Try putting an empty box in your living room. You’ll notice that your cute feline pet would become noticeably curious and interested about the box. After some time, your kitty will finally jump in the box and would seem contented and stuck in deep thought. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Why are our kitties so in love with boxes? Ladies and gents, you are reading just the right thing to answer those questionsIt’s not just boxes really, our feline companions would tend to squeeze themselves in wherever they can. “If I

It’s not just boxes really, our feline companions would tend to squeeze themselves in wherever they can. “If I fits, I sits” as the kitty saying goes. This makes them feel safer and more secure instead of being out in the open where there may be possible danger.

This traces back to when they were young where they used to snuggle with the mommy kitty and litter siblings giving them a warm and soothing feeling. It is the feeling of security that boxes or enclosed areas offers to cats that reminds them of the security and sanctuary that the mother kitty provided them when they were young.

In fact, this even holds true for spaces enclosed with lines. Have you seen the videos of cats stepping in to a space on the floor with red tape shaped in a square like the picture below?

Even this kind of enclosure gives our dear kitties the sense of security. Although the box may not have any walls, it is a representation of a box which although, is not as good as the real thing, but it is a representation that offers the kitty the feelings if there was a box in that certain area.

We all know that our feline friends have territorial tendencies; this also plays a part on this natural phenomenon. It somehow ensures them that this is their space. They have claimed it and no one else can take it away from them.

In a scientific perspective, the physical contact with a box’s interior has been believed to release a natural substance more commonly called as “endorphins”, which induces a relaxing and secure feeling. The same kind of feeling we get from a comforting hug. This also reduces stress.

Do you remember when your beloved feline companion was still a cute, tiny kitten? Do you remember where the mommy kitty gave birth to this tiny kitten? If you do, then you know that cats give birth in discrete places. This is a mommy kitty’s instinct to protect and secure the kittens. In this manner, they are also kept close together in one area where they are brought to this world with the warm feeling of the litter being together. This also contributes to why our cats are so interested in boxes or tight spaces. You might even find your kitty in one of your vases.

No matter what the breed of kitty you have, you will find that this is a common behavior among most of them. But isn’t it rather cute to see your kitty having fun with a box? Just make sure that they are safe for instances where they climb and snug into a vase or something breakable. Though our kitties love the feeling of boxes and such, nothing beats the warm care and, if your kitty is feeling like it, hugs from you. So if you’re feeling like giving your kitty something to play with today, try looking for a box.


Meow for now… Kristian

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