Common Problems For An Overweight Cat And How To Put Them On a Diet

Common Problems For An Overweight Cat And How To Put Them On a Diet

SoPurrfect Common Problems For An Overweight Cat And How To Put Them On a Diet

Common Problems For An Overweight Cat And How To Put Them On a Diet

An overweight cat is more prone to certain health issues than cats with an ordinary weight. Finding out about the potential health issues of overweight cats can make you know why weight reduction is key in avoiding these well-being issues. The following are some common problems for an overweight cat.

Diabetes mellitus(sugar diabetes)

Developments of diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)is the most widely known complications of overweight cats. Obese cats are more prone to diabetes. Obesity causes an expansion in the discharge of insulin because of the high blood glucose level in the overweight cat. Since there is greater amount of tissue in a overweight cat,demand of insulin increases.When the need for insulin surpass the capacity of the body to create insulin, diabetes mellitus develops. If the requirement for insulin increments over a drawn out period of time, the cells in the pancreas which create insulin can really ‘wear out,’ again bringing about diabetes.


This is the inflammation of the joints and happens in old cats.The onset of this condition can be earlier if your cat is overweight. Joint pain is an excruciating condition and if the cat is overweight the extra weight presses against the joints bringing about more discomfort.

Symptoms of arthritis in an overweight cat are limping and hesitance to move, unreasonable meowing and the cat might be withdrawing his limbs when touched.

Heart Disease

Since the heart of an overweight cat has to pump blood to the extra fat tissues, it is more active. Sooner or later, the heart might be depleted and heart illness can happen.

Heart strokes are more regular in overweight cats than in ordinary weight cats.

Skin Infections

Because of the additional fat an overweight cat may not reach all parts of his body. This means an overweight cat might not groom all parts of his body. Grooming is crucial for cats, as the necessary oils are spread and if the grooming is not there, the cat might have different skin contamination and have either dry or sleek skin.

Breathing Difficulties When Exercising

Because there are fat deposits in the lung region,an overweight cats might have breathing difficulties.

Less Life Expectancy

Less life expectancy is an additional health problem of an overweight cat. Overweight cats live less than cats with normal weight. The lifespan of a cat with typical weight is between 12 to 14 years, while that for an overweight cat may be from 6 to 12 years.

Liver infection (hepatic lipidosis)

The liver stores fat so when a cat is overweight, the extra layer of fat develops in the liver. This is called hepatic lipidosis, and is exceptionally basic in overweight cats. This condition can bring about less liver functionality. It can be vulnerable if the overweight cat, for any reason, does not eat, cuts weight faster, or is stressed.

How to Put Overweight Cats on a Diet

While it is very obvious that your cat will be hungry eternally during this time, you will need to figure out how to control the situation. Neglecting to do as such will increase body weight of your cat. Most cat owners spoil their cats with food. Since numerous cat sustenance things have large amount of fat and calorie in them, a lot of these can transform your cat into an overweight cat. When you know your kitty is getting an all around adjusted diet with sensible measure of treats, you ought to overlook any demands for additional food.

While you might feed your kitty meat, attempt to stay away from starch and fat. Ensure that you don’t feed it scraps from the table. For this to be compelling, each member from your family ought to be informed and be sufficiently trained to avoid feeding it with any additional food. Consult a vet before beginning the eating routine and see whether your cat has other health issues. A crash eating routine can bring about Hepatic Lipidosis in your cat, which is one of the lethal cat health issues.

Have you had to put your cat on a diet?

Download our 10 fun exercises you can do with your cat.


