Top 10 Cat Apps for Your Phone

Top 10 Cat Apps for Your Phone

Top 10 Cat Apps for Your Phone


Top 10 Cat Apps for Your Phone

If you have a cat and a smart phone I am sure you have tried to download an app for your cat to use so that they are entertained. Cats are intelligent creatures and they love apps because they are always changing. Cats are also lazy and enjoy the apps because they can play without moving off the couch – just like humans really! We have here the top 10 apps for cats that you can download TODAY:

1. Catgame app

Do you have a cat that is obsession with modern laser pointers? Catgame app allows you to watch your cat play with little red dot bouncing on the screen of your smartphone. Catgame is an interactive app for cats. It is Free for Android and iPhone.

2. Paw Me Lite App

A unique app that designed with options for cats to play against people or their kitty friends. Paw Me App has natural sounds and animated backgrounds, which makes it interesting with many levels and player specifics. It is Free for Android or iPhone.

3. PetSnap

Are you facing challenges when taking photos of your cat? This app is perfect for both cats and has about 32 sounds designed to capture your cats’ attention. It is $1.99 for iPhone.

4. Catbook app

Cats are now taking over internet. The app will your cat to participate in the social community. How is this possible? This app will allow millions of cat lovers to make friends, share photos, and update statuses for cats to these online social networks. It is free for iPhone.

5. Pocket Pond App

Get your cat in a hunting spirit with an interactive pond filled with rippling water, fish, and dragonflies. With the app, you can design personal pond while taking care of the fish at the same time making it fun for your cat and you. Free for Android and iPhone.

6. Paint for Cats

An app that will help you bring out your cat’s creativity. Your cat will simply chase a mouse on the screen while creating a masterpiece whilst doing so. The app allows you to share the paintings of your cat’s on Facebook with your friends. It is $1.99 for iPhone.

7. Kittyo App

This Kickstarter App has capability of zooming and the option of adding photo frames. You can share the pics with friends. This app is free for Android and iPhone.

8. Dosecast

A medication reminder that is designed for cats that allows you as the owner to compile medication lists including details such as photos, dosages, and other specifications (take with or without food, etc.) and set reminder. This app could be extremely helpful for those with cats on very strict medication schedules. It is free for Android and iPhone.

9. Cat Fishing App

Feed the senses of your cat with an interactive game. By using your finger (or paw) to catch fish swimming in an ocean. The aim of the app is to compete with your cat when catching the fish. It is free for Android and iPhone.

10. Cat Clicker Training

An Interesting app that will help you train your cat. The app gives systematic instructions thus making training easier. It is $0.99 for iPhone.

Have you tried any of these? Leave us a comment with your experiences.

If, on the other hand, you want to interact with your cat the traditional way check out our easy downloadable games!


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Top 7 Tips for Surviving Summer with Your Cat

Top 7 Tips for Surviving Summer with Your Cat

Top 7 Tips for Surviving Summer with Your Cat

Top 7 Tips for Surviving Summer with Your Cat

When the weather gets warmer, cats start to want to spend more and more time out doors. Whilst it can be great to let your feline companions explore the world in the sunshine, it is also important to ensure that they are nice and safe whilst they do so. This article provides you with some handy summertime cat safety tips to ensure that your kitty has a wonderful summer.

Providing water.

When the weather is hot, cats can get dehydrated, just like humans. So, make sure that you have several bowls or other sources of fresh water outside and within easy reach of your cat. Moreover, make sure never to just have one water source for them because if this spills over or gets contaminated they will wind up feeling very thirsty all day. Or, if you are feeling extra special – make them some DIY ice treats.

Cat proofing your BBQ.

Cats are naturally curious animals, as we all know, and one thing that can excite their curiosity is the emergence of a BBQ in your back yard. This is especially the case if they smell enticing grilled meats on top of said BBQ. Make sure that your BBQ is stable and cannot be tipped over easily. A cat proof ‘hood’ will be useful here. If your cat jumps onto your BBQ, the best case scenario is that those sausages fall into the grass, but the worst case scenario is a horrific one: your poor cat getting burned.

Applying sunscreen.

