Sunday Selfie: Baby Kitten Oreo

Oreo was trying to be cheeky and get out of doing a Sunday Selfie introduction two weeks in a row! Well, that just isn’t acceptable. So, we persevered and with a little bit of trickery we were successful.

Oreo is a shy little thing. She came to us with her sister Peaches who is so much more outgoing and becoming more and more a chatty kitty! Oreo will prefer to hide when we have strangers coming over and took a while to warm up to us. When she came to us she was so fluffy but you could still feel her bones under her skin – she was SO skinny.

Oreo was 1 kitten in a small litter of 3. One of her sisters was a bit of a fatty and was 800grams (Oreo and Peaches were less than half that!). So when it came time for them to choose foster homes they had to be split up (sadly). This way, we are sure that Oreo (and Peaches) both get plenty of food and don’t have to fight for it.

Slowly but surely, Oreo is gaining weight and confidence. She has her favourite treats (cooked chicken) and even enjoys lactose free yoghurt when we give it to her.

Today’s selfie was easy to take once we wore her out and got her to fall asleep.

What do you think – was it sneaky or brilliant?

Sunday Selfie Baby Kitten Oreo

Like always, we are grateful for the blog hop hosts The Cat on My Head.


Meow for now… Yulia


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