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3 Easy Tips On How To Make Your Cat Love You More

3 Easy Tips On How To Make Your Cat Love You More

SoPurrfect 3 Easy Tips On How To Make Your Cat Love You More

3 Easy Tips On How To Make Your Cat Love You More

In order for your cat to lead a healthy life, it will need your love and affection. If you love and care for your cat properly, it will love you in return. Here below are the 3 easiest tips on how to make your cat love you more:


Understanding your cat means different things to different people and it involves several different aspects. I don’t mean sitting down and meowing at your cat when they meow at you (though that can be a fun activity for everyone involved). Understanding your cat means the following:

– Embracing your cat’s unique personality

Cats generally have certain common behaviors, but there are considerable variations. For this reason, it is important spend some time with your cat in order to know what it likes and doesn’t like. Getting to know and respecting the personality of your cat is very essential; it will make it love you in return. I foster kittens and each and every kitten that has come into my home has a unique and lovely personality. Some are active and settle in right away, running around and coming up to you for a cuddle. Others take longer to settle into a new environment, they are sweet, shy and absolutely lovely because once they have settled they love to sit on your lap and purr contentedly.

No one type of cat is better than the other and spending some time to understand your cat and their unique traits will go a long way to building a loving relationship.

– Treat your cat as an independent animal

Your cat will certainly rely on your care, but cats have a strong need for personal space and independence. Your cat loves being a pet, but it does not always like interacting with people. This is part of a cat’s nature. Try to strike a healthy balance between playing with it and allowing it to have alone time. This will make your cat love you even more.

If you notice the signs that they need some alone time, don’t begrudge it to them. Everyone needs some quiet, alone time without others around them and cats are no different.

– Don’t punish your cat

If you happen to punish your cat by yelling at it or through any other aggressive way, it will simply run away and be afraid of you. Cat’s don’t have memories so if you are yelling or aggressive towards your cat they will respond the same way, or they will be afraid of you and won’t want to interact with you. If you are disciplining your cat always do it IMMEDIATELY with a gentle but firm tone of voice. Once they have stopped the behaviour that you don’t like, give them a quick pat and use a nice tone of voice to praise them.

– Know your cat’s favorite treats

Your cat will prefer certain foods to others. Find out your cat’s favorite foods and use them to reinforce positive behavior instead of using punishment. Treat your cat to its favorite foods once in a while in order to make it love you. For instance, cooked chicken pieces as well as tuna flakes are some of the most irresistible foods for cats. You can also use this in teaching them new behaviours. Keep their favourite treat and once they do the behaviour you want to see reward them with the treat.


Knowing how to communicate properly with your cat will make a lot of difference in your relationship. It involves several aspects, including the following:

– Learning and respecting the body language of your cat

Cats use body language as a way of communication. This is how they express their fear or trust, among other things. For instance, an arched back, unsheathed claws, as well as upright hair along the spine of your cat means that it feels threatened. Just leave it alone for some time. On the other hand, if it nudges you, it is an indication that it wants to play with you or wants some affection from you. It can also express contentment by curling its tail around you.

Essentially, learning and respecting its body language will make your cat love you.

– Being attentive to your cat’s vocalizations

If your cat is purring, it is expressing love and contentment so you know what you are doing is feeling pretty great for your cat. If it is hissing or growling at you, it is telling you to keep away. If you hear your cat meowing, it is seeking your attention, either expressing hunger or a desire for affection. On the other hand, constant meowing may indicate illness and you may need to take it to a veterinarian. Your cat will communicate with you in a way consistent with their personality style, so keep that in mind when you are trying to understand your cat.

When you respond appropriately to your cat, it will love you more.

– Avoiding prolonged eye contact with your cat

Your cat may find prolonged eye contact threatening. Whenever you see your cat blinking in your presence, it is a sign of trust.

Blinking slowly when you are having direct eye contact with your cat communicates openness and trust, which in turn helps foster a loving relationship.

Taking care

You will probably know what it means to take care of your cat, but read through because some of these may surprise you.

– Keeping it out of danger

Your cat will love you more if you keep it safe and protected. Always make sure your cat has a safe place to sleep, has an easy and unobstructed access to food, feels safe while toileting, and does not feel threatened by other people or animals in your home.

– Cleaning its litter bin regularly

Cats love cleanliness naturally. If the litter box of your cat is dirty, it may run away to another place. It is important to add fresh litter daily and wash the litter box frequently, using water and soap.

