Stars in a Thai Commercial: Gangster Cats!

Stars in a Thai Commercial: Gangster Cats!

As you all know, Thais are actually well known for their moving commercials or even senseless funny ones that made through different parts of the world. Because of their creativity, people of different nationalities are sharing them with their friends in social medias. But this specific commercial stars the internet’s favourite babes – cats.

Cats have long captured the hearts of many people – their lovely fur and fuzzy tails, they definitely make people’s hearts melt. Not only do they like to beg for treats in the sweetest way possible, they also show their affection in a passive aggressive way – but it seems that it makes people love them more. It ends up to people spoiling them more and fattening them up with luxurious food and expensive toys – who doesn’t like it when cats make a fool of themselves while playing a toy?

As for this commercial, they decided to show mafia cats living in a house wherein they live like kings. But like every other cat there is, they have a distinct hatred for bath time, thus their plot to hide themselves from their owners. Apparently, they haven’t convinced their owner that they do a decent job in cleaning themselves, thus they’re in this predicament.

The hilarity starts when the main mafia boss – the fat cat – reminisce about the times he had to endure during the hated bath. It seems the cats really don’t enjoy it when they get baths, especially by a human. So then looking for hiding spots became their utmost priority, even if meant drawing out their claws and arching their backs.

If you want to see the commercial for yourself, this link will lead you right to it. You will see how effective this commercial is in redesigning your bathroom, especially if you have your own furry feline as well.

Cats are indeed hilarious and adorable, that’s why they are always used to market certain goods and assets to lure people in. Who can say no to those big adorable eyes and swishing fluffy tail whenever they see you arrive? It has then used by advertisers to get more sales and more attention, and really, it’s a good strategy.

The Truth Behind Why Cats Show Their Bellies: No Touching Please

The Truth Behind Why Cats Show Their Bellies: No Touching Please

Cats have a lot of cute, yet peculiar behaviors. One example is their seemingly weird need to climb the highest places. You can often notice them running around, trying to reach the highest vantage point and then staring down on the whole environment.

But out of all those weird behaviors, it’s the one where they roll on the floor, exposing their bellies, as if inviting us wouldn’t leave us bites and scratches after. Let’s find out what our cats mean by this action, so we could understand them better!

A Relaxed Moment and Well-Being

Oftentimes, cats are usually pretty guarded and are easy to startle. Their predatory instincts makes them constantly on the lookout for prey and possible threats. You may have noticed that some cats sleep high on trees, lying down with their bellies, or ones that live in burrows, cave-like structures, or in any place they can safely squeeze themselves in.

There are only specific moments and situations that would make a feline adopt this kind of position. It happens the most during moments of relaxation and well-being. Felines only show their bellies in a safe environment, while being surrounded by the ones they share affection and trust with.

Showing Friendliness and Wanting to Interact with You

Ever noticed how your cat greets you whenever you get home? They often meow, rub themselves against your leg, or follow you around. But sometimes, they like to spice things up, and you get to see them roll on the floor and bare their bellies in front of you.

Now, when a cat does this, it is often a friendly invitation of wanting to spend time with you, or an adorable way of asking you for something. There’s a high chance that they’d want to socialize with you, but never is it an invitation for belly rubs. Their bellies are very sensitive parts of their bodies, and most cats would prefer if you stayed away from this region.

Caused by Health Issues

Curling up like a ball, stretching, and showing their bellies are just some of a cat’s natural response when they feel pleasure. They even get into this posture while sleeping, which help them sleep better and be more comfortable. However, that isn’t always the case, and sometimes, certain health issues can cause this kind of behavior.

If it reaches to the point wherein your cat has been continually doing it to scratch themselves, it’s important to be on alert. This could be an indicator that they’re experiencing allergies, external parasites, or disease. Don’t hesitate to take them to the vet if this type of behavior becomes compulsive for your cat.

