6 Facts About Cats and Spring That'll Keep You Up at Night

6 Facts About Cats and Spring That’ll Keep You Up at Night

Even though the ancestors of domestic cats, i.e., African wildcats used to hunt at night, the modern cats are not really nocturnal in nature. Cats are usually cooperative and they try to match with our schedules. So, their nighttime activities cannot really be blamed on their feline internal clock. If your cat is waking you up from sleep at night for quite a long time now, it’s important to try to figure out the reason behind it.

Why does your cat wake you up at night?

Feeling hungry

Many of the humans get up at night as they feel hungry. Similarly, cats might even feel hungry during the night. So, your cat might be waking you up to feed her. The best way to stop this habit is by giving her sufficient amount of healthy snack before she goes to bed, like some food which is high on protein. You can even take suggestions from your vet, if you can divide your cat’s food in smaller meals throughout the day, so that, it can give her more satisfaction.

Inactive day

In situations where owners leave their cats back at home all alone, they do not get the chance of indulging themselves in enough activities all through the day. They often end up sleeping throughout the day and become more active at night. So, make sure that your cat can indulge in a variety of activities to use up their energy, so that you can get a good night’s sleep. You can keep some toys for them or even find out some innovative feeling methods, like hiding some food at different parts of the house. You should even spend some time to keep them active once you return from work.

New atmosphere

If you have got a new cat from a shelter, it might find it difficult to sleep in a new environment. They might have a habit of sleeping with their housemates in the shelter and now they might be feeling lonely. You will have to allow her to sleep in your room, so that, she does not feel alone or scared in her new home. Or, just adopt two cats so they can keep each other company – during the day and night.


Your cat might be suffering from a medical condition, which is not letting them sleep properly at night. If your cat is old and has developed the habit of waking you up lately, then there is a high chance that they are not  well and feeling uneasy for some reason. Some of the common ailments that are found in the older cats are, toothache, hyperthyroidism, arthritis and high blood pressure. If you suspect any of that immediately, you should immediately take them to your vet.

Tough weather

Your cat might even feel uneasy in extreme weather conditions and cannot sleep comfortably. Make sure that you are providing a comfortable sleeping area for your cat. In the winter seasons you can make their bed somewhere near the heater.


Cats generally cannot bear any light while sleeping, as they have more light-sensitive receptors in their eyes. Thus, even a dim light can spoil their night’s sleep and keep them awake and alert. You will often see them covering their eyes during the day. Try to keep it dark inside to improve their ability to sleep.


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