– Brushing your cat regularly

Frequent brushing will help keep the skin and coat of your cat healthy, thus preventing matting as well as reducing hair balls and shedding. Grooming is a great way of discovering fleas, lumps, or injuries. It also presents a great opportunity to bond with your cat.

Taking good care of your cat involves a number of other things too. The essence of doing this is to ensure that you form a loving relationship with your cat.

These are some of the tips on how to make your cat love you more. Have we missed any important ones to building a loving relationship with your cat? Leave us a comment and let us know.


Meow for now… Kristian


A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten

A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten

SoPurrfect A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten

A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten

Here at SoPurrfect we want you to be able to really be able to know our cats and foster kittens, so we’ve partnered with Melissa at Melissa’s Mocha’s, Mysteries and Meows to introduce our foster kitten Ninja as well as sharing some fostering truths from Shadow and Frosty.

So, without further ado, please welcome Ninja and his story:

Today was a weird and wonderful sort of day. When I woke up, I was taken away from my mom and all my brothers and sisters were split up. Luckily, two of us managed to stay together. I felt really sad, lonely and cold. How would I play my favourite games without them?

We were put in a dark box and these tall, hairless cats that walk on two paws took us. The place they took us was scary at first, but I’ve gotten to explore it now and I feel safer. There is no rain, no wind here, but lots of sun. The ground is really soft and spring-y. It makes it really easy to sharpen your claws on it, but the hairless two-leggers don’t like it when I do that.

There were plenty of places to run and hide and jump… which I did. Lots. They kept using their paws to pick me up… I don’t know how they do that. I thought they must want to get to know me so I kept showing them my bum for me to sniff and they didn’t want to. Those two-leggers are odd.

When I got here there was already a big cat here. Actually, there were two. Shadow and Frosty. They were not very nice. They didn’t like it when I jumped on them. They didn’t like it when I played chase with their tail. They didn’t like it when I chewed on their ears. Getting older must be so boring. They kept jumping up so high and I couldn’t get up there not matter how hard I tried.

Luckily, my brother was here with me and he likes it when I play chase with his tail, chew his ears and run around with him. Once it got dark the two-leggers put on this fake light. I don’t know why, it’s so much better without the light. You can creep, slowly and quietly and then… JUMP!

Every now and then Shadow and Frosty would get down and sit with us. I like it when they do that, but I think they get annoyed with me and my brother. They kept trying to tell us what to do… there was a red light running around on the ground and it was so much fun to chase it. Even Shadow and Frosty liked to chase it. They told us that it is really hard to catch and only the bravest, fastest and smartest cats can ever catch it. One time, I thought that they had caught it – they must be the two most amazing cats I have ever known, other than my mom of course – but when they lifted their paws to see what it was, it was gone. Like it had never even been there in the first place! It was really spooky.

We get lots of food to eat but the best part about this place is that they give us lots of love and pats which feel so good. During the day they give me these dry biscuits… they’re okay if that’s all you have, but at night just before bed time they bring out this special food. You know it’s coming because they keep it in a locked cupboard that no matter how hard you scratch at, it doesn’t open. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s soft and moist and full of flavour. Sometimes chicken, sometimes beef. I know that it is special food just for me and my brother because when Shadow and Frosty try and steal it from us the two-leggers get annoyed. I wish I could keep eating it ALL the time. Evening is always the best time because before we get the “special” food we always get playtime and then my favourite of all, snuggle time with the two legged ones. It’s so warm and comforting, so so good.

It’s been a weird and wonderful sort of day. Now, I’m curled up on the bigger two-leggers. He is nice and warm and I can sit here, purring softly while I fall asleep.

SoPurrfect A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten 1

If you want to hear how Shadow and Frosty got on with me check them out at Melissa’s Mocha’s, Mysteries and Meows. Mudpie did a fantastic job interviewing Shadow and Frosty about how they like me as a foster kitten.

