How can You Show Your Cats that You Love them in a Way they can Understand

How can You Show Your Cats that You Love them in a Way they can Understand

We constantly want to show everyone how much we love them. This is why we choose to buy gifts like chocolates, flowers, and other items. Sometimes, we send them a quick text message, or send them a chat, telling them to take care and that we love them. These are just some of the ways that we show our love for them, and that they are important to us.


However, our beloved feline companions do not speak our language. They are unable to make sense of the words that our voices utter. So, how do we show them that we love them? How do we express our deep appreciation and affection for them? Here’s how we can show love to our cats in a way that they’ll understand, and feel.


Train Your Cat

Although most people would say that cats are nearly impossible to train, this isn’t actually true. Many owners have trained their cats, teaching them how to perform simple commands and cool tricks. Spending some time and training your cat will help strengthen the bond that you have.

You should always provide your cat with a tasty cat treat, as a reward for a job done well. The rewards you give will help your cat rely on you, and see you as a provider. Someone who is always there to answer their needs, effectively turning the relationship to a mutual understanding full of love and care.


Head Bumps and Slow Blinks

Have you ever noticed how your cat bumps their unto your leg? Or how they slowly “blink,” or close their eyes while maintaining eye contact with you? If you didn’t already know, these gestures are actually their way of showing love.

Cats do head bumps in the wild to leave their scent and to mark territories, and family members, as theirs. If they do this to you, then that means you are considered a part of the ones they trust, and own. Slow blinking is a sign that they are totally comfortable being around you. So comfortable in fact, that they’re willing to close their eyes and allow themselves to be open for potential attacks.


Having a Cat Nap Together

The best way to show someone that you love them is by fully trusting them, despite the possibility of them hurting you. One of the highest forms of trust is by sleeping together, and leaving your most vulnerable state to their mercy. They could physically hurt you while you sleep, or break your trust by leaving you defenseless, yet you trust them not to do these things.

This is especially true for cats, who prefer to sleep in high places, away from would-be predators and attacks. But if they choose to snuggle up and sleep beside you, or on your lap, then this means they trust you in the highest sense of the word. Pay them back by reciprocating their trust, and allow yourself to drift off as well. Your cat will appreciate the fact that both of you trust each other, and are willing to be vulnerable together.

Despite the obstacles, we can still effectively show how much we love our cats. All you have to do is perform certain acts of service, change your body language, and share being vulnerable together. All of these factors will then help you build a better relationship with your cat, and finally be able to tell them “I love you,” in a way they’ll understand.

10 Things Cats Love (Part 2)

10 Things Cats Love (Part 2)

We are back, and we’re here to give you the continuation of part one! As you already know, there are a plethora of things that our beloved feline companions love to do. We’ve already mentioned 5 of them, and if you haven’t checked that one yet, we highly recommend that you do by clicking here.


We’ve already established that cats love to play with toys, regardless whether they’re the squishy, or electronic cat toys kind. They also like hunting, sleeping, scratching, basking in the sun, and being petted. But that’s not all that they love to do, and we’re here today to give you more.


Watching How the World Works

Have you ever noticed how cats seem to stand in front of windows, and longingly stare at the outside world? This is because they love to observe the world and how it works. They could be watching how different animals from outside move about, people, insects, or leaves being blown by the wind. It could also be due to their natural instincts drawing them outside. A sign that they’d want to go out there and explore the vast world with their paws.



Humans aren’t the only ones who love to eat because apparently, cats love it too! There are cats who eat, even though they’re not hungry, due to boredom. This is one of the reasons why some cats get dangerously obese. To prevent this, you can switch up their diets from time by introducing healthier treats to them. It would also help if you schedule the time that you feed them.


Climbing High Spots and Places

Cats are instinctively drawn to climb high spots and places. This innate desire doesn’t just happen to domesticated felines, but it is felt across the whole cat species, both small and large. To satisfy this urge, If you have a tree on your lawn, you can let them climb it under your supervision, to prevent them from getting into accidents. But if you live in an apartment, a multi-level perch will certainly help your cat(s) a lot.



It wouldn’t come as a surprise that cats love to play! Cats play with toys, other cats, with their humans, and other intriguing objects, regardless of how old they are. Play fighting, for example, is a great way for them to learn how to defend themselves. Playing also lets them practice their hunting skills as well. But keep in mind that although toys will help keep your cats entertained, spending time with them is still the best option.


Family Bonding

A lot would of people would often say that cats are selfish and unattached to their owners, but it’s actually the opposite. Cats are more subtle about showing their love. Often times, it could be them snuggling, or even licking you at some instances. They also leave their scents by rubbing their heads and bottom, which is where their scent glands are located. If they do this to you, or to any other person they’re close with, this means they treat you as family and as their own property (like literally).

The list is now complete and now you know more about what cats love! As you can see, they love more than just the regular mice toys, or laser dots. They love physical activities, observing, showing affection, and family bonding.

Delightful “Treat Ball” Cat Food Dispenser – Interactive

Delightful “Treat Ball” Cat Food Dispenser – Interactive

Are you looking to reward your cat with treats, while they’re having fun at the same time? Sounds like an odd combination, doesn’t it? But it’s actually very doable, with our “Treat Ball.” For only $1.56, your cats will be shaking to the beat of treats dropping at their feet.


The “Treat Ball,” is mainly made from plastic materials. The top cover is can be detached, so you’d be able to put the treats inside. You can then attach it again to keep them inside, and only go out through the opening. The food dispenser’s diameter is 6cm, height is 8.6cm, with the hole being 1.5cm wide. It can help reduce anxious moods, and exercises your cat’s IQ.

