5 Boredom Busters for Cats

Cats can get bored just like humans can. And you know how painful it is when you are bored and can’t think of anything to do to lift yourself out of that boredom. So, why would you want to put your kitty through that awful experience too? Below, you will find four great boredom busters for cats that will ensure that your cat’s mind stays active – and their body too.

Cat apps.

Some pet owners are even buying smartphones for their cats so that they can use brain expanding apps that enable them to solve cat friendly puzzles and keep themselves amused. A tap of a paw on a touch screen is usually all that is needed to navigate one of these games. So, why not treat your cat to one of these and see how smart they are? You could be harboring a feline genius in your home.

Cat nip toys.

All cats love catnip, so why not treat them to a wonderful catnip toy that they can enjoy? Catnip has chemicals in that stimulates the feline brain and gives cats a rush of happy feelings. So, what better way to beat boredom than to throw your cats a catnip mouse and watch them play with it? If your cat is getting fidgety and anxious, then this could be the solution!

You can buy small baggies of catnip at the pet store, and you can use these to stuff your cat’s favorite toys, too. If you want to go DIY, you can even knit a small mouse, stuff it with some cat safe stuffing and add some catnip into the mix as well. What better Christmas gift for a cat than this one?

Laser pens.

Find a cat safe laser pen (and the cat safe part is very important) and use it to whizz the light all around the room, letting your cat chase after it. Cats love this game! You can just chill out on the couch as you flick that laser light all over the floor. This will give your cat some exercise, too, so it is a very good think to do if you live in a small apartment and your cat cannot go outside very often.

You can get these pens from pet store,s or you can look for one online or in stationery stores. Just make sure that the laser beam is a very weak one. It needs to be visible to your cat of course, but it should not dazzle them or harm their eyes.

Take your cat outside.

If you can, cat proof your back yard and let your cat run around there. There is endless fun to be outside, from watching birds, to jumping around the garden and climbing things. If you do not have your own back yard, you can always purchase a cat leash and take your cat down to the park. Don’t worry about any funny looks you might be getting – this practice is actually becoming more and more common. And it will give your cat some mental stimulation too!

You can get these leashes from pet stores. A dog leash clipped to your cat’s collar may do the trick, but it can be better to buy a cat harness which puts less pressure around your cat’s neck. You cannot really ‘walk’ a cat in the way that you can walk a dog, but what you can do is take your cat down to a green space and sit there holding the other end of the leash whilst they roam around and enjoy themselves.

The importance of stopping your cat from getting bored.

If you come home and your kitty has knocked over all the ornaments – again – and scratched holes in your best furniture and climbed up the curtains think before you get mad at them. Maybe they were just bored? Try out some of the tips above and see if your cat’s behavior improves.

Think what kids are like when they are bored, for instance when they are stuck in a room with no toys to play with or books to read. Maybe you used to throw stuff, fidget around and generally disrupt the class if you found school boring? Cats can have similar emotions, and being bored can make them feel pretty stressed out.

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