SoPurrfect A Day In The Life Of A Foster Kitten 2

Meow for now… Ninja (the foster kitten)

Bennelong Bridge Opening: Connecting Communities

Bennelong Bridge Opening: Connecting Communities

Bennelong Bridge Opening Connecting Communities

Bennelong Bridge Opening: Connecting Communities

Bennelong Bridge Opening: Connecting Communities.

Sydney has a new bridge connecting two communities. The new Bennelong Bridge provides a direct link between two of Sydney’s fastest growing communities. Just like Bennelong Bridge, SoPurrfect creates a community for cat lovers and owners to share information and connect.

Here at SoPurrfect we wanted to share with you the opening of this new landmark in Sydney’s inner west. This bridge sets a benchmark for environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure in Sydney.

Reaching more than 300 metres across Homebush Bay, the bridge has been designed to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. It connects the growing communities of Rhodes and Wentworth Point to parklands, shopping, entertainment and community facilities, and provides a viable alternative to private car use.

The Bridge opening was truly a community event with entertainment, food, bbq and community stalls located on both sides of the bridge. Celebrations commenced from 10am on Sunday May 22nd, 2016.

The official ribbon cutting and the first people walking (and running) over the bridge can be seen at 1:20 in the video. I really enjoyed seeing the entertainers and being part of this vibrant atmosphere. People, families and four legged furriends where all a big part of this special day. I would have loved to see some cat owners walking their cats… but we all know that it would have been a little too overwhelming for most felines.

More information about the bridge itself, including statistics on construction can be seen at the Homebush Bay Bridge website.


I really hope you enjoyed this video. I want to hear your thoughts about how communities connect so leave me a message in the comments with your thoughts.


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How to Restore Your Cat’s Favorite Furniture

How to Restore Your Cat’s Favorite Furniture

SoPurrfect How to Restore Your Cat's Favorite Furniture

How to Restore Your Cat’s Favorite Furniture

Our cats love to scratch. As such we bought them a big (and expensive) cat tree so that our (more expensive) furniture would  be saved from their claws. It has served us well. We have gotten years of use out of it, even with lots of small foster kittens running around and sharpening their claws on it as well.

Once an active cat has taken to a scratching post, they can tear it to shreds in a few months. Repairing it is an economical way of keeping your cat happily scratching the post instead of your furniture. This is a guide about repairing a sisal wrapped cat scratching post. Once you have repaired your cat scratching post it will look new, clean and wonderful.

SoPurrfect How to Restore Your Cat's Favorite Furniture









However, with time everything fades and begins to look old, dated and just downright ugly. When we bought ours it was a neutral coloured brown but very quickly it began to ‘shed’ with so many small pieces of that cursed fabric everywhere around our house. The minute I would finish vacuuming it would be back , and sometimes even  more… It was a never ending struggle.

Here is what our scratching post looked like before we repaired and restored our scratching post. Old. Tired. Dated. Worn Out. Ugly.

SoPurrfect How to Restore Your Cat's Favorite Furniture SoPurrfect How to Restore Your Cat's Favorite Furniture

Our friends had a struggle that was even worse… their cats were rough! Their scratching post (which was bigger, better and more expensive than ours) lasted only about 6 months before the adorable monsters destroyed the fabric, carpet and sisal rope. They had to throw it out.

Even if you are already very handy and made your own scratching post it will need to be replaced or repaired at some point. When you are finished with repairing your guide it will look clean. Shiny. New. Wonderful. Check out what ours looks like.

SoPurrfect How to Restore Your Cat's Favorite Furniture (4)

So, without further ado, I introduce to you the easy DIY guide on how to restore your cat’s favorite furniture. Please, contact us and let us know how YOUR restoration and repair goes. We love to see photos and hear stories of other people’s experiences and seeing how you are able to make your cat scratching post fit into your home.

Cat Furniture Repair Guide Find Out More


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