Stylish Designs For Classy Cats

Cats have style, cats have panache and cats have class. They’re not content slumming it like dogs.

So why not get some inspiration from these amazing design ideas and make your home both cat friendly and great looking.

One idea we liked was hanging a cat bridge over a door. So your cat could pass the time stretched out and sleeping above you. You could also have a bookcase that doubles as a cat staircase, so that your cat slink their way up and down to their heart’s content.

One of the main drawbacks of having a cat is what to do with the litter box. In this piece you can find a few great ways to have a litter box in your home while keeping your space as stylish as you would like.

As the infographic shows, there are also many ways you can incorporate perching space into your house that complement the overall aesthetic you are going for.

We hope this fun infographic gives you plenty of food for thought when it comes to deciding how to improve your cat’s life, but not at the detriment of your sense of style.

Alarm Clock Kitties

Alarm Clock Kitties

Cats are wonderful alarm clocks. Having your loving cat greet you straight from dreamland can be a pleasant and enjoyable way to wake up. Your persistent feline will ensure you get out of bed on time or even earlier than wanted. Of course, they are probably waking you up to ask for food or they left a present in the litter box that needs to be removed. Unrelenting as cats may be, it still might be wise to set the mechanical alarm clock, just in case. But have you ever wondered how they know when to wake you up consistently around the same time everyday? Here’s a few possible reasons.

They’re hungry

Every cat owner knows this. But why are they so ready to roust you out of bed instead of being able to wait till you get up on your own? Cats, in their wild form, are primarily nocturnal but over time of domestication have become scheduled around food. Now day’s they are actually more prone to be active during the twilight hours. They could have had a busy night chasing dust bunnies and hiding hair ties ready for their morning feast before a day of cat naps.

It’s the routine

Cats are also creatures of habit. That means they fall in line with the routine you provide to them. If you are gone all day at work, they use this time to lounge and sleep, meaning wakeful time is at night. They know when it is time to eat and when it is time to play. If your lucky, your cat has even picked up that you sleep in on your days off and may wait an hour or so later before sitting on your head or providing a complimentary massage to your face.


Your cat could simply be bored with you sleeping and ready for you to wake up already. Your cat is aware of how you’re sleeping, as creepy as that might sound. They know if you are deep asleep or starting to stir on your own. With a few well placed bops they know you will be awake and willing to give them attention.


If your cat has suddenly started waking you up in the middle of the night with off behavior, they might be alerting you that something is wrong and they’re asking for you to fix it. Older cats may start developing arthritis or other problems. They could have a toothache or an onset of another sickness. If the behavior is noticeably different, it might be a good time to call the vet just to make sure.


Whether you cat is your reliable wake up call with gentle purrs on your chest or an unrelenting stare accompanied by heavy breathing, they are there to make sure you start their day off by providing them food or love. Of course if your wake up calls are unwanted, isolating yourself from the cat might be needed until the routine is changed and they know that suffocation is unwanted.


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