Although showing their bellies is not an invitation for a belly rub, it is often a clear sign from them asking to be pampered. With their bellies being such a sensitive region, they might end up feeling vulnerable when you touch it, giving them a negative feelings. Play with them and pet them in areas they’re comfortable with, and you’ll be sure to give your cat a stress-free pampering time.

Mayor Stubbs, the Cat Who Almost Ran for Senate

Mayor Stubbs, the Cat Who Almost Ran for Senate

There are a lot of times wherein cats get a hold of power in the household, but for this specific feline, it was the entire town of Talkeetna, Alaska. This small town is well-known for its singularity as well as a small population that resides in it. They have weird activities as well that involves mooses and women. There is Moose Dropping festival wherein a helicopter flies and flings a moose dung – and guests will have to guess where it lands. Another thing would be the Wilderness Woman wherein they hold a competition for women’s strength in games of tossing firewood and hunting.

In this very town, Stubbs the cat was first found as a stray in a box full of his kitty siblings. It was in a parking lot of Nagley’s General Store by the manager, Lauri Stec, and has adopted the small and frail ginger cat with no tail. He then was called Stubbs by his new owner, because he lacked a tail, and has lived a happy life with his new family.

It was 1997 and it was during the time wherein most of the people opposed having human candidates and decided to write for Stubbs. His position was given to him and became the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska – with the Nagley’s Store as his office during his whole reign. Around 2014, his name appeared in the media to vote for him instead of human candidates for the incoming senate election. Sadly, he didn’t win.

He would host meetings with his family and citizens and would demand an occasional belly rubs. Sometimes, he would request for a nice cold water with spiked catnip for hot afternoons while looking at his town. He also attracted a lot of tourists in the town as well, just to meet the feline mayor of the town. According to most citizens, his mayoral reign was a good and peaceful one – no increase in tax and sales tax, he didn’t hinder any businesses from growing or opening, and he was absolutely honest – the ideal politician in this day and age.

But his ruling wasn’t as peaceful as one would think – he had a fight with a vicious collarless dog. It left him severely injured with a punctured lung, broken bones, and deep cuts. It has put a halt in his free strolling around the town. Aside from that dangerous encounter, he also had an accident with the store’s fryer – he fell in while the oil was cooled.

Then he also encountered teens who shot BB guns at him, but he survived everything that came his way. Stubbs died peacefully in his sleep last July 21, 2017 – aged 20. He has served as the mayor since July 18, 1997 until his death. While his passing was peaceful, hundreds of posts and even news about Stubbs came in – letting other people know how much of a good kitty and mayor he was. He may have been a very old cat, but even to his last breaths, he was happy and active.

While your cat may not be a mayor of any town, it’s definitely a mayor of your heart – they deserve all the love and attention you showered to them. All the kitty products and accessories you bought is worth it, since they return it with unconditional love and loyalty!

A Furry and Healthy Exercise – Cat Yoga Is the Best New Thing

A Furry and Healthy Exercise – Cat Yoga Is the Best New Thing

Yoga has been the best way to release stress and become one with your mind, and it has then become a great exercise to promote good blood flow and as well as flexibility. For cat owners, it has been a challenging decision to choose between going out and do yoga or do it at home. In most cases, these owners get lazy and simply just roll on the bed after a day’s work.

Cuddling with cats and doing yoga are really calming and de-stressing activities for the average employee. The amount of stress and work from the day can be carried on to the house and will leave you drained and urge you to do unhealthy activities – such as stress eating. It won’t do you favours if you simply indulge with what you want and completely ignoring what you need to do. But if it’s the matter of either cuddling with your cat until the stress goes away or using yoga, then there’s a really good solution for you – if you live in the United States.

In the Good Mews cat shelter in New York, San Francisco, and Alabama, you can be with lovely cats while doing yoga! This unique yoga class inspires you to do yoga with other cats – and they will cheer you on if you get too tired. They love cuddling with you and simply laze around while you do your yoga poses. These furry babies love to do their yoga poses too, and they sometimes join you in your mats to do their own special yoga.

