. Whiskers are utilized by cats to offer them some assistance with feeling around in narrow spaces, particularly on an evening time. Thus a blind cat’s whiskers ought to never be trimmed.


As your cat has lost his vision, his hearing and feeling of smell are particularly critical. You ought to take your cat to the vet for routine veterinary checks consistently. If you see anything uncommon, look for veterinary counsel promptly. When you approach your cat, do as such while talking soothingly to him. Be mindful so as not to startle him all of a sudden.

By following the above, you can assured that you are putting the right measures in caring for a blind cat.

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