Why Do Cats Purr

Why Do Cats Purr

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Why Do Cats Purr

Cats are around us so often that we hardly look at what they do and why they do it, but cat behavior is quite an interesting subject actually, particularly for cat owners and animal lovers.


All cats purr, well all kitties that I’ve come across do.


But what exactly makes them do this and do they only make this noise when they’re happy?

The noise of purring is created by cats pulling their vocal cords together and relaxing them very quickly causing a vibration which is transferred throughout their entire body. Us humans, while we have many good qualities don’t have the muscles to create this vibration so we can’t purr.

So why do our feline friends purr?

They sometimes make this sound to let us know that they’re OK or all is well. It’s believed that because a kitten can’t nurse and meow at the same time this vibration created by the vocal cords allows a kitten to tell their mother that they are content. As a kitten gets older they make the same sound when they are approaching other felines if they intend to be friendly, this reassures the other animals that their aim isn’t to attack but to make an alliance.

With humans, they usually purr because just like their did when they were being nursed by their mothers they want to let us know that they are happy and content.

But being happy or content isn’t the only reason why cats make this sound. Purring seems to have health benefits for both cats and humans, certain frequencies of purrs allow them to stimulate muscles and bones without needing lots of energy. It is believed that this purring is a way they heals themselves. Some researchers believe that constant exposure to purring may also promote healthy muscles and increase bone density in humans.

It’s also been noted that cats also purr in times of distress or ill health, maybe this is because it is thought that purring releasing a endorphins, a natural pain killer.

It’s clear that purring is a type of communication by cats and since this is a closed mouth communication it is classified under the murmur vocalization group. It also seems that purring helps at least calm them in distress or maybe even help heal them, but it doesn’t always indicate that a they are happy.

I think though if yours is purring while they’re cuddled up on your lap being stroked than it’s safe to say your they are purring because they are happy and love you!


Meow for now, Kristian 


I love hearing from you so leave comments below, and tell me about when your cats purr





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