Keep Your Cat Safe and Calm This New Year’s Eve

Keep Your Cat Safe and Calm This New Year’s Eve

Got your outfit for that New Year’s Eve party planned? We’re ready to have fun and greet the New Year with fireworks and drinks in our hand but for our poor feline friends, it’s a stressful time for them.

As pet owners, it’s our job to make sure they’re out of harm’s way and New Year’s will be as pleasant for them as it is for us. Here are tips to make sure the cats are fine before the party even begins.

1. Give them a room of their own for the night.

It’d be wise to keep them indoors and away from the doors that lead to outside the house so they don’t end up running away, especially when it’s time for the fireworks. Though cats don’t really have this tendency, the fireworks could leave them scared and disoriented, making it hard for them to get back home.

If you’re hosting a party at home, cats would prefer a quiet space of their own where they can snuggle. Make sure they have constant supply of cool water and a spot where they can take cover like under furniture when the fireworks start flying through the air.

2. Keep decorations away from your cat.

Your furbaby might take them for snacks or would simply think they’re fun toys. So you’re money and energy for decorating doesn’t go to waste, keep them out of sight and out of mind. Also, you’d be avoiding a pre-New Year emergency visit to the vet.

Small items like confetti are easy to swallow but dangerous to their health so be mindful of where you place them and where the cat is. Place your pet in their room when it’s time to start decorating.

3. Calm them down before the fireworks begin.

Choose a room farthest from the party area to keep them from getting anxious from the noise. Place a bed, pillow or other piece of furniture where they can snuggle in. Draw the curtains and shut the windows to lessen the sound of the fireworks. Don’t take your kitty to watch the fireworks with you. They don’t appreciate it.

Keep them preoccupied with food and toys so they don’t get restless. Animals pick up on vibes from humans so it’s important that you also stay calm. There are calming products out in the market such as jackets and collars. Consult your vet about this, especially if you’re thinking of giving them some kind of medication.

4. Feed them only pet-friendly food.

Some of us are used to feeding our cats table scraps which is okay on other days when we have less on our mind and can monitor their food properly. However, in the New Year frenzy, we might accidentally give them a harmful treat. Or a well-meaning friend or relative could unknowingly feed them not meant for cat intake.

Stick to cat food on New Year’s to be safe, especially if you’re cooking for the party or bringing a plate.

Because of how much we love our pets, it’s easy to forget that some of our celebrations aren’t meant for them in our eagerness to share everything. Have them settled in for the night so everyone, cat included, gets peace of mind and a joyful New Year. Have a happy one!


Meow for now… Kristian

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4 Million Dollars for CryptoKitties

4 Million Dollars for CryptoKitties

A new wave of kitties has been launched by Ethereum blockchain and it’s taking the internet by storm.

People are investing thousands of dollars in owning virtual cats called CryptoKitties.


CryptoKitties are collectable and breed-able digital cats. It is created by AxiomZen on October 2017 and originated at Vancouver BC.

Each cat has its own unique appearance and “cattributes” which can never be found twice in all the other cats. Hence, there is no peril in the glory of owning a certain cat, because there is only one of its kind in the game.

The beauty of buying two cats is that it can be bred to a new and unique cat that can be determined by the parents’ 256-bit genome. There are four-billion possible genetic combinations that give the breeding process the element of chance – the chance to get a kitty that has high market value.


How much does one cat cost?

CryptoKitties are bought via Ether. Ether is a mode of payment by clients that is necessary to operate in the distributed application platform of Ethereum. Today, 1 ether (~ETH) is equivalent to 453USD which can change within 24-hours.

On the 5th of December 2017, the Genesis cat (one of the rarest) just got sold at the highest price of ~256.9255 ETH (around 113,000 USD). Falling in 2nd as the most expensive cat sold in the market is the Gen 0 Lucky cat at ~190 ETH (around 90,000 USD). And, coming in 3rd is the BugCat that was sold for ~175 ETH (around 83,000 USD).

As of the same month, around 4 million USD has been spent in the market for buying CryptoKitties.

If you’re one to buy yourself one for the fuss of it, the cheapest cat is around ~.03 ETH (around 12 USD).


