Sunday Selfie: Baby Kittens – Billy & Cole

We have new foster kittens and they are tiny. They came to us at just 350grams and can easily fit into my hand.

Sunday Selfie: Baby Kittens - Billy & Cole

They are so cute and sweet.

We’ve even managed to carry them around in my bathrobe pockets in the morning while having coffee. It was so cute! You can check out the clip on Instagram >> seriously, you should take a look.

We love these two cuties and are so happy that they will be part of our family for now. Because they are so small, they are very good hiders. We have to be very careful when we enter/exit a room to make sure they don’t get trapped in the room.Sunday Selfie: Baby Kittens - Billy & Cole


They love to play with small toys like mice and the LOVE to chase the feathers.

What do you think of these to mischief makers?

Are you in love yet?


Thank you always to The Cat on My Head for hosting this blog hop.


Meow for now… Kristian

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