Yes, cats can get sunburned just like humans can. This is especially the case with cats who have light colored fur (and thus lighter colored skin) and bald patches or patches of thin hair. You can purchase cat sunscreen from the pet store, or you can ask your vet which is the best brand for your cat. The delicate skin of the ears, the nose and even the paws can be most susceptible to sun burn, so make sure to protect these areas.

Providing shade.

It is imperative that your cats have a shady spot where they can escape the sun if needs be. Even if they do not get burned, cats can also suffer from heatstroke, which can leave them feeling absolutely awful and prevent them from enjoying their summer to the max. You can create a shady place for them to hide from the sun’s rays by letting some foliage overhang in a corner of your garden, or by nailing a board or two across the corner of the fence.

Avoiding parasites.

In the summer months, many parasites become more plentiful – and thus more of a threat to your cat. So, it is crucial to de-flea your cat and to check them for ticks every evening when they come in after playing outside in that long grass. Ticks can cause serious illnesses in humans (one common, and very unpleasant, ailment is Lyme’s disease, for example), so it is very important to stop them from getting in to your house. Never just remove a tick with tweezers as their mouth parts will remain attached and cause a small open wound on your cat’s body. Instead, take some strong alcohol or cider vinegar on a cotton pad and hold it over the tick. This should cause the tick to slide off. Make sure to rinse your cat’s fur well with warm water in the affected area afterwards of course – otherwise as soon as your kitty starts to lick their fur to groom themselves they will either start to feel somewhat drunk, or they will be left with a nasty taste of vinegar in their mouths.

Never leave your cat in the car.

A car can heat up very quickly and your cat will die, even if you leave them parked in the shade with the windows down. Even if you run out for just a minute they will suffer immeasurably. Pet lovers don’t leave their cats in cars!

What to do if you think your cat has sunburn or heatstroke.

Take them to the vet immediately so that they can be hydrated and properly treated. In addition, at the vet’s you will be able to find out how severe the sunburn is and what can be done to help your cat. Your vet will probably recommend that you keep your cat indoors for a number of weeks afterwards, too, to enable your cat’s skin to repair itself.

Let your cat enjoy summer with you!

There is no reason why you can’t let your cats frolic outside and play during the summer months. All that you need to do is to follow the simple tips listed above to ensure that they stay safe when the temperatures start to rise.


Download our summertime safety infographic below!

Top 7 Tips for Surviving Summer with Your Cat


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5 Steps to Introduce Cats to Dogs

5 Steps to Introduce Cats to Dogs

5 Steps to Introduce Cats to Dogs


5 Steps to Introduce Cats to Dogs

Cats and dogs can live together perfectly happy. So, don’t believe all of those cartoons that try to paint them as sworn foes for life. First impressions count, though, with animals as well as humans. So, it is crucial to make sure that that all important first meeting between your cat and your new dog (or your dog and your new cat) goes as well as possible. Following the guide below will ensure that that meeting is smooth and amicable.

Start in different rooms.

Make sure that each animal has their own space in your home. For instance, you could keep a new cat in the laundry area with the door shut, and keep your dog in the rest of the house. That way, each of them will have their own territory in the house and they will feel safe there. When you introduce them, they will already feel at home and neither of them will feel threatened.

Begin with the door closed.

The best way to get two animals acquainted with each other is to do so through a closed door. Let them sniff each other through the closed door so that they can get used to each other’s presence.

Supervised contact.

For the first few weeks at least, all contact between your dog and your cat should be supervised. Keeping your dog on their leash (as long as it wouldn’t confuse them and make them think that they are going for a walk) is a good idea – or you can buy a cat leash and keep your cat on that. If your dog is very obedient and easy to train, then you can train them to stay in a sitting position during this first meeting. Otherwise, you may need to gently restrain them to stop them from playing too roughly with your cat.

Be sensitive to their personalities.

A boisterous dog and a very timid cat will never be the very best of friends. In these situations, sometimes the very most that you can do is to let your dog and cat be aware of, and used to, each other’s presence but try and keep them physically apart as much as possible. In other situations, your dog and your cat may have personalities that totally click and you will find them sharing toys, sleeping together and even eating from bowls side by side. So, make sure to tailor your introductions between your dog and your cat so that it suits their personalities.

Banish that green eyed monster.