What the fuss about

CryptoKitties is the first ever decentralised game launched by Ethereum. And, as of December 2017,  CryptoKitties have taken 15% of traffic in the Ethereum blockchain.

The blockchain is the world’s leading software platform when it comes to digital assets. If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, it’s of the same concept as either, and both are run in the blockchain.

Analysts comment that this pioneering game may open new windows or doors in utilising the assets that move around a decentralised community. And while others speculate that’s it’s just another “Beanie Babies” project, the internet savvy people see this as an investment towards the future.

Before CryptoKitties, assets were merely trade in numbers. Now, you have intangible collectable kitties that you can buy your intangible assets. What’s next?


What does this mean to all the real kitties out there?

Nothing, really. CryptoKitties is likely to be another business trend for people who want to invest in virtual assets in the hope of a cashless society.

Nothing can replace our kitties at home. A virtual cat may be considered an asset of today or tomorrow, but the love, affection and experience our real kitties provide are one of the most valuable things in life that no virtual asset can buy.


Meow for now… Kristian

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5 Awesome Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Travel the World With in 80 Days

5 Awesome Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Travel the World With in 80 Days

They say that the dog is a man’s best friend. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Matthew Flinders.

Matthew Flinders is a cartographer and navigator who literally put Australia on the map with the help of his buddy Trim the cat.

As a small kitten, Trim fell overboard but managed to scramble back up on the ropes. This display of bravery wooed Flinders and the crew and is the reason why he quickly became the ship’s favourite. From then on, he became Captain Flinders’ companion and best friend. And, together they made other discoveries across the high seas.

Traveling around the world is undeniably exciting, so much more when it is done with a friend or even your beloved pet. Like Matthew Flinders, you can now make that dream come true with these breeds of kitties.


  1. The Japanese Bobtail

If you’re a lone traveller who wants cuddly company, you’d definitely like a breed like the Japanese Bobtails. They emit confidence and intelligence like no other which makes them easy to train. They’re also known for their chattiness through their chirps and soft meows. Think Dr Seuss’ curious and talkative Cat in a Hat, but with meows.


  1. Chantilly

A busy bee like yourself would probably want a breed like the Chantilly to travel with. They’re calm and easy-natured which makes them good travel buddies. If you love going to the great outdoors, you’ll be happy to know that these cats are resilient and low maintenance.


  1. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Folds are fondly called “owls in a catsuit” because of their folded ears. They are laid back, sweet-tempered and affectionate by nature. They also enjoy napping on your lap or flopping on their backs as they sleep. You can travel to a lot of continents with this breed of kitty as they easily adapt to new environments.


  1. Pixie-Bob

If you’ve got a huge family with a lot of children, consider Pixie-Bobs. They may look like wildcats but they are very family-oriented. They tend to develop an unusually strong bond with the family they live in, especially with the kids. They’re known to be most patient of all cats when it comes to dealing with the children. Pixie-Bobs love to travel and are very easy to train.


  1. The Chartreux

If you love travelling just as much as you love huge pets, the Chartreux are “gentle giants” you want to keep. The Chartreux has woolly fur with a blue fur similar to the Russian blue. This breed of kitty happens to be super sweet to their owners and enjoys a lot of travelling. They’re at ease around children and other pets which makes them a good travelling companion.

Today, statues of Captain Flinders with his buddy Trim stand in Port Lincoln as a tribute to their gallantry and the discoveries they made over the years.

Could you be the next globetrotter about to make an exciting discovery with your cat buddy?


Meow for now… Kristian

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Celebrate Kitty Love This Christmas!

Celebrate Kitty Love This Christmas!

Why can’t Christmas be about cats? See how much that one wants the Christmas ball? Give them to your fellow kitty lovers or gift them to yourself. Hey, everyone needs a little self-love, right?

Your kitty needs to get a Christmas gift, too! Here’s a list of great cat-inspired gift ideas.

For dad

We know the routine. Before he leaves for work, he enjoys his quiet time waiting for breakfast reading the news, either on paper or on his mobile, sipping coffee from his mug. Let’s be honest, we can’t always be there for our parents while we’re chasing our careers and building our own lives. We can, however, be somehow part of that daily morning routine. Give your dad the gift to kickstart his mornings with this minimalist mug with a cheeky script.