Some women are actually happier in these yoga classes as they play with the cats with dangling fuzzy toys when their poses let them. The kitty antics actually help uplift the mood in the yoga class even with the special poses that helps relax your body. It’s also an adorable distraction if you feel your body shaking from unusual poses and the muscle pains crawling in. Aside from the good effect of cats to yoga classes, these classes also make the cats more sociable and feel loved. They give and take attention and it helps them hone skills to be ready to be adopted in the future.

The studio itself is brightly lit and welcoming, filled with cat toys and trees for the cheerleaders for your yoga session. There is, however, a fee for this class – and it goes to the current shelter wherein the cats wait for their future owners. Aside from that, it also helps cats with special needs to get the care they need, even after they left the shelter. This yoga class was also a brilliant idea by Lisa Bass wherein it promotes the furry babies in a fun way and hopefully get them adopted.

In this current day and age, the amount of homeless stray cats are rising and they usually go to the shelter. It might be hard to tell but they do get sad when they feel neglected and alone, meaning it shortens their lifespan. It’s always a good idea to adopt cats instead of buying one from the pet store. Get the best cat collar and kitty toys for these loving cats who deserves all your love!

The Different Meows Cats Make and their Meanings – Part 2

The Different Meows Cats Make and their Meanings – Part 2

If you haven’t read the first installment (The Different Meows Cats Make and their Meanings – Part 1), then we definitely recommend you read it first, before proceeding with this one.



We’ve already talked about some of the meows that cats make, and what they mean. We’ve talked about their usual “calling for their owner,” meows, to their more intimate mating meows. We’ll now continue where we left off, and take a look at some of the different meows our feline friends make!


Now, this isn’t exactly a “meow,” per se, but it is definitely a sound that cats make. Cats make growling sounds to warn off anything, whenever they feel threatened or stressed. Vocalisation can range from being short to long, but the message is usually the same, and can be directly translated to “I don’t want to be disturbed!” or “Go away!”

Exceptions would be in cases where they growl way too often, and/or for longer durations. This could be a sign that your cat is experiencing some physical discomforts, which merits a visit to the vet.

Scream/Cry of Pain

If you’re familiar with the sound that cats make when they scream/cry in pain, then you know how upsetting this intensely high-pitched sound can be. Cats may usually make this sound when they’ve been injured, in extreme pain, and in some occasion, after they’ve mated with a partner.

Kitten’s Distress Call

Kittens have a specific cry for help, or distress call (A.K.A. emergency call), that they mostly use during the first few weeks. In general, the meaning is basically saying “Where are you Mom? I need you,” or simply just “Feed me, Mom.” The sound resembles that of a common meow, but its pitch is higher and the kitten emits it louder. The more urgent the need, the louder both pitch and sound gets.

Howls and Shrieks

Howls and shrieks are long, high-pitched noises that cats make after they growl. They use this to the person, animal, or object that still hasn’t backed off, even after they’ve expressed feelings of being threatened, annoyed, or disinterested. If the growl is mainly used as a warning shot, howls and shrieks act more like threats, signaling the potential intruder that they’re ready to fight if needed. This sound is common among unneutered adult males, that tend to frequently encounter combat with other cats.


Chattering refers to a high-pitched sound that cats make, accompanied by the noise made by their vibrating jaws. You’ll be able to hear cats commonly make this sound when they’re super excited, or very frustrated (like that squirrel they can’t catch because they can’t get out the window).


Ever noticed that murmuring sound your cats make when they’re eating or being sweet? That’s actually a combination of purring, grunting, and meowing. The murmur has a positive undertone, and is used by cats to express satisfaction and gratitude.

There are a lot more different “meows,” that cats make, but so far, these are the ones we’ve been able to identify. Remember to practice your ears, and listen in to important details in their meows. Every pitch, vocalization, and intensity, is an effort to communicate. It’s an effort to bond.

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