One thing that you may have to deal with when introducing a new pet into the household is the jealousy that your current pets may feel. If they are used to being the center of your attention at all times, your current pets may find it difficult to see you giving some of that precious love and attention to a new dog or cat. Luckily, it is easy to deal with jealousy. After all, when you have more animals in your home to love, you generally find that you have more – not less – love to go around.

So why not make a conscious effort to give your current pet lots of hugs and encouraging words whenever you pet your new cat or dog. A new toy or two would surely not be amiss either. The same goes with food – stop your pets from stealing each others’ food and seeing each other as rivals by feeding them initially in different parts of the house if you can. Above all, you want to banish the idea that either pet could be a threat to the other – let them see each other as playmates rather than rivals and you have the recipe for a happy home.

What if my two pets just do not get on at all?

This can happen, despite your best efforts, and it can sometimes simply be down to a quirk of personality. If you have a large home, you can simply give each pet a separate part of the house to themselves. Or, train your dog to stay on ‘their’ side of the room, away from the cat basket. If real tensions are occurring between your dog and your cat, however, you may have to consider the option of re-homing one of them. Situations like this are rare though, so do not worry!


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How Do Cats Show Love?

How Do Cats Show Love?

How Do Cats Show Love


How Do Cats Show Love?

Understanding cat behavior is often much easier than you might think. In particular, knowing how your cat shows love is very important, because then it helps you to understand when they are happy. There are a variety of ways in which cats show love, and below you will find four of the main ones. When your kitty is showing you a lot of love, you know that they are happy – and, maybe, just maybe, that they are trying to convince you to give them a delicious treat.


Treadling is the name that is often given to the rhythmic movement of the paws that a cat will often engage in when they are feeling calm and happy. Cats have a treadling reflex, it is thought, because when they are being breastfed by their mom when they are kittens, this treadling motion helps them to drink her milk. So, if your cat starts treadling your arm, that indicates that they feel as safe and loving as they did around their mom.

Some owners dislike it when their cat treadles, mainly because they do not understand what it means and because cats can also use their claws when they treadle which can be a little painful. All that you need to do though is to gently move your kitty’s paws away from your bare skin and direct them onto your jeans, or a cushion. Never punish cats for this behavior – after all, they are showing you that they love you and so should be rewarded with a cuddle at least.

Rubbing their foreheads against you.

Cats have scent glads on their foreheads, and this is the reason that they will often come up to you and rub their foreheads on your hand or your leg. They are showing their connection with you, and also helping to consolidate that connection, by covering you in their scent. Now, one might ask whether this is strictly love or whether this is your cat claiming their ownership of you. That would be a very good question! However, there is no doubt that if your kitty starts rubbing their forehead against you, they feel a powerful connection with you. Again, this is another type of well known loving behavior among cats.

You can also help to create a connection with your cat yourself by stroking their forehead. That way, your cat will leave some of their scent on your hand, and feel bonded to you. Don’t worry, though, this scent is imperceptible to humans! Especially if your cat has been spayed or neutered, you will not be able to smell it at all – but your cat will, and that is what is important.


Cats can purr for various reasons and the most common one is happiness. It is almost a cliche to say that a cat purrs when they are happy – every cat owner knows that when they hear those deep rumbling vibrations coming from the couch, that there is one happy kitty asleep there. Cats tend to purr when they are being stroked by you, and when they feel calm and safe whilst you are cuddling them.

Wanting to spend time with you.

If your kitty jumps up to sit beside you on the sofa or follows you in to the next room when you are walking through the house, it is clear that they love hanging out with you. Of course, different cats will have different personalities and some will be pretty clingy whilst others may like their own space but will still love you with all their hearts. If you find your kitty trying to grab your attention all the time, then they could also just be hungry!

Often cats will weave around our legs, jump on our laps and purr and meow when they are keen for their dinner. We all know how cute cats can be when they want something. But, this should not be discounted. The fact that you provide food for your cats is an important part of the loving relationship that you have with them. One of the reasons that your cat loves you, after all, is the fact that you look after them so well and take care of all of their needs.

Do cats see us as humans when they love us?

The loving behavior described above is not something that cats do exclusively to humans. It is also something that they do to other cats. Treadling is a prime example of this. As described above, treadling is what cats do when they are young and being breastfed, and they have directly transferred this behavior over to their human companions. You will also see cats rubbing their foreheads against each other, purring when they are happy with each other, and seeking each other out to hang out with when they love each other.

