Sopurrfect Cat Eye Makeup

How To Do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Today we welcome our very talented friend Elisma Rose who is going to talk to us about make up and how to create this fun look effortlessly. Check her out on Instagram for more tutorials and pictures of flowers, make-up and fun. @ElismaRoseMakeup


Everyone loves to experiment with makeup. If you don’t love it, then you hate it. If you make a mistake then all that time and effort and you still need to fix it otherwise you look scary. Sometimes, when I use liquid eyeliner then small children run screaming as they are not sure what is happening and why this monster woman is coming towards them. However, it was time to face my fear for an Egyptian themed party we were invited to.

How do you an Egyptian theme that stands out when you don’t have anything suitable in the closet? Well, we all know the Eqyptian’s worshiped cats. Cats certainly haven’t forgotten this either. This funny picture describes it purrfectly (and if you like it, check out there website here).

SoPurrfect Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Even though this looks difficult, it is surprisingly easy to do this make up. The best bit is, if you make a bit of a mistake it is easy to cover up! So, get ready, pull out your liquid eyeliner and give this  go!

Step 1

First prime eyelid with any base foundation and set with powder. You want to do this to prepare you eyelid so that the makeup doesn’t run and it stay there all night. Though, since you are doing a cat lying down.. it’s not likely to move once it’s gotten comfortable (i’m funny… right?)

SoPurrfect Cat Eye Make up

 SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Step 2

Get a nice buffing brush and a nice bright colour from your favourite coloured pallet. Buff colour in outer area of your eye.
This helps create a base and some colour on the edges of the cat. This means that the contrast isn’t so stark and doesn’t look odd. It also helps with keeping everything in place where it needs to be for the whole night!
You don’t want your cat to run down your face after some energetic dancing…do you?
Sopurrfect Cat Eye Makeup
 SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Step 3

Then get a good angled liner brush a a pot of black liner and trace out and colour in you kitty. Check with both eyes open and closed to make sure you have drawn him fat enough. The aim is to see his body even with the eye open.
 SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup

Step 4

You are almost there! Take a look in the mirror and admire your work so far. Then get a fine point liner for whiskers and draw them on. I also used a white eyeliner pot to draw two little eyes with a fine point brush. I decided to dab a little yellow shadow over mine while the White was still wet! Then draw down a thin black line to complete the eye. This bit requires a fairly steady hand.
Sopurrfect Cat Eye Makeup

Step 5

And if you wish to add some final fun effects add on some fun string and a pretty shiny ball for the kitty to play with! Now to do this you will need eyelash glue to keep the string attached to your face without any pain and so that it will also be easy to remove when you are ready.
As you can see I have been generous with my glue and you can see it a little bit on the end of the string. This doesn’t matter because normally people don’t stare at your face so closely and they will only notice it if you tell them.
SoPurrfect How to do Easy and Fun Cat Eye Makeup
Have fun and get creative. Happy purrrfect time with your newly found make up skills.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and want to leave you with this question… what do your cats do to make you think they are royalty?
Thanks for joining us and…

Elisma Rose 

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