For mom

Remember those days when you’d go to the mall with your mom and she’d treat you to your favourite dessert or help her with groceries? We’re pretty sure she misses those. To help her when nostalgia seeps in, let her carry this tote to remember you and your shared fondness for felines.

For your boss

Or your closest workmate. Share your love for cats with them while letting them have the perfect tracker for the date and day to mark their deadlines, milestones and special occasions. Go old-school. Throw in a few markers and fun stickers while you’re at it.

For your better half and yourself


For the fellow furball mommy or daddy, surprise them with an item that shouts their furry parent pride out loud. Have a couple shirt! It’s sweet and charming when you walk into the room both wearing the same print. You can wear the same-coloured shirts or each wear one reflecting your unique personalities.

For baby

There’s no such thing as too young to inherit the love for all things feline. Mark the start of their furry-loving lessons with a onesie that says it all. Available in mint green, it’s a gender-friendly shade for your little boy or girl. Don’t have a child of your own? Be the favourite uncle or aunt with this perfect gift.

For your squad

Don’t love cats? Friendship over! No, just kidding. But seriously, we can’t imagine maintaining a friendship with someone who doesn’t feel as strongly about these lovable and delightful creatures as we do. Test who your real friends are by decking everyone out in a kitty squad shirt! Because…meow.

For kitty


Let’s not forget the reason why we’ve come together as an online community, our cats. As a family, they’re as much a part of the celebration as every other important person in our lives. What could be better than knitting a few buddies they can play or sleep next to? Or take it to the next level and give your furry friend a fun scratching post and playpen.

Yes, our kitties deserve to feel special this Christmas…and every Christmas after.

All these gifts are available for sale on the So Purrfect shop. For more tips and ideas to celebrate Christmas and enjoy summer with your cat, like our page.


Meow for now… Kristian

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Prepare for Summer – Cat Care Tips!

Prepare for Summer – Cat Care Tips!

Ready for some fun in the sun? Is your cat prepared, too? Your feline companion might not be able to take care of itself against the heat as well as you can so take note. With the change of season, there’s a change in the cat-care to-do list as well. Read up and check whether you and your kitty are set for summer lovin’.

1. Make sure clean water is available both indoors and outdoors.

When your kitty is thirsty and no cool, clean water is nearby, it will drink whatever liquid it can find in an effort to stay hydrated. Place a dish filled with cool water outside and another in the home. You can freeze them overnight and leave them out in the morning so your feline has easy access to cool water at different hours as it slowly melts. This is especially useful for when you’re not at home during the day.


2. Provide shaded areas outside for your cat.

You can design your garden using a variety of plants, strategically placed so your feline can cool off after taking a stroll. Another option would be to place a kitty house or furniture big enough for your pet to use as shelter.


3. Beware of barbeque food.

Delicious, yes. Safe for cats, no. Sodas, alcohol, fruits, chocolate, charred pork and beef, pie…they’re good food so it’s understandable that you’d want to share it with your furry friend but these can be harmful to their health. Bottomline, don’t feed it to them and don’t let them so much as get a taste of them.


4. Keep your cat away from fireworks.

It’s not just the danger from the ignited fireworks or the explosion that close proximity will bring. Felines’ sense of hearing are much sharper than ours so sounds from fireworks could damage it while traumatising them.


5. Stay on the lookout for air gun wounds.

Our poor fur buddies are often a target of airgun attacks during the summer so if you see a wound on your cat, bring it to the vet. Have them microchipped in case they lose their way home in trying to escape their assailants.


6. Groom your kitty regularly with a de-shedding tool.

Summer is shedding season for this species. It’s a natural biological occurrence of their bodies preparing for the warmer weather. However, it also causes nasty hairballs. When they’re too big to cough up and lodged deep in their stomachs, these result in several worrying health problems from diarrhea,  constipation, regurgitation, to loss of appetite.


7. Mind hot surfaces like asphalt.

The scorching heat of the sun during this season can be felt on these and some absorb warmth more than others. When your pet walks on these, they’d suffer burns on their paws. If you’re taking your pet out on a drive, avoid leaving them in the baggage area where they could touch the hot metal when you’re not watching.

Stay updated with our blog for more tips on how to make this summer cat-friendly so you and your furry friend can have a blast together!


Meow for now… Kristian

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