So, when our cats love us, it seems that they treat us in much the same way as they would treat a cat whom they loved. This leads to the question: do cats see us as humans when they love us? Or, do they rather see as as honorary cats?

Does your kitty display all of this behavior?

How does your cat show their love? All cats are different and some of them may have some pretty quirky ways of showing that they love you. We have not mentioned, for example, the fact that cats will sometimes bring their owners a ‘present’ in the form of a dead mouse or frog that they have just killed as a way of proving their love and devotion. This is something not all cat owners enjoy, but it is a common way for a cat to show their love.

The above list of loving behaviors, though, is pretty common to all cats. Make sure to observe your kitty’s behavior so that you can check if they seem happy or loving or whether they seem a bit more reserved and stressed out. Usually, cats will exhibit loving behavior when they feel relaxed, calm and safe, so a good cat owner will always do their best to promote an environment in which cats can feel totally at ease and very calm.

Have you signed up to our 14 Day Love Your Cat More Challenge?


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5 Boredom Busters for Cats

5 Boredom Busters for Cats

5 Boredom Busters for Cats

5 Boredom Busters for Cats

Cats can get bored just like humans can. And you know how painful it is when you are bored and can’t think of anything to do to lift yourself out of that boredom. So, why would you want to put your kitty through that awful experience too? Below, you will find four great boredom busters for cats that will ensure that your cat’s mind stays active – and their body too.

Cat apps.

Some pet owners are even buying smartphones for their cats so that they can use brain expanding apps that enable them to solve cat friendly puzzles and keep themselves amused. A tap of a paw on a touch screen is usually all that is needed to navigate one of these games. So, why not treat your cat to one of these and see how smart they are? You could be harboring a feline genius in your home.

Cat nip toys.

All cats love catnip, so why not treat them to a wonderful catnip toy that they can enjoy? Catnip has chemicals in that stimulates the feline brain and gives cats a rush of happy feelings. So, what better way to beat boredom than to throw your cats a catnip mouse and watch them play with it? If your cat is getting fidgety and anxious, then this could be the solution!

You can buy small baggies of catnip at the pet store, and you can use these to stuff your cat’s favorite toys, too. If you want to go DIY, you can even knit a small mouse, stuff it with some cat safe stuffing and add some catnip into the mix as well. What better Christmas gift for a cat than this one?

Laser pens.

Find a cat safe laser pen (and the cat safe part is very important) and use it to whizz the light all around the room, letting your cat chase after it. Cats love this game! You can just chill out on the couch as you flick that laser light all over the floor. This will give your cat some exercise, too, so it is a very good think to do if you live in a small apartment and your cat cannot go outside very often.

You can get these pens from pet store,s or you can look for one online or in stationery stores. Just make sure that the laser beam is a very weak one. It needs to be visible to your cat of course, but it should not dazzle them or harm their eyes.

Take your cat outside.

If you can, cat proof your back yard and let your cat run around there. There is endless fun to be outside, from watching birds, to jumping around the garden and climbing things. If you do not have your own back yard, you can always purchase a cat leash and take your cat down to the park. Don’t worry about any funny looks you might be getting – this practice is actually becoming more and more common. And it will give your cat some mental stimulation too!

You can get these leashes from pet stores. A dog leash clipped to your cat’s collar may do the trick, but it can be better to buy a cat harness which puts less pressure around your cat’s neck. You cannot really ‘walk’ a cat in the way that you can walk a dog, but what you can do is take your cat down to a green space and sit there holding the other end of the leash whilst they roam around and enjoy themselves.

The importance of stopping your cat from getting bored.

If you come home and your kitty has knocked over all the ornaments – again – and scratched holes in your best furniture and climbed up the curtains think before you get mad at them. Maybe they were just bored? Try out some of the tips above and see if your cat’s behavior improves.

Think what kids are like when they are bored, for instance when they are stuck in a room with no toys to play with or books to read. Maybe you used to throw stuff, fidget around and generally disrupt the class if you found school boring? Cats can have similar emotions, and being bored can make them feel pretty stressed out.

You can also download our 10 fun activities and games for your cat.


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