  • INTERACTIVE – The Bell in the Top Cover Encourages Your Cat to Shake the Treat Ball
  • LOTS OF FUN – It’s a Good Way for Your Cat to Play
  • DIET CONTROL – A Splendid Technique to Control Your Cat’s Diet


Reasons Why You Should Head to Your Local Shelter Now

Reasons Why You Should Head to Your Local Shelter Now

Like humans, cats and dogs have feelings too. They honestly feel betrayed when abandoned in the streets or simply left alone when their original owners move out. There are times wherein a cat refuses to leave the house because they honestly believe that their original owners will come back for them. They will patiently wait by the door that will never open, excited to hear a voice that will never be heard.


Cats are endearing animals, they will mark you and show you affection as much as how you show them. They will eventually show you their love and loyalty if they feel like their feelings are reciprocated. There are also reasons why you should consider adopting instead of getting a new cat from the pet store. Check these out to know:

There are dozens of homeless cats out there. If you look hard enough, you will notice tiny critters shielding themselves from the cold in the middle of a storm or winter. They are all homeless and are struggling to survive day to day just looking for food.

Even obtaining warmth is a luxury for them, and those cats who end up in shelters gets queued up for euthanasia if they are deemed undesirable. By adopting kittens and cats in a shelter, you are giving them a second chance in life and another go for love they deserve.

Most of these cats are old and sick. Isn’t it a bit brutal to leave a cat because it’s old or has defects? They are living in such poor conditions in the center and they usually die from it or get weak.Since the allure of adopting an old cat is not as high as the kitten, they usually get scared alone in cages and stressed out mingling with other cats.

By adopting an old or a sickly cat, you might even make their lifespan stretch a bit more and even make them feel happiness and belongingness in a short while before they expire. They deserve proper care before they go somewhere they can finally rest.

Someone to come home to. Since most cats in the shelter are adults, they are actually more tame and smart than kittens. Imagine them as humans – kittens are babies that needs playing and lots of attention while an adult cat like an adult human would simply be satisfied with your cuddles and subtle pats.

They also don’t chew and scratch in random places like how kittens are as they are past that stage and are smarter with their actions. They can even curl up on your lap and somewhat hear what you have to say.

Better for kids. Since they are wiser and more mellow, they are actually better for your kiddies as they won’t get too rough during playtime. They are also have low energy levels so don’t expect them to pounce whenever the opportunity presents itself. They are also very quiet and more timid – no swinging from the chandelier and slashing curtains with their claws.

They don’t really take too much supervision and they rarely make messes as they have been taught in the past. They also cuddle with your babies and purr with contentment as well, how nice is that?

Mostly, these cats don’t choose to be abandoned – they don’t usually cause trouble and are often left confused and scared. There are even harsher instances when mama cats are separated from their kittens because they are cuter and fluffier, which is a disappointment. They deserve more love they get until they move on to the good place.

Why Cats Are the Besties for Single People

Why Cats Are the Besties for Single People

For eons, cats have always been there as gods, familiars, and a symbolism for femininity and grace. With their adorable jelly paws and dainty pointed doe eyes, you can’t really blame the people to view these lovely creatures as something out of a mythical world and are heaven sent. But ever since mankind discovered about getting pets, there has been a divide between people who believe the other is superior.


But more specifically, even with the ongoing war between cat-lovers and dog-lovers, they have always been a preference for single people out there. But what is the allure of these creatures that most single people choose this elegant pet as their trusty companion? Here are the reasons why they are your ideal best friends:

Loyal. While they are always out and about when you leave the door open, expect them to still come back home – even with a ‘gift’ from their adventures. Depending on how you treat your cat, they will be your loyal confidante for the rest of time and will be there for your times of need.

Cats can be affectionate creatures, but it all boils down on how you give them affection. If you come home smelling like another cat, then expect them to be distant or get anxious. It almost equates with a girlfriend smelling a different woman’s perfume on their partner.

Reciprocal. This is where Confucius’ golden rule applies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When your cat feels neglected and abused, expect them to either avoid you or be feral when you inch towards them. Since cats are known to be a descendant of hunters, they will be extremely cautious when you are nearby.

However, if you are a passionate and loving master, expect your cat to be extra affectionate with you. Maybe reward them with a yummy cat treat when they are good to boost your relationship with them!

Perfect keeper. In all honesty, if you share your secrets and frustrations with someone else, expect it to explode back at you and eventually your deepest darkest secrets are out. But if you vent it to your cat, expect sealed lips and listening ears waiting for you. They seem like they simply don’t care, curled up on top of their cat tree and such, but they do. They can sense your emotions really well and will act upon it as well.

Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine and give your cat some cat wine as well then start your talk over how stressful your day was or how your friend bailed out on you last minute.

Great healer. Aside from the fact that their purrs actually do heal you and prevent possible illnesses, they also heal your weary heart. It can be from breakup or stress, these adorable furballs will definitely cheer you up with their heartwarming meows and kneading massages. They are also good pillows if they let you lie on their soft bellies!

They also enjoy being held and cuddled whenever they have the chance – any affection from their master is welcome. Never fail to show love for your fur babies to make them know they are valued.

Funny. Yes, they are very funny with their weird habits and random shenanigans. At some point in your life, you’d see a cat make a funny face while staring off into an unknown universe (this face is also known as a derp face). If you are even surfing online, you’d see them react strangely in different things and even make random noises when faced with a weird object.

They might be fierce hunters before, but unleash the vacuum and lasers, they will surely be a slice